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Belly Lovers
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Title: Stuffing Story
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(Date Posted:06/26/2011 6:57 PM)
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I previously posted this at the stomachache cafe. Lemme know what you think!

Cheyenne couldn't believe what she was hearing. Phone pressed to her ear, she stared at her hard work laid out on the table in front of her.

"Shane...nobody can make it? You're sure?"

"Honey, I'm so sorry, but Mom's having trouble with the car, and the rest of the family cancelled 'cause it's starting to snow pretty hard up here. Look, I'll make it up to you, alright? I promise."

Yeah, she thought, you'd better. After all this trouble...

She had prepared a banquet for his family, she was finally going to get to meet them all. The kitchen table was practically breaking under the weight of all the food she had made for them. And for what? She sighed, zoning out on the steaming dishes she had so lovingly cooked. Shane's voice snapped her out of her reverie. 

"Cheyenne? You there?"

"Yeah. I'm here. Don't worry about it...I'll figure out something. Bye."

"Okay, if you're sure. I love you. Bye."

She set the phone back in its cradle with a sigh. What was she going to do now? There was so much food, she was expecting nothing short of a small army here at her place. Now it was just her. Cheyenne felt a deep rumble bubbling in her stomach as it churned emptily. She had been so busy all day...there hadn't been time to eat. Now that she had time to think, her mind instantly jumped to the gnawing hunger that made her belly cry out so loudly. She gently rubbed her smooth stomach as it complained.

"Easy, easy. I'll fill you. You'll be taken care of."

A wild notion jumped into her brain. She imagined it was her twisted way of getting revenge, but then again...she had always liked the way her taut belly felt underneath her hands after she had eaten a little too much. This, though, would be more than *just* a little. She sighed and patted her tummy.

"Let's get this show on the road, then. What first?"

There were so many choices...roasted chicken, fettuccine alfredo, caesar salad, fresh bread, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, stuffing...she laughed at the irony in the last item.

"Might as well start with that."

She quickly dug into the delicious, breaded stuffing she had made, devouring the entire bowl with a speed that astounded even her. A small burp escaped her lips, and her stomach let out a deep gurgle, reminding her that there was more to go. The whole roasted chicken was next in line. It was so tender and easy to eat, it was as if the meat practically slid into her growing belly. Now she was sporting a little bit of a bulge, nothing too major...not yet. Cheyenne gently massaged her stomach as it began to digest, warming it up for the next item on the list; fruit salad. Half-way through the bowl she had to stop for a little. She was starting to process just how full she was getting. She looked at the empty pans and bowls, then down at her gurgling tummy. It was becoming quite obvious where that food had all gone. 

"What'd you expect? Keep going. You want this."

And she did. She poked at her stomach. It was still soft, and she wasn't even close to done yet. That was good. She used this as motivation to gulp down the rest of the fruit salad, chasing it down with a large glass of water. A loud, deep churning noise from her rounded belly alerted her to her fullness, but she ignored it and started scarfing down the caesar salad. She could feel her belly stretching  a little with each bite, complaining loudly as it took on more food than it ever had before. Cheyenne rolled her eyes at its noisy protests and shoveled in the mashed potatoes. Breathing hard, she had to stop again when the bowl was finally scraped clean.

"'re not liking this too much, are you, little belly?" 

Cheyenne's stomach growled, sloshed, burbled and ached. A dull pain sat heavily with the potatoes in the center of her abdomen. Her intestines squealed noisily, unhappy with the lack of space. Soon they would be pushed into over-time, and they'd like that even less. She groaned, applying a little more pressure as she rubbed her tightening belly.

"Thank GOD I decided to wear stretchy pants."

Her blouse, though, was not as fortunate. The shirt was growing awfully tight, its buttons threatening to break under the strain. She removed the shirt, content to slump in the chair in just her camisole and elastic-waisted dress pants. 

"Much better." 

She continued with renewed gusto, attacking the alfredo. There was plenty of rich, creamy sauce on it, so it slid down easily. It did not sit as easily in her over-worked belly. A wild series of gurgles swirled through her taut belly as the last noodle landed in its cramped prison. Wincing, she grabbed the still-warm loaf of bread she had baked and tore off large chunks, covering them in butter to ease their way down her esophagus and into her aching stomach. Cheyenne moaned, clutching her belly in between mouthfuls of bread. It bloated her already massive stomach. She tentatively poked at her round belly. It still had a little softness to it, but not much. 

"Uurrggh..." she groaned, wiping stray crumbs off her face, "...there's still dessert, too."

The thought of baked goods sent her stomach into spasms. It was trying so hard to contract around the bulky mass. It could stretch around the gigantic amounts of food forced into it...barely. Cheyenne could hear it straining noisily, each spasm accompanied by a high-pitched gurgle and wave of pain. She held her stomach and stumbled towards the fridge, belly groaning and sloshing with each small movement. She grabbed the two pecan pies, bowl of whipped cream, and three-layer fudge cake off the shelves and brought them with her to the couch. She delicately balanced one of the pies on her mound of a belly and began to eat it with a tired expression on her face.

"I've got to...this is a challenge to...myself..." She rubbed her aching belly. She looked as if she were seven months pregnant. "Come on now, it's just a little pie...and cake...and whipped cream..." Closing her eyes, she shoved the remaining quarter of a pie into her belly, which squealed noisily before sloshing and churning its contents. Cheyenne could see her engorged stomach moving, now, all its actions visible. She was about to start on the second pie, when the sound of someone clearing their throat startled her enough to drop the handful of pastry that she was holding. There stood Shane, staring at her gurgling, beach-ball belly. Cheyenne felt her face flush crimson.

Ohmygod. He said...crap. What does he think of me? 

"Cheyenne? Is everything...are you...what's going on, sweetheart?"

She started off calmly.

"You said you couldn't come, and I couldn't throw the food away, and I was so disappointed, so I just ate and ate and ate and I lost control, and I-I-I...I couldn't help it!" She dissolved into sobs. "My belly is so gurgly, and it hurts so much, and it's so full! And you m-m-must think I'm such a p-pig, and you can h-hardly l-l-love meeeee!"

Shane rushed to the couch, knelt beside her and kissed her forehead, her hands, then at last, the top of her taught, churning, tummy. 

"Hardly love you? look beautiful. And I can't blame you for doing this...I would've done the same thing, actually. Your belly is magnificent. It feels magnificent. It's singing to me, and that sounds, well, magnificent. I love you for this, Cheyenne, I really do. Can I help you? Do you need anything?"

She looked at him lovingly, and pressed his hand firmly against her squealing belly. With a grimace she replied, 

"Yeah, love, just rub it as hard as you can. It'll help the digestion and he ache."

"Whatever you need. I'm more than happy to oblige. You know," he grinned, "it's quite a turn-on, actually." He blushed as he caressed her tummy. "This is one of my wildest fantasies, but I could hardly tell you about it when we started dating. This seems almost too good to be true. do like this too, don't you? "

Cheyenne grinned as his warm hands began to soothe away her stuffed belly ache.

"Of course." She laughed, teasing him. "But I could hardly tell you about it when we started dating."

They both fell silent for a few minutes, listening to the sounds of her labored digestion along with the smooth swishing of Shane's palms against her perfectly rounded abdomen. Cheyenne locked eyes with Shane, who kissed her belly lovingly. He sighed.

"Does this make up for my family missing dinner?"

Cheyenne paused, eyeing the kitchen mischievously.

"No...not quite." She grinned, poking him in the belly. "We'll call it even when it's your turn next week."


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Re: Stuffing Story
(Date Posted:06/26/2011 6:58 PM)

Part 2! It's Shane's turn... ;)

Shane drummed his fingers nervously against the tabletop. Well...nervously wasn't the right word. Excitedly, really. Cheyenne was humming as she prepared food in the kitchen. She had been planning this since he had made his promise. Heavenly smells poured through the door, tempting him. He made a motion to stand up and sneak a peek, but Cheyenne heard his chair scrape across the hardwood floor and shot him a look from where she stood, stirring something on the stovetop.

"I TOLD you that it'll be ready when it's ready, and I want it to be a surprise. Sit down, be patient, and I'll be out there when it's done!"

Shane sighed, resigned to sit and continue tapping his fingers against the wooden edge of the table.

"And would you CUT THAT OUT?!?"

The drumming promptly stopped, and he sighed again. His stomach made little growls, asking whether or not skipping lunch today was worth this.

It should be completely worth waiting until I was super hungry. You remember how Cheyenne was when you got home last week. She'll keep you plenty busy with all the food you can handle.

Footsteps lightly echoed through the room, and Cheyenne came out with a large, steaming bowl of pasta. She set it down heavily on the hot-pad on the table, face flushed with the heat of the kitchen. Shane swallowed hard. It was quite a big bowl. He reached for a fork, but Cheyenne stopped him.

"Wait, don't start yet. There's more."

"More? Really?"

"Mhm!" She said brightly, then rushed back into the kitchen. When she came back out again, it was with another large pot, full of spaghetti sauce. She went back and forth like that a few times, each time arriving with some new dish. When all was said and done, there were two bowls of pasta, a pot of spaghetti sauce, a pot of white sauce, a basket of bread sticks, a plate of meatballs, a basket of breadsticks, and a pitcher of water. Shane could almost feel the ache in his stomach as it twisted in hungry anticipation. Cheyenne laughed as it rumbled.

"Guess you're ready to start then, huh?"

Shane only nodded, eagerly picking up his fork and knife. He decided to go with the meatballs first, seeing as they were usually his favorite part of spaghetti dinners anyhow. 

"Wow, these are great."

They went down easily into his far too empty stomach. It gurgled happily, the mass of meat sitting comfortably in his belly. The breadsticks were next on his hit-list. There were seven of them, all medium sized. Shane slathered them in butter and ate them one by one. He could fill his belly filling, and placed Cheyenne's hand on his abdomen as it started to bulge a little. She gasped.

"Oh, that's so cool! I can feel it, you know, growing!"

She giggled. 

"It's making little bubbles too, they're tickling my hand."

He could feel the meatballs and breadsticks shifting around thickly in his stomach, gurgling around as his stomach started really working. He chuckled inwardly...there was plenty to come. He poured the tureen of white sauce over the noodles and eagerly twirled the noodles around his fork and into his mouth. The bowl of pasta was large enough to be daunting, and this was without taking the added volume of the sauce into consideration. Cheyenne helpfully rubbed his complaining belly as he finished the first bowl of pasta. He stopped for a break, clutching his swollen stomach and groaning. The pain was only starting, and it was a hot fist sitting heavily amongst the digesting food. The ache burned as it rolled around in his belly.

"Ohhhh jeez. Is this what it felt like for you, when you stuffed that time? 'Cuz I don't really envy you at this point."

"I know, honey. And believe me, it gets worse before it gets better. But that's why I'm here. Let me know what you need. I'm here to help you."

"Ugh. I need to finish what I started, that's what I need."

"That's up to you. Pardon the pun, but don't bite off more than you can chew."

Shane laughed and picked up the second bowl of pasta, dumping the spaghetti sauce over it unceremoniously. 

"Isn't that the point of all this?"

His jaw ached a little from all the chewing, but he pushed through it, the noodles sliding too slowly into his over-full stomach. It was very bloated and loud now, the burning turning into a very dull ache that forced the walls of his belly outwards. There was so much pressure in his poor, rumbling stomach. It was starting to cramp, tired from all the energy wasted on churning the first food items to come pouring in. The second bowl of pasta ended its journey in Shane's belly, landing gently despite all the commotion it was causing. 

Cheyenne handed him the pitcher of water.

"You're almost there, Shane. Just the water, and then I can take care of you."

He looked wearily at the plastic pitcher. It seemed to stare back at him dauntingly. His belly moaned in protest, the anticipation of the final challenge sending it into nervous chaos. Shane closed his eyes as he drank gulp after gulp of water, every swallow resulting in a watery gurgle. When the pitcher was finally empty, Cheyenne "helped him to the couch, his belly sloshing with every movement he made. Once he was settled, she got to rubbing his belly.

"Where does it hurt, my love?"

"Oh god, pretty much everywhere." Shane moaned, firmly placing her hand on his engorged stomach and guiding her hand around his swollen organ.

"How does it feel to know that you look like you're carrying a child?"

He gave a short laugh.

"If this is what pregnancy feels like, then I'm sorry that you have to sit through nine months of this."

She shook her head, joining him in his laughter. He stopped abruptly, moaning.

"A little more pressure would be great. Could you get the top button on my jeans? I should've listened to you when you told me to wear something stretchy."

Cheyenne obliged, freeing his labored stomach. She then applied as much force as she could on his bloated belly, rubbing it counter-clockwise to help the intestines push the food through the system. She could feel the food moving underneath the pressure she applied. Shane gave a small burp, and some of the tension left his too-taut tummy.

The two sat and talked through Shane's stomachache that night, Cheyenne completely devoted to easing the pain that gurgled and shifted in his abdomen. Shane loved the way her hands were both gentle and firm at the same time, how her hair tickled his belly when she leaned over him to apply more pressure when he asked. He tucked her hair behind her ear as she kept kneading and rubbing his stomach, kissing her gently on the nose.

"Thank you."

She blushed, grinned at him.

"The pleasure is all mine."


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Re:Stuffing Story
(Date Posted:06/27/2011 12:55 PM)

A lovely story. You really know how to write :)
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RE:Stuffing Story
(Date Posted:07/10/2011 9:27 PM)

You are one brilliant writer!!! I LOVE your stories!!! I hope you write LOADS more 
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RE:Stuffing Story
(Date Posted:07/10/2011 9:27 PM)

You are one brilliant writer!!! I LOVE your stories!!! I hope you write LOADS more 
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Re:Stuffing Story
(Date Posted:07/15/2011 2:59 PM)

 Aw, thank you! It's so sweet of you to say that. There'll be more on here, don't worry!
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