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Belly Lovers
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Title: into the belly button she goes part 2 of 2
Belly Lovers   Girl Centered
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From: USA
Registered: 03/29/2011
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(Date Posted:07/01/2011 12:59 AM)
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Katie: well.. *lifts her shirt and points at her belly button*
Taylor: cant be serious..can you?

Katie: as a heart attack *waving the bottle with her fingers*

Taylor: alright ill trust you *she takes the bottle from katies hand as she gulps it down and starts to shrink* omg it actually worked, your not Bullshiting me

Katie: well i wassnt *picks taylor up and puts her on the entrance of her belly button*

well just to let you all know i have been busy with a new job and everything, would anyone mind finishing this off with your own thoughts?
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Status: listening carefully
From: USA
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Re:into the belly button she goes part 3 of ?
(Date Posted:07/08/2011 11:43 PM)

Taylor stood in awe at the entrance of Katie's belly button, looking into what appeared to be a deep dark cavernous hole in the middle of a giant stomach. Katie's belly button vibrated as her loud voice could be heard calling down. ''TAYLOR??!! WHAT'S IT LIKE IN THERE? IN MY BELLY BUTTON?!?"
There was a silent pause, and Taylor took a deep breath and yelled, 'Well it is WAYYY deeper than I ever thought! I'm gonna start exploring it like a giant cave, I think! This will be so much fun!''
Katie smiled down at her navel. ''It kinda tickles with you right there on the rim of my belly button! Hahaha!"
Taylor walked into Katie's bellybutton further and yelled up to her friend, ''It might be hard to hear me once I get all down into the depths of your navel, Kate! I think we better -" *GRROOOARRARRONNGUURRRRGLE-OOOP-BLOOP-GRUMBLE-GLORP!!!*
A loud long hungry rumble from Kate's belly echoed through her navel and drowned out Taylor's words. "Hahahaha! Did you hear my tummy gurgle just now?''
"Hear it? It practically knocked me over!, Taylor yelled, regaining her balance slightly inside the bumpy and soft folds of flesh below her feet, in Katie's giant navel-cave. "I'm thinking you might want to call me on my cell and talk...luckily my clothes and phone all shrank with the magic liquid I drank! How convenient!"
No sooner had she finished than her cell phone rang and Taylor picked up. ''...hello?''
"What's it like inside my belly button?''
It was Kate. She had always been pretty quick on the uptake. "Dude...", said Taylor. "It's crazy in here! It's like a long puckered hallway with all kinds of wrinkles and navel squigglies in the walls! And your stomach noises are like earthquakes in here! Your bellybutton quakes and trembles with each rumble and gurgle it makes!"
Katie smiled as she felt another big belly growl building up inside her tummy. "Well get ready to hold onto something, Taylor...I can feel a really big one shifting around and building up inside my tummy...feels like a snake swimming around in my belly...and i think..."
This time the belly rumble actually did knock Taylor off of her feet and she fell backward, landing in between the soft bulbous folds of a dimple deep inside Katie's bellybutton. She could feel the walls of her best friends navel vibrating and pulsing with the force of Katie's stomach growl. "EARTHQUAAAAAKE!!!"
Taylor laughed. "Your belly is like a dangerous mineshaft I am sworn to explore and find the bottom of!"
"Keep going!" Kate exclaimed. "I'm going to lay down so you can climb down into the deep far reaches of my belly button! Tell me what you see and hear along the way!"

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Re:into the belly button she goes part 2 of 2
(Date Posted:03/08/2012 1:56 AM)

 keep it goin  haha
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