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Title: Into the belly button she goes Part 1 of 2
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(Date Posted:06/28/2011 2:07 AM)
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Another story about Taylor and Katie

Laying both on the couch bored out of their minds

"sigh, nothing to do on this day off from school..ugh" Katie says 

while flicking her belly button out of boredom "i know..pheewwww"

katie notices but trys not to stare at Taylor playing with her well rounded deep navel" 

Taylor noticing says, "what are you looking at?"

"uhm nothing just, you playing with your tummy button distracted me.." as Katie somewhat blushes 

"haha well you want to play with it? i dont mind.." taylor offers

"alright well ill play with it i guess" katie says as she moves down the couch towards taylor

Katie stares at the beauty of Taylors deep well rounded navel, she presses her pointer finger in Taylors belly button with some pressure, then leans over kissing it with a strong lovely passion

"uhm..hehe katie what are you doing?" taylor asks with a little confusion

Katie opens her eyes with her wet lips on Taylors belly button, she leans up leaving taylors belly button more than half full with her saliva

katie turns red as ever, "im sorry i..i idont know what i was doing i just have a strong liking for your belly button" 

"oh so my belly button is more important to you than just me?" she says jokingly

katie then stays silent

"i was kidding haha relax its fine im used to it hun, hmm.." taylor says while thinking while looking at katie as she sits nervously

W-what are you thinking about?..heh..

Taylor reaches down into her pocket pulling out a small vial of liquid

katie stays silent glaring at the bottle of liquid

"how would you like to go on an adventure katie?"

Katie gulps "what kind of adventure..?"

to be continued
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Re:Into the belly button she goes Part 1 of 2
(Date Posted:06/28/2011 8:50 AM)

 Interesting start! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!
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