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Title: Chinese Food Belly
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(Date Posted:09/06/2015 1:51 AM)
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New member here! Not sure how active this board is anymore, but I figured I'd post something here since I can. I mostly like tummy noises, but this one's for anyone into gas and bloating too:

Sometimes when I eat a lot of greasy food, it kicks my belly into high gear. This happened to me the other day, I ate some Chinese food and whatever was in my intestines before (some mac and cheese, I think) started moving around A LOT. My lower belly squirmed and gurgled and I could feel it bloating up with gas. I was with other people so I couldn't even relieve myself. Every few minutes I would feel a wave of pressure run through my belly, and then my lower intestines would groan and moan and rumble as I held in all that gas. It sounded like I had a monster in my tummy! Thankfully either the other people didn't notice (we were watching a movie, it was kinda loud) or didn't want to bring attention to my very vocal lower torso.

Finally I was able to get some alone time (and bathroom time) and let some of the "monster" out. But my belly was so stretched out that it started to hurt! I was still getting waves of pressure but now they felt like little jabs on the underside of my belly. Also by that time, the Chinese food had worked its way down, but it wasn't nearly as active as whatever it pushed down to get in there. I kneaded my poor aching belly for a bit, working out the last bits of gas and trying to soothe it. Eventually it stopped making noise but it was sore until I went to bed that night. I rubbed it on and off until I fell asleep.
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