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Belly Lovers
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Title: Belly Button Story: Maggie 1
Belly Lovers   Girl Centered
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(Date Posted:08/03/2011 9:11 AM)
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During my 4 years of taking care of Maggie's family, I only saw Maggie's belly button a few times; she didn't like to show her belly very much. I remember one time in particular she showed it very clearly.

It was the week of August the summer I was 14. Maggie's parents were away on business, and it was the hottest week on record in quite a while (we live in Texas, so when I say hot, I mean around 110 degrees Fahrenheit), and  we really had no choice but to stay indoors. On Wednesday, however, I could tell that they were getting bored and, most peculiarly, I found an old slip and slide in the garage. Using my somewhat refined brain, I decided it was a good idea to swim in this excessive heat to cool off and give the kids something to do.

They were really excited when I told them; I don't think I've ever seen kids run up a flight of stairs quite so fast in my life. Katie came down first and was wearing a camo schemed bikini. Next came Carlie, who was wearing a white bikini. Annie came down wearing a yellow full-body swimsuit. Maggie was last and she had on a white two-piece that showed the bottom half of her belly and part of her belly button. We went outside and had our fun (more like they had their fun; I was the one who had to spray the water to keep the slip and slide moist) for about 3 hours. We went inside to wash off (I had a little mishap with the hose and was totally soaked) and dry off. The girls were taking showers in order of age, with the youngest going first. I went into Maggie's room to catch a look at her belly button because it was the only one I had never seen before. We began talking and she laid out on the bed to relax and it came into view. I poked my index finger into it and she giggled and her abs tightened. It was a circular innie, about the size of a nickel and it was black at the bottom. I could get it to in between my first and second knuckle. At the bottom, there were little folds arranged in an asterisk-like pattern. Meanwhile, Maggie was enjoying my work. She was relaxed on the bed and apparently trying not to giggle.

"Does it tickle?" I asked.
"A little bit," she replied, still giggling a little.

I ran my finger up and down her belly, triggering a little bit more laughing from the subject in question. After about a half an hour of tickling her belly and belly button, it was her turn to take her shower, and she had to get up and go. To this day, I never understood why she didn't like to show her belly button, but when I wanted to see it, I could always say "Let's go for a swim!" 
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