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Title: Crazy gurgles
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From: Finland
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(Date Posted:04/16/2012 11:24 PM)
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A couple years ago two friends were visiting from another state and stayed with me for a week. One was a girl, sheila, and her friend trevor, both 18. During the week Sheila barely ate anything because she was nervous from traveling, and trevor pigged out a bunch event though hes tall and skinny. well one night we had chinese food and sheila decided to try to eat a full meal, but couldnt finish. trevor had the rest of her plate and later that night had some leftovers too. well we were all laying around on the bed right after dinner and they both had bellyaches and asked me to rub their stomachs to help them digest. sheila's stomach was moaning and churning, i could feel it contracting beneath one hand, while at the same time I had a hand on trevor's tummy. I could feel his stomach gurgling beneath my fingers as it tried to digest over a pound of greasy chinese food. I put my ear on sheila's belly and could hear her stomach churning itself like crazy. it was the first real food she'd put in there in over 24hrs, so her organs were going crazy with the addition of food. her lower belly was squirming and moaning but there was nothing in it yet. I rubbed her belly in a circle and it made a big gush of food squirt into her intestines, but there's no way it could have been digested after just an hour! that made the rest of the gurgles crazier as half-chewed chunks of chicken and rice were sucked through her belly. she was moaning a bit in pain, but trevor moaned in pleasure as his belly worked away at all the food.

the next night trevor confessed that he had travel anxiety too, but that instead of not eating he didn't go #2 until he got home. So they'd been there 5 days and trevor had pigged out every day, which meant there had to be at least several pounds of half-digested food filling up his digestive tract. that night he had a huge plate of leftover chow mein noodles and chicken.  A few hours later he and I went up to the bedroom to get frisky, but he had to lay down because he was so full. he is really tall and skinny and has a perfectly smooth belly with an innie. I could hear all sorts of different gurgles as I got closer to his tummy. First I noticed his lower right belly was making a high pitched squirting sound over and over. I think his small intestines were full and were trying to empty but there was no room. I could also hear and feel gas moving along his bowels, which were totally full too. His stomach kept churning, full of the noodles which were already digested by then. I put my ear up to his belly button and heard the meanest sounding squirts and moans as his guts squeezed all the food around with nowhere to go. we made love that night and I had my hands on his belly the whole time.   
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From: Finland
Time spent: 5784 hours

RE:Crazy gurgles
(Date Posted:04/24/2012 12:53 AM)

I knew this guy chris who would come over and drink all my beer and eat a bunch of my food. He was slim-average but fit and had a curvy smooth belly. anyway, one night he came by and puked in my bathroom for a bit and then crashed out on my bed. I asked him if he was ok and if I could massage his belly for a bit. He said yes then fell asleep. i could hear his intestines groaning and squelching, trying to move forwards instead of backwards. When I looked in the bathroom later I saw a pretty big chunk of meat next to the toilet from where he hadn't cleaned after being sick. i know its gross but it was like totally not digested. that means his belly had been full of poorly chewed food, and some of it was still in his guts trying to be digested. obviosuly hed had a few too many beers and got sick, but some of that turkey probably got washed down his digestive system with all the beer and didnt get thrown up. so I layed there listening to his organs whining as they tried to make work of all that food and beer. there must have been some air trapped in there too from all the carbonation, making it louder and gurglier. chris's belly button was a perfect innie. and right around it came the best noises. *SQUIRRRRT* moOOOaaaaaaaaaaaaaan... **glorp GLORP ***whoosh**grrrkk *pSHHHHhhh *** GORP*** and so on. I could totaly feel his guts moving beneath my head and my hand. His stomach was upset and kept growling like a low hunger moan, probably just acid in there, while his intestines writhed away, clearly not feeling well.
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