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Belly Lovers
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Title: Active belly
Belly Lovers   Boy Centered
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From: Finland
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(Date Posted:07/22/2015 5:42 AM)
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This cute guy stayed over last night and I told him about my belly fetish. Here's what happened:
"Do you mind if I listen a bit?"
"Sure", he said, rolling onto his back. I placed my ear on his shirt right over his belly button. I could hear soft bubbling from deep within. 
"Is this too weird for you?" I asked. 
He didn't say anything, but instead pulled his shirt up in approval, exposing his belly. It was tan with a thin layer of softness on it and a triangle of a happy trail, widening as it reached his underwear. His belly button was big shallow innie, the size of a nickel. Just then a little GLORP came from his stomach. 
"It's kind of noisy", I said. "But mostly up here in your stomach." I could hear liquid being sloshed around his upper GI tract, half-hunger and half his stomach emptying its last. We had been drinking earlier in the evening and he didn't eat anything on the way home, so any food in his belly was far along in his system by now.
"I did some special yoga today so my bowels should be, well, active." He replied, circling with his finger below his navel. 
Intrigued, I moved my ear further down. Sure enough, my ear was against a center of activity, soft but purposeful digestive rumbles bubbling in his lower belly. I lifted my head and watched his belly, cupping my large hand across it from hip to hip. I could feel the soft pulses of air with each squirt as whatever he ate earlier snaked through him. I placed a finger in his navel and feel little rumbles beneath it, too. We drifted off to sleep for a couple hours, and I woke to different sounds. His lower belly seemed a little bloated, and longer moans were sounding from it. I placed my ear beneath his navel and could hear pressure building. Not distinct bubbles but a steady buildup of digested food reaching the end of his small intestine. I could hear it segmenting and squeezing the liquefied food back and forth with more power than it needed. The yoga must have really worked, and his guts were working overtime when they didn't need to be. A few minutes later, a quick pulse of peristalsis arced across his lower belly, followed by a moan deep in his bowels. Things were getting ready, making room further along. A loud hollow moan came from his right hip, the first squirt of over-digested food entering his large intestine. There was a definite rhythm to the peristalsis, one type of sound followed by another as his eager digestive system worked extra hard to squeeze and squirt the meal into oblivion. I never asked him what he ate, unfortunately. 
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