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Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Dear sweet Marina, I am really worried that something terrible has happened to you.  I am going to write a letter to you and hope someone will answer it.  For now I am going to quit this group as it is no longer seems active.  may God bless you.  You can pm me or email me.  Hugs and prayers.  Sharon

23/02/2018 4:42 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Marina where are you?  Are you ok?

Hugs and prayers, Sharon

01/02/2018 12:47 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Happy New Year to you sweetie.  Hope all is well with you.  finally your xmas card came Jan 2nd. Thanks.

Hugs and prayers to you and Soxy.


03/01/2018 2:51 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

December 25th

Good morning to all.  Just dropped by to say  

25/12/2017 1:34 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

My dear sweet marina, so glad you finally got the helpers you need.  So sorry abut your rib.  How did you do it?. I am glad your friend is coming for a visit.  No card yet, but the mail is slow this time of year.  did you hear from your sons?  I don't get on computer as much, so don't worry about not posting .  Just when you can.  Things are good here.  Yes we have had some weather, in the 40 degrees.  We need rain, but none so far.  That bad Soxy.  that is what male cats do unless you have them fixed.  That is expensive.  Do you have a animal clinic that does it cheaper?  If you have an animal shelter, ask them if they do it or if they know of a cheaper place.  Have A Merry Christmas.  healing prayers to you;  hugs,  love,  and prayers 


24/12/2017 1:44 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Morning Sharon my sweet ....sorry I haven't been in ...but I have been laid up with a cracked rib ...still in heaps of pain!! 
so cant stay too long ... 

Since I have been put on the highest grading for help ...things have been pretty hectic around here with helpers coming and 
going ...recently had a "Spring Clean " which was awesome ...all the things that I have been unable to do for such a long 
time were done ...I.E. Curtains down washed and rehung cleaned inside and out larger bookcase emptied and cleaned 
and all things replaced ..everything on my little list was done ..except my wall unit they ran out of time ...they were only allocated 
3 hours work time ....but they did an excellent job for me ...

Did you get my Christmas card ok I was so late in sending them this year?

Soxy is being a really naughty boy, urinating in my kitchen work benches, I have 
been told he is marking out his territory ...and that they only way to stop him is 
to get him desexed ....ugh ..$160 to get him done ...and I really don't have that kind of money ...I have been peeling oranges and putting the peel around the surfaces, which seems to be helping somewhat ..praise God.

I expect your weather is now pretty cold being in your winter months ...we have been having some beautiful days ...but very Hot ...hence I have not been out very much 
even though I now have  a Canopy for my Scooter Yay! which does help a lot ...

How are things with you sweetie? do hope you are keeping well and warm...
I best make haste and get myself organized ....just had word that a friend of 
mine is coming for  a visit ..haven't seen her for donkeys ages that will 
be nice ...
Love you my sweet ...have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year ..
Be Blessed ....
All my love ....lil ol me ...Marina xoxoxoxoxo 


24/12/2017 12:42 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Good afternoon dear Marina, so glad you are ok.  I was getting sorried abut you.  That is good news that you now have a lot of help.  About time they got it for you.   This will be short, I have to go shopping in a few minutes.  Just wanted to say a fast hi and I will write later.  Glad Soxy is doing well.  Take care.  Glad you got the Xmas card.  Sorry your boys haven't said anything abut seeing you on Christmas.  Hugs and love,  Sharon

19/12/2017 3:58 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Hello my sweet dear friend,     I am sorry I haven't been in lately ....but things have been a little hectic 

The reason being ...I am getting heaps more help ....with helpers coming and going ....I have been put on the highest level of help from the Government at last everything is happening 

I also go to a Day respite Centre on Tuesdays ...and the first one I went to happened to be their Christmas party was such a lovely time and everyone made me so welcome next visit there is tomorrow ...they pick me up in a bus ..and take me there and then bring me back home for about 
3.00p.m. it gets me out of the house for a while Praise God ...

Last Wednesday I had a ""Spring Clean " here ...the girls worked so hard and it was a very hot day so I made them sit down and have a cold drink every now and then to keep the fluids up when its 'hot !!

I am now awaiting my Shower helper to arrive I have just opened up all the doors and curtains 

Soxy is getting bigger and closer to me ...loves to sit on my lap when I have my rest in the afternoons ...but he has been a naughty boy,
leaving his trade mark on my kitchen benchtop ...I have had to clean it all up every morning of the girls said he is marking out
his territory ...I wash it down with disinfectant and then put squeezed Orange peel around ...seems to be working so far ...but I need to get him doctored ...apparently that is supposed to help too ...but got to find out how much the vet will charge to do it for me ...!!

Yes my sweet ...I got your Christmas card ...unfortunately I was very late sending mine overseas I do hope you get it so much going on I was late with sending all my greetings out this year !!

I am so happy that you are having your Son and girlfriend coming for Christmas ...its the time of the year when Family should be together ....!! I hope you have a wonderful time my sweet ....

I will be on my own again as per usual I haven't heard anything from the boys so far...guess there is still time yet but who knows with my kids 

Well my sweet Shower helper  is here ...sooo ...more next time ...
Love you heaps and buckets ...lil ol me ...( I cant believe I'm 83 now!!) time just 
flies by doesn't it ? 

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous New Year my sweet friend ... 

Marina xoxoxoxo 

17/12/2017 3:37 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Dec 12th to Dec 20th

Another sunny day here.  It is in the low 69's.  Only go out to walk the dog.  Duffy had his yearly check up and they heard a heart mummer, so we have to get some test done to make sure it's not serious.   The vet said Cavaliers are prone to heart disease.  Oliver did fine with his check up.  Hugs 

Marina dearheart I do hope you are ok.

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12/12/2017 12:29 PM

Re :   a little place for you to practice sweetie....

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(Message edited by CountryloverOn12/08/2017 12:43 PM)

10/12/2017 3:09 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Dear sweet Marina hope you are doing ok.  You haven't been in for awhile.  Did you get the snail mail Christmas card?  Thinking of you.  say hi to soxy and give him a hug.  All is well here.  Trying to get ready for Christmas.  Love you, Sharon

10/12/2017 3:08 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Dear sweet Marina and Soxy, of course yu can sang anything I post.  Glad you are doing well.  Things are busy here with the holidays coming.  Just found out younger son and his girlfriend will be here for xmas.  I put the lights and wreath u today.  Will put the tree up tomorrow.  I am tried and have alot to do.  hope you get all the help soon.  This will be short as I am tried and still have things to do.  I did get my xmas cards in the snail mail.  I mailed yours on onday.  Take care and have a god Xmas.  Hugs from your tried old friend, Sharon

01/12/2017 8:11 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread


Hope you don't mind, but I snagged this ...its gorgeous ...

Hiya my sweet Sharon, I am sitting here with my lappie, having a toss up with
Soxy, he wants to sit on my lap for his morning hugs !!  I think he is winning!!
Glad to hear Duffy and Oliver are doing well.

It would appear that this wet weather is pretty worldwide, we have had rain
now for the past 5 days, with strong winds and flash floodings ...good job we
are on a hill we rarely get any floodings ...Praise God!

I had an early Christmas present from my son Stephen in Victoria, it was
something that Bianca (Steve's Partner) had made ....a picture with the
Forster family Boys names made out of scrabble tiles, so different ..and I was
wrapped ...when Marg and Sam came on Saturday, Sam hung it on the wall
for me, as you know I cannot do very much now, so I was very blessed
looks lovely hanging over my dining table ...!!

I had a visit from one of the Housing commission's officers last week, and
she was very helpful, and said she was going to arrange to have the power
point outside which I use for my scooter, raised I don't have to bend down
so low ...also she is going to get the mirror in the bathroom lowered & a brighter
Light installed woohoo, she said hopefully before Christmas these would occur
so here's hoping

Haven't heard anything more from the government re more help I guess I
will just have to be patient

Havent done any PSP tags as I am still awaiting Adrian to return my desktop
Tower ...and I haven't got much of PSP stuff on lappie as yet ...must see if I
have anything on my external harddrive for it....another thing I must get around to
doing lol ...

Oh I wondered when you all celebrated Thanksgiving over there...I hope you have
a wonderful celebration with your son you are looking forward to it ...??

Today I am scootering down to our local shops to get a few things I have run out of
hopefully the rain will hold off long enough its pretty overcast at the
moment ...

Better get cracking as I am still in PJ's, and get organized ...
Love you my sweet ....take care ...lil ol me ...Marina..xoxoxoxox

20/11/2017 2:28 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread


my sweet marina.  so good to hear from you.  I was afraid you might be back in hospital.  Glad you are home and getting more help.  so nice to have friends who care and come and visit.  Hope your son gets your computer fixed soon.  It rained all day yesterday and last night, but is  morning the sun is out.  Sounds like Soxy is growing up. Oliver and Duffy are doing fine.  Hope you get the extra care you need.  all we can do is take life one day at a time.  Next week is Thanksgiving here in the states.  Our younger son and his girlfriend will have dinner with us.  Take care and post when you can.  Love you lots, hugs and prayers, Sharon

17/11/2017 1:56 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Hi Sharon my sweet ...I have been without internet for a while now ...and have had to resort to using laptop, which still has a lot of work to do on it son, Adrian, came and took the Tower away and is hoping to fix it all up for me I am sitting here with laptop hoping that everything works ok ...'

I'm glad you are able to get outside now your weather is improving, and that the herbs and tomatoes help you you grow any other vegies??

Things with me are much the same as usual , just taking it one day at a time ... Soxy is growing upand isn't as playful as he used to be ...though he still has his "mad moments", which are quite amusing, and gives me a laugh ....

Margaret & Sam still come on their Saturday morning visits to me ...which I always look forward to,we always have something to talk about and laugh about ....which makes for a good day.

Have you been out with your friends from the doggie park lately? and how is Duffy, hope he is keeping well ...?

I am getting a little more help from my home care people now ..they are coming and helping me with my showering ...which is awesome with this Arthritis I find it hard to bend to wash my feet, and cannot wash my hair now as I cannot raise my arms above my head to do so that is a great help for me ...I am waiting to be put on the higher level of help ...which I have been told could be about a month away here's praying I will get even more help when that eventuates ...

Best get cracking and do something here before my helper comes ...

Take care my sweet ...and be good to YOU ...Love ya ....biiiiiig hugs ...lil ol me ....Marina xoxoxoxox

13/11/2017 1:00 PM

Re :   a little place for you to practice sweetie....

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30/10/2017 11:40 AM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Good Morning sweet Marina,
sorry for not posting, but just haven't been in groups.  I did make this bg today.  sorry you were in hospital.  It's hard getting older.  glad your friends took care of Soxy for you.  Hope you are doing well.  Sending prayers to you.  all is ok here.  The last of the tomatoes are on the vine now.  The herbs are in full bloom.  so nice to just step outside and pick fresh herbs and tomatoes.  We are going to a art and craft sow.  Take care.  love you, hugs and kisses

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28/10/2017 1:02 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

Hello Sharon sweetie, 
I know what you mean by being fed up with groups ....its the same old thing all the time isn't it ..gets a little tiring after a while ...!!

And Photobucket ....well I lost all my stuff in my BetteBucket account with them, so have non to do anything about my backgrounds now ...which is a shame because I used to enjoy doing them ...I am on the lookout for somewhere that does backgrounds to see if I can snag anything ...

I was admitted to hospital yet again on Monday in dreadful pain, in right Shoulder blade, dizziness and Palpitations, they put me through several tests, thinking it was to do with my heart ...but all came up negative they sent me home ...the next day friends Margaret & Sam looked after Soxy for me it was just as well 
it was only an overnight stay ...

Soxy seems to be settling down a little bit more now ...he still has a few Mad moments but I guess  that's how he gets his exercise lol ...

Hey it sounds as if your vegie garden is doing well certainly wont be short of Tomatoes with all you have been ableto do with them ...I wish I could grow vegies ...but there is nowhere to do so here unfortunately....

Its my Shopping helper day today, which I always look forward to ..even though now I cannot go with her to the shops, my hips and legs will not allow me to she does it for me, thank goodness ....I am better off using my Scooter if I need anything before she comes ...I cannot walk very far now I am glad I  got my Scooter ...

Well my dear friend ...I must away and make a list out for my helper ...
Be good to YOU ...and take care Love and hugs as always 
Lil ol me ....Marina xoxoxoox 

19/10/2017 12:54 PM

Re :   Chit Chat Thread

 Dear sweet Marina, sorry you aren't feeling well.  I haven't been posting much either.  Just getting tried of groups.  It's sad how we lost our pics in pb.  i did manage to save a few but not many.  I am trying to do new ones and I put them in a free place called  I did delete the old ones in here on the practice board for my backgrounds.  Sorry Soxy is still crazy.  It takes some pets longer to out grown that stage of life.  I'm glad you have him to keep you company.  I made  tomato sauce and canned some whole.  Still getting some on one of the vi es.  They are really good to eat.  I think the vine might die before the 6 tomatoes are ripe.  If so, then I will fried them.  Our niece is getting married in Dec, so we will be going to Canada for the wedding.  she is 23 years old and still in college.  Love to you and

11/10/2017 11:49 PM

Re :   a little place for you to practice sweetie....

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10/10/2017 4:07 PM

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