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Xtreme Wrestling Federation
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Title: Billy Anderson
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Status: Dean Ambrose/The Lunatic Fringe/The Joker
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From: USA
Registered: 11/11/2008

(Date Posted:12/07/2017 03:21 AM)
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YXWF Staff StatsY
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  Real Name:  William Matthew Anderson
Ring Name: Billy Anderson
Pic Base: Dean Ambrose
Twitter Handle:  @BillyAnderson

Nicknames:  Bill, Will
Clients: No one
Finishers  If Needed: None
Marital Status: Married to Stormee Bright Anderson
Achievements: CWF Tag Team Champion w/Tyler Anderson, CWF Hall of Famer
Previous Relationships: None
Kids: Jasmine Lynn Anderson
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars:  None
Stable: Unstoppable Force (even though the team isn't competing anymore)
Supernatural Type: Human
Show: Both (he is a trainer)
When he was 12 years old he went out for a drive with his dad, and they got to the place that they was going. As soon as his dad parked the car these four guys comes over to the car, and one of them opens his dad's door to pull him out as another one pulled Billy out from his side of the car. He held Billy back as the other three beat his father right in front of him, and when the guy holding him let go he ran over to the other three to help them kill his dad. They left, and Billy ran over to his dad, and couldn't believe what they did to him. He had to call his mom and younger brother to tell them what happened to him, and they didn't take it hard like he did. Their mom raised them as a single mom, and didn't remarry cause Terry was the love of her life. When Billy got older that is when he met his wife Stormee, and at their wedding they had a memorial service for Billy & Tyler's father. It was only a couple of months after that when they brought home their daughter Jasmine, and Billy started training to be a professional wrestler. After he finished wrestling school he found the four guys that killed Tyler & his father in front of him, and he beat them until he put them in the hospital. He had to take therpy to get him over what happened to him when he was 12 years old, and it worked for awhile until he started hearing the same voice now it won't leave him alone.
Black Swan 2017
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Dean Ambrose (Joker), Roman Reigns (Batty), Seth Rollins (Blade)

The Shield is back baby and you can Believe That #TheHoundsOfJustice

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