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05/28/2017 12:22 PM

Topic :   @TheIronBaron

Image result for rusev gifs tumblr

The Iron Baron of Professional Wrestling!/Older Brother to Lexington Irons and Father of Two Daughters and Married to the most beautiful woman.

I am bringing my style to UWR soon and trust me....it's NASTY. #comingsoon. #TheIronBaron

05/28/2017 7:32 AM

Topic :   ///'The Iron Baron' Barrett Irons///

Image result for rusev and lana tumblr


Character Information

Real Name: Barrett Arthur Irons
Ring Name: 'The Iron Baron' Barrett Irons
Face Used: Rusev
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia
Height/Weight: 6'5 / 290lbs
How do they dress in/out of the ring: small black with blue and red wrestling shorts as seen in the picture above and normally is always wearing a suit outside of the ring, always dress to be a successful story in this world is what he believes.

Professional Information

Ring Name: Barrett Irons
Nicknames: 'The Iron Baron'
Gimmick explanation:  A Big Bad Man with a huge obsession for destruction, it doesn't matter who or why...he loves destroying everyone but especially Americans!
Favorite Match: Street Fight or NO DQ
Strength: overpowering people and just straight beating people up.
Weakness: he lets his emotions get to him sometimes a little bit.
Theme Song: "War of Change" by Thousand Foot Krutch
Alignment: Heel
Tag/Stable: None here
Twitter Handle: @TheIronBaron


Moveset (at least 10 or more)
-Body Block
- Diving Headbutt
- Sidewalk Slam
- Fallaway Samoan Drop
- Fallaway Slam
- Roundhouse Kick
- Running Hip Attack to a Cornered Opponent
- Running Splash
- Spinning Wheel Kick
- Swinging Side Slam
- Big Boot
- Inverted DDT
- Snap Suplex
- Choices Were Made(Superkick)


-Boston Crab

Signature Moves
-Free Falling(Running Powerslam)

-The King of Russia(Spear)
-Blood Money(F-5)


-The Iron Baron(The Accolade)
-Russia Rules The World(Jumping Savate Kick)
-War of Change(Reverse Chokeslam)


UWR Accomplishments
-none yet(it won't take long at all)

General Accomplishments

BIOGRAPHY/Entrance Music

-He's A father of two daughters from a previous marriage, his first died in a car accident and alot of his anger issues had to do with that, she was a wonderful person and he's never forgot about it and it's the way he is but when he met his second wife, he chilled out a tad bit, not much but a little as she's been a source of love that he was missing and one hell of a step mother to his kids and she's pushing for him to be the very best he can in the ring and because of her pushing...expect alot of broken bodies in UWR very soon...UWR meet the Iron Baron Barrett Irons...he is near!!!!

The Lights start to flicker as 'War of Change' starts playing as instant boos are heard as out walks Barrett Irons and his beautiful bride who smiles at him and points to him as he puts his arms in the air before jumping in the air and stomping his feet down before looking at his wife before smiling as he starts walking down the rampway with a mission in hand...PURE DESTRUCTION

Please Welcome....'The Iron Baron' Barrett IRONNSSSSS

Barrett walks up the steel steps and stands there holding the ropes up so his wife can get inside of the ring as she smiles at him before he gets into the ring as well before he walks to the center of the ring and stands next to his wife while looking out to the crowd before waiting while his wife just smiles looking proud as ever of her husband and the destruction is mere moments away.

Disclaimer: This roster contract form has been made by Xtreme Designs, if you would like a contract form come to Total Xtreme Designs to have one customized for your fed.

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Re :   Brandon Nyman

 love it bro, thanks!!!

05/28/2017 6:56 AM

Topic :   Hey

Hey, I just have two more days of open to close then I have two days off, so then i'll be all ready to play as much as my lil heart desires, ha ha.  So please just bare with me, I'll work on stuff tonight seeing as the store closes at 6 tonight, so should be home by 8pm est time. 

05/28/2017 6:54 AM

Re :   Steven Fox

Roleplay Goes here

05/28/2017 5:36 AM

Re :   To Very Secret Park

Vince should catch her fake sigh, but she want him to  take the win here. Even if she is faking all of this. He want her to cook for them. Even if she thinks she's bad, Vince doesn't believe that. He think she is just being modest. But given their wrestling schedule. The commitment with the promotion and bi weekly television shows. It's obvious that it is really hard to cook. But yes,Vince doesn't consider her a bad cook. 

Vince : Do you really think me being around you in the house helping with you all the cooking ? I don't think your house would catch fire by your cooking or by our activities.

He laughs jokingly. As he continues to speak.

Vince : Come on I am sure you're a good cook.

He takes the bite of another food. He wasn't done. She looked at him as he continue to take another bite. He paused and looked at her.

Vince : Come on, it is tasty.

They laugh afterwards.. She was just starring to give him sarcastic reaction. But it was quite funny. If you can imagine it. 

Vince : So, I will take it that I win. But I still think you faking it. Because I know very well how much you love food. But since your giving up. I would say that you will definitely have to cook for me Amy Poo. When ever the next time you and I have free schedule to meet up that is.

He looked at her and wait for her to respond.


05/28/2017 4:47 AM

Re :   Peyton and Jade in for a wild night

Rex is not just great. He's a beast, wild animal to take down anyone to shred. Depending on the person he is going after. His shredding has been referred to as various metaphors. When it comes to Jade Miles, she was cooling herself off. After envisioning him on how he would look like without clothes. She really needed a drink. Peyton turned his attention towards Rex.

Peyton, " Rex you don't want a drink ".

Rex smiled and speaks with confidence.

Rex, " Well I am not the one who needs cooling off ? Because I am always too hot "

Jade blushed, she couldn't help it, but he said it out loud. There was chuckle between the girls. He laughed too. But then he leaned against the bar. He points at the bartender to hand him the drink after all.

Rex, " Please get me a Chivas Regal. On the rocks ", he leans next to Jade's ear," Beside it's not getting hot here.It is already hot here ".

She flaps her in front of her face. Fanning it like as she wanted to cool off after hearing those words. So did he knew she was imagining him without all those clothes and his words earlier where he mentioned that he has other dance moves too exotic to show on the dance floor. That was enticing for her ears to hear. He was chuckling as he continue to speak further.

Rex, " Thank you ", the bartender hands him his glass of Chivas Regal. He could see the ice cube clinking against the glass as he takes the sip of his drink.

Peyton, " Oh look your finally drinking are you trying to cool off too.".

He laughs as he looked at both Jade and Peyton. Laughing as hard as he could.

Rex," Well with a beautiful woman like Jade. I sure do needed to cool myself off too you know ", he leans towards the girls and speaks slowly, " What can I say ? ", he points his thumb at the direction of Jade, " She is beautiful, exotic creature that I am really mesmerized and honored to be with. You want to know what we could do inside that ring ? Well what can I do ? A lot of things I could do inside that ring. You be impressed "

Then he leans back as he takes another sip of his drink. Peyton looked at Jade, giggling.

Rex, leaning towards Jade's ear and whispers, " I am not just impressive in the ring. But everywhere else too. If you know what I mean ?" He winks at her, she chuckled. She could definitely imagine what he was talking about. It doesn't take more than a second to decipher all that.

Rex, " So are we all just going to be drinking here. Or Do you all want to joyride the heavy bike of mine parked out side. But up to you girls whatever you wanted to do "

He looks at them and wait for them to speak up. However he couldn't take his eyes off Jade. He was keenly interested in her. 

Tbc Jade / Peyton

05/28/2017 4:25 AM

Re :   To Very Secret Park

U s e d  C h a r a c t e r s ; Amy Jackson
D a t i n g  S t a t u s ; Single


To A Very Secret Park

Amy noticed she had this in the bag if she truly wanted. Keeping forward munching into a taco her eyes dart towards Vince. Watching him hustle up now to beat her, Amy slows her rhythm down allowing him to soon catch up with her. Finishing her taco she started she lickings her finger and thumb falling back into the couch holding her stomach letting out a heavy sigh.

"Oh! I'm so full!"

She spoke out loud. She taps her stomach with both hands stretching out her legs underneath the table before her to be more comfortable.

"I can't eat another bite."

Vince takes notice and looks her way finishing the bite he already in took.

"Looks like I'm going to have to forfeit."

She then lets out a fake full belly grunt, Vince chuckles.

"So it looks like I owe you a dinner Vinnie Poo."

She winks his way again letting out a heavy fake full sigh then placing her hand over his arm.

"Just name a date and I'll be sure to do my best not to set my apartment on fire."

She giggles jokingly about how she mentioned earlier being a bad cook.

tbc Vince

Blah Blah Blah; ???

B & L  M a d e  B y  H a v o c  4  Z o e ♥ 

05/28/2017 3:32 AM

Re :   Heelish Celebration.

As Damian continue to massage her. Whilst Adrian stood their fanning her. She looked at her pets. As she speaks, with her recent words were " After all, my pet need to play with things of their own ". There it was Damian cocky grin appearing once again. He looked up at Adrian and they nodded at each other. Damian 's only favorite toys are inside that damn wrestling ring. He wants to wrestle, he wants to beat someone up. Women is not what he wanted ? But to sleep with his enemies would just give them an edge. Damian was manipulating Taylor Shaw to get into her head. To create a rift between her and Shawn. He wanted to break the bond. But he knows with someone like Slash in their backing. They know they could even create a rift between fearsome three if they wanted.

Damian, " I am willing to show my mean streak inside that ring mistress. I am willing to show Ultimate Wrestling Revolution and rest of our Heelish Brethren to show the world what could happen if they mess with us. We will leave Jenna to you Mistress "

Mistress again begin to grimace with her evil grin. She then speaks in her seductive but bossy tone. 

Mistress, " You my dear vicious animals. You do know what I want ? Total domination, which can be achieved by total annihilation of  our enemies. Damian, you of all people have shown a lot of promise. Slash is already a God Butcher. Adrian is still trying to get there. But Damian you. You have put yourself out there. But remember what I said earlier. Words are just words ".

Damian bows at her, bending down at her grace but resume to massage her, where she kept requesting him to do so as then she looked at Adrian.

Mistress, " Would you fetch me a glass of water ".

Adrian bows, as she had a total control of her men or rather as she likes to call them as her pets. He went back into the kitchen to get a glass of water as Mistress turns his attention back at Damian.

Mistress, " Now Damian tell me about .. who do you want to play with next ? Seems like you played with Shawn and Taylor. Who is next on your target ? "

Damian looked at her. He knew who was his next target. He wanted someone to go after the rebirth championship. But he doesn't want to win all those belt for himself. He wanted every member of the team to win those UWR championship. There are three other championship in UWR's championship cabinet and they need to nominate members to go after those. Damian is happy with the Re- Assemble Championship. But he does want others to go after those titles.

Damian, " Well I want one of us. Especially Slash to go after the championship. I want you - our Mistress, our leader, our queen. We want your grasp of darkness on to those titles"

Mistress stroke her chin as she rest her arm underneath as her elbow rested on the arm of her throne. 

Mistress,"  Yes I know who to nominate. I understand about your enthusiasm to be holding on to just one of the championship. But there are still other three championship that we need to go after. I have already thought about it. What happened to your friend ? "

Damian curiously question.

Damian," My friend ? "

Mistress, " Yes your friend. You been tweeting him. Karl was his name. What happened ? Why didn't you introduce me to him ? He could've made a great addition to our team. I could always use a new pet "

Damian, " We do not need him Mistress. He is too weak for the team. The man wasn't really motivated to be with us. So he had no balls but before I could introduce him to you all. He just run off with a yellow spine on his back "

Few minutes later Adrian walks back in with the glass of water. She took a sip of it and then put it back. She turns to Adrian, caressing his face, then speaks towards him.

Mistress, " What took you so long ? Don't keep the mistress waiting ? "

Adrian, " Sorry mistress "

She then signal her to start fanning him once again. So he did, and then she leaned and sit straight back.

Mistress, " Damian and Adrian. My loyal pets is there anything else you would like to say before I continue with rest of our endeavors "

Damian, " No Mistress, beside those knuckle heads that I would have fun time playing with. When I broke every single body of our victims. Every single enemy would be put down for good. Will make you proud Mistress ".

He continues to work and give her comfort as Adrian fanning her whilst Damian massages her. Waiting if either one of them would speak next.

Tbc Zoe/Adrian

05/28/2017 3:31 AM

Re :   Peyton and Jade in for a wild night

U s e d  C h a r a c t e r s ; Jade Miles
D a t i n g  S t a t u s ; Single


Peyton & Jade in for a wild night

Jade could just envision of what he could possibly have in mind of everything he whispered to her in her ear. Dancing up close and on him she smiled brightly waving a hand over the side of her face.

"Well is it just me or did it suddenly get really hot in here?"

She lets out a giggle and wink towards Rex as she then speaks over to Peyton.

"I think it's time for some ice cold refreshments for a quick cool off don't you think?"

She gives a knowing eyebrow raise to Peyton who nods her head in agreement.

"Couldn't agree more. Lets!"

Peyton takes hold of Jade's hand then goes to lead her off the dance floor but not before Jade reaching and taking hold of Rex's hand. The three person train snakes it's way through the maze of other dancers and nearing the bar again. The bartender soon approaches requesting their order. Jade climbs up on the bar stool with wide eyes.

"Anything frozen and quick!"

Peyton giggles upon hearing her order as Jade turns her way with an innocent shrug of the shoulders.


She shakes her head knowing Jade knew damn well. Peyton soon orders a drink herself. Spinning around in her stool she turns towards Rex. She wanted to distract herself away from the imaginative thinking of everything she visioned earlier.

"So Rex, are your wrestling abilities just as skillful as your dance moves?"

She eyes him up and down with a smirk.

"If so I know I won't have any doubts at all with having you as my client in this business. I'm most certain now we will go far."

She gives him a knowing wink before turning back around in her stool to grab hold of the drink the bartender sets down. She sips on the black straw allowing the frozen beverage to do it's work in hope to cool herself off.

tbc Rex or Petyon

Blah Blah Blah; ???

B & L  M a d e  B y  H a v o c  4  Z o e ♥ 

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Re :   Heelish Celebration.

A devious smirk appears on her face as she raises the fresh poured glass to her lips taking a long sip overlooking the rim over to her boys before closing her eyes to enjoy the sweet taste of bliss run over her tongue and down the back of her throat. Once getting her desired intake from the sip she seals her lips shut removing the glass from her lips setting the glass down upon the counter stop swallowing letting out a soft ah. Her dark eyes open as she runs her fingertip along the glass's rim slowly looking up and glares over to Damien and Adrian licking the taste of the champagne off her lips.


She soon asked placing both her hands firmly on the edge of the counter top leaning forward. Both men grin and nod their heads in agreement as they both go for another sip of their own. The sweet devious grin upon her face soon disappears as she quickly leaps up and on the counter top kneeling upright snatching the glasses from each of their hands then tossing the contents of liquid into their own faces. Damien and Adrian's faces soaked and puzzled but the sudden actions. While they go to whip their faces with their hand, Zoe tosses the glasses over her shoulders behind her. They could be heard shattering behind her as they crashed to the title kitchen floor. She snarls raising her upper lip, grabbing them both by the collars of their shirts jerking them forward having them stand upon the tips of their shoes, leaning forward over the counter top to reach her level slamming the sides of their heads closely together causing them to let out a light grunt. Zsasz leans in closely as to make sure they are one hundred percent focus and their eyes locked onto hers.

"Well! I certainly hope you enjoyed it while it lasted."

The small reward of their champagne drinking she allowed and gave was quickly being put to an end. Treated for good behavior was done. It's time to get back to the important matters.

"You two may have come home with the Reassemble championship titles but sadly boys that's not a reason for a huge celebration. Not yet!"

She pushes them back allowing them to grab their balance and proper footing on the flooring again as they grab the back of their necks from the tight hold she had on them, massaging it. Zoe crawls forward to the other end of the counter, sliding her legs off the side of the edge, taking a seat.

"Now! It's time to talk business. BOYS!"

She snaps her fingers and instantly Damien and Adrian come together, side by side, hosting her up in the air and onto their shoulders. A wicked grin appears on her face, crossing her legs as if she was sitting on a regular chair and points out of the room in the direction of which she would like them to take her to. They lead her out of the kitchen and down the massive halls again leading towards another closed off room with double wooden craved doors. Adrian and Damien with their free hands reach and turn the door knobs to their side of the door. They turn and open, and enter their Mistress into the room where it was beautiful candle lit. A room truly fit for a queen of higher power.

"My throne."

She requested while rubbing her fingernails along the side of Damien's neck and her fingers through Adrian's hair looking forward to her royal seating. They carry her over and comfortable lower and help turn her to take a seat and sit comfortably. Zoe leans back into her chair. Damien leans down grabbing and lifting Zoe's legs into the air where as Adrian rushes and grabs her matching ottoman setting it under her feet. Damien lowers the mistress feet gently allowing her to relax luxuriously. Zoe sets her arms on the arms of the throne then looking at both pets seeing in which they both should do for her next.


She points to Adrian. She looks away over to a hand held feather fan motioning for him to grab it. No questions asked he rushes over grabbing it and begins fanning her. She turns towards Damien. 

"Now you... Here..."

She points to her shoulders and neck. Damien comes to the side of the throne and instantly beings massaging the areas requested. A pleasant smile now crosses her lips closing her eyes taking a moment to soak it all in. This is what she's trained them for. To have then tend to her every whim without question or hesitation. 

"Now my sweet dearest pets... bringing home the Reassemble championship was just the beginning. But boys, we still have a war to win."

Her eyes open again taking a moment to look at both men in their actions. Adrian maintaining a steady fan of nice flowing of air towards her where as Damien massaging the shoulders, melting any signs of stress away. 

"Now tell me..."

She points a finger towards one then waves it over to the next addresses them both.

"...I've heard already that our enemies are lining up."

She shakes her head... not this will never do.

"This new little group... called hmm what was it... ah yes, Inglorious Executioner one no no two point oh? Lead by some hotshot blondie by the name of Jenna Foxette? Pssh!"

She rolls her eyes in disgust just thinking of everything she's heard of this new group and even waves her hand in front of her as to brush them away. She rest her arm comfortably again then looks over to Damien.

"Now what have you gathered for me my pet?"

Damian still caressing her shoulders and neck to her liking.

"Well my Mistress, one of them decided to take it upon himself to fire shots in our direction. Without even acknowledging that their name is a complete disrespect to us. So I put actions into my own hands. I fired back because a group of outsiders calling themselves executioners? It's conflicting due to they have never executed a single soul here in Ultimate Wrestling. Their name strikes a fucking nerve."

Zoe rather impressed with what he speaks takes her hand caressing the side of his face.

"My my my sweet pet, Damien... I never knew you were one to be sentimental. Aren't you so affectionate!"

Her small pleased look disappears and quickly slaps him hard across the face leaving a red hand print mark.


She faces forward slamming a balled fist into the arm of the throne.

"We can't show any signs of weakness! None! I strongly admire you sticking up for the group but words are simply that... words... It's our actions that really need to be heard!"

She licks her lips contemplating wickedly on several thoughts that would need to be done in order to take over this motor mouth group of so called executioners that they have now been targeted and set to take out.

"Just as the work you two did on Harris... I expect just as much if not more towards them."

"What about Jenna, my Mistress?"

Adrian asked continuing his fanning. She slowly turns her head in his direction clicking her tongue to the roof of her mouth in the sound of a ticking time clock before taking in a deep breath.

"You'll leave her to me. She'll soon learn who the true Alpha bitch is in this company."

A devious grin crosses her lips as she sits back even more comfortably into her soft cushioned throne.

"It'll only be a matter of time before I call her boys my own."

She lets out a wicked chuckle just thinking about it then looks over at Damien and then over to Adrian.

"After all, my pets do need play things of their own."

TBC: Adrian or Damien

05/28/2017 2:40 AM

Re :   @Ozone

@TheJudgmentalOne  Foxy you want me to give you time and place. Of course I can give you my zero time  at 'I don't give a damn 'place.I mean come on Foxy your  threats are empty. We are Heelish. Not scared of your little twitter tactics.

05/28/2017 2:30 AM

Re :   @TheJudgmentalOne

@Ozone Are you sure you want me inside that ring already. So Desperate to get an ass kicking then I shall do the honors. Name the time and place.

05/28/2017 1:53 AM

Re :   @Ozone

@TheJudgmentalOne  You need to be man enough to come up and close inside the ring with us. Because no one dares to step up to us. 

05/28/2017 1:51 AM

Re :   @TheJudgmentalOne

@Ozone - why are you worried that you be facing a lot of lawsuit ? There is a lot of sexual harassment complains about you and your buddy Slash. Shall I drag you two to court or you want to settle this inside the ring.

05/28/2017 1:35 AM

Re :   @Ozone

@TheJudgementalOne  So you finally decided to grow some set of judgmental balls foxy. But now since you revealed who SOS/SMS is .. We are not scared of you. Who are your team mates ? Bunch of low life lawyers.

05/28/2017 12:53 AM

Topic :   Steven Fox revealed himself as SOS/SMS

Image result for wwe edge
Steven Fox has revealed to be the leader of the SOS/SMS anonymous account that was targeting Heelish's  Ozone. UWR fans were wondering what ever happened to Fox after the ladder match. He was last seen talking to Tara Malice. But with Malice departure, Fox has decided to come out and warn HEELISH that he and his team are standing up against Heelish. 

05/28/2017 12:38 AM

Re :   @GoodGuyDrew

@TheBigM those bad guys with the prize you mean.

05/28/2017 12:29 AM

Re :   @TheBigM

@GoodGuyDrew You know about those bad guys that are running around. Our conversation was like this.

05/28/2017 12:18 AM

Re :   @PrincePretty

@Morgasm why not we go shopping then ? We can buy roses for my Juliet. 

05/27/2017 11:46 PM

Re :   @Morgasm

Why do I see people saying Poor him or poor her. Are they broke  or something ? lol I can make them richer, let steal from Morrison's bank account shall we.

05/27/2017 11:41 PM

Re :   @RC

@BC Then why don't you tweet from a computer then.. LOL

05/27/2017 10:56 PM

Re :   @BC

@RC sorry slippery finger man. You know how smart phones are . They just simply hate me.

05/27/2017 10:53 PM

Re :   @RC

@BC You mean make her time iconic.

05/27/2017 10:49 PM

Re :   @BC

@RC Hey I think @IconicPrincess is really cute. I am going to take her on for few dates maker her time. How she say it 'iconic'

05/27/2017 10:42 PM

Re :   @PrincePretty

So let try this again.. Is there any Juliet out there ? That would follow the trail of roses to my rosebed and have some fun.

05/27/2017 10:38 PM

Re :   @AHALL

@DCooper well hope you are putting the work. Because I know I am going to show why I am refered as #ParkourPrince.

05/27/2017 10:37 PM

Topic :   Giving you all the Perfect timing - Martin Clash RP -

Martin visited Shawn Harris recently along with Taylor Shaw. He is healing in the rehabilitation center and Martin can't be excited to see him back inside the ring. But right now Martin is going to be making his own in ring debut against Mark Robinson, Richard Drake and Slash Dixxon. Martin has his eyes dead set on Slash for personal reasons. Slash is part of the group known as Heelish. Same group responsible for Taylor's elimination from the tournament and his best friend being hospitalized. So for him this would be the best revenge. If he eliminates himself, by putting him through the table. Could he do it ? Could he do it. Well he has perfect timing. 

Yes this would bite him back, if he didn't eliminate any one of them or get eliminated first. But he's not just using a moniker. He believed to be the man with Perfect Timing. Speaking of perfect timing. He is standing right next to Zoe Monroe for an interview.

Zoe : Hello again Martin. Nice to see you again.

Martin smilingly looking at Zoe. He had that grin that was even catching Zoe's attention. 

Zoe : So you are going to be in fatal four way tables match. Anything you wanted to say a out this upcoming table match. We have all these three different guys. What is going in your head ?

What is going on in his head ? Perfect ways to perfectly eliminate all three men. It doesn't matter, he is going to do whatever it takes to win this match.

Martin : You know! I can tell you. All these guys that are in this match. No offense to anybody. I am not undermining or understating anyone on the roster. But none of these guys are perfect. They all have issues. Slash is obsessed with going after every single woman. He is not focused on wrestling. He is focus on stalking. His obsession, hope someone stops him. Maybe who knows I might throw him through a table.

Zoe : He even creeps me out. I think he was at my place the other night. I can't be sure. But I can felt his presence. He says that he is always watching.

Martin surprised to hear that. His eyes widen by shock. But he didn't like what he heard. He knew Slash is bit of a freak. Freak like him and Ozone needed to be stopped.

Martin : All these creepy stalkers. Some one need to take a stand against them. I did heard Dorian taking a stand but then, and hope he really had a confrontation with him. But don't worry Dorian. I am confronting Slash in this table match and maybe eliminate him from the equation completely.

He then looked at Zoe, because he knew there would be more question coming form her. So he is waiting on whatever she can punch him with.

Zoe : Well what about others ? What about erm Richard Drake ?

Martin : Richard who ? Oh the guy who tweets every single girl. Asking them to have a good time. Hmm, well don't know if he had any actions with anyone of them. But, that is no way to talk to a lady. Seems like we have another Slash and Ozone nutcase. Must be their lost child. I think !!Come on Vince, have them fired. How long will you keep these morons on your show ?

Zoe : And what about Mark Robinson ?

Mark Robinson is Martin's favorite. He looked into Mark's profile. The guy  has some personal issues of his own so he wouldn't go much into detail about them.

Martin : Well Mark, he is young gun like myself. Though he has his issues, but I hope he combats them and prepare to meet us in that tables match. Because this is completely a perfect timing for the perfect timer Martin Smith to take his exit and fully prepare for the match. Zoe I will be seeing you again soon.

He winks at her, and then walks away.

To be continual no one.

05/27/2017 10:33 PM

Re :   @DCooper

@AHALL you better bring your A GAME. Because me and @WhiteLandoCarlrissian are willing to show everybody how to get notice. Because I am going to be #PuttingTheWork

05/27/2017 9:19 PM

Re :   @AHALL

@TYM Parkour prince is always prepared for a fight. So good luck to @DCooper and @WhiteLandoCarlrisisan

05/27/2017 9:07 PM

Topic :   Fearless Three

Stable/Tag Team Stat

Team Name :  Fearless Three
Members name/Leader :  Taylor Shaw, Amy Jackson, Madi Jackson (Valets: Blake and/or Hailey Jackson)
Entrance theme/Setting/Music :  "Nothing Stands In Our Way" By Lacuna Coil hits over the sound system. The entrance lights perform a light show when a small sound like of a horn is heard. Out through the curtains comes Blake behind the wheel of the Blakemobile® with Taylor, Amy, and Madi all inside holding onto the inside of the cart but hanging out. He brakes and parks the Blakemoblie® center of the ramp way. Sounds the horn a couple of times as the girls wave. (Ring announcer here) Blake puts the cart into drive and drives down the ramp way and circles around the ring before parking next to the steel steps. The girls climb back inside while Blake grabs a huge Nerf Gun then climbs out. Aiming it around the ring he then turns towards the girls in in the cart motioning for each to get out.  One by one the girls climb out and make their way towards the ropes where they climb up on the apron. Amy stands in the middle, Taylor to her left and Madi to her right. Blake down on the floor in front of Amy with his Nerf gun pumped and ready as he's in a guarding stance. Madi and Taylor both climb into through the ropes facing each other shaking their butts towards that facing crowd whereas Amy flips over backwards then once landing to her feet twerks in place. Taylor and Madi then join Amy in the ring as Taylor goes to the furthest turnbuckle and climbs up, Madi climbs on the nearest and Amy climbs on to the center of the ropes, wrapping her top leg over the top rope for balance as they all raises the hands up in the air posing. Blake still on the floor standing guard.
Alignment : Neutral
Team Finishers: Tag Team (2 girls) Moves- Jackson's in Motion: Amy and Madi only. One will be on four on the floor and the other runs over her back and lands a drop kick into the corner or a jumping knee attack (This move can also be performed with Blake if the other sister isn't around)

Jackson Super Kick: Both Amy and Madi Jackson kick the same standing opponent.

Face to the Back Splash: One girl German suplex into another girl performing a code breaker.

Fearless Combinations: One girl nails a jumping roundhouse kick and another nails a spinning leg sweep at the same time.

All 3 girls moves- Fearless Devastation: Taylor and Madi hit a second rope double superplex, and Amy powers bombs opponent from the legs

Jackson Triple Super Kick: Taylor, Amy, and Madi all perform the JacksonKick to the same standing opponent.

Fearless Femme Fatale (F3): Taylor nails a jumping roundhouse kick while Amy nails a spinning leg sweep at the same time followed by Madi performing a standing moonsault and pin.

05/27/2017 9:06 PM

Re :   Fear is the motivator ( Deric Quake )

OUT OF CHARACTER:Here is my piece Tim. Let's hype this storyline and KICK ASS !

How many brain cells did Tim Stone lose to become broken ? Can someone answer that. No one, but Deric Quake. The Prophet of Natural Disaster, the preacher who is preaching about a lot of things. He heard what our friend Tim Stone had said, especially through half it was from his mouthpiece Paul Sinclair. Now since Tim is so broken, obviously he can't have his lips move. But he did said say few words. Once hearing those Deric Quake felt nothing but amused.

Deric Quake 
You have just taken many men. Is that what you are telling the whole world. These bunch of little lies to scare the little children away. What a poor attempt and why do you say the same exact same thing to me - that you said to the others in the past. Beside if you taken down many men. Then how on earth they are walking on this God Green forsaken world.

Deric rocking in that chair again as the scene is cuing through. Back and forth, his chair makes that squeaky sounds. But as he continues to speak.

Deric Quake
If you are here to bring revolution then why I don't see any change. Why do I smell the same stench in this universe. Let me tell you why ? This putrid hate is consuming you all. But I am here to remove that. You said you would eradicate me. Eliminate me. By doing what ? Killing me. I can't be killed.You think your the supernatural here. Well I am freaking Lucifer of Supernaturals. Go do what you want to do ? Timmy. You are already broken but I will completely dismember you into pieces. Come Clash ! The world is going to see me more than the man who appeared on two televised show to screw people up. No no they will see me as the man to be feared by. So come Clash. We will settle this for once and for all. 

05/27/2017 8:13 PM

Re :   Sal important read !

Don't fret on man. You know I always got your back. Sometime we lose motivation so quickly. So, I understand what you going through ? Just have fun with the guys you have. I see Travis Payne and David doing something awesome. Can't wait to see how the tag team turns out between Ant/David.

Also I have some plans for your Pretty Prince Romeo or was it Prince Pretty Romeo lol.. I am sure you will like the plans I have set for him.

05/27/2017 7:35 PM

Re :   Sal important read !

I am not worry about people not replying. But sorry about ruining some of our plans. 

05/27/2017 7:02 PM

Re :   Sal important read !

What in the world Travis ? I swear I thought you were joking lol I thought you were being sarcastic in your texts. But it's all good, it happens man. 
Just stick to the guys you have right now okay and give all these guys and girls a chance to reply you back. They all are busy in life just like yourself. I am sure one of them will respond. Just have patience.


05/27/2017 6:51 PM

Topic :   Sal important read !

Hey man ! I think I texted you about this and it is needed to be said. But lately after looking at all my RPs stuff. I come to decision to drop Karl Jaykins. I don't see him fit in any storyline. We talked about having him as an "OUTSIDER" with Heelish but I don't see him fit anywhere there either.  Don't think I could get into storyline you suggested. Hope it's okay and please don't be mad. I know I just brought the character in and dropping him so soon.


05/27/2017 6:32 PM

Re :   Updates

Roster Page Updated
Some people are removed.
Expect more to be removed ; lack of activity from some roleplayers

Talented Expected to rp and return to LOA today was Paul Gibson. But he hasn't done anything yet. So he could be gone from the roster too. If he doesn't RP within this week period

PS/ Katisy aka Kate has quit from roleplaying. I don't know any detail. It just came to my attention and was brought by someone who is really close to her. Hope she is okay

05/27/2017 6:06 PM

Topic :   Major wrestlers released

Major wrestlers released; plans being changed for a PPV match.
Image result for kelly kelly wwe
UWR has come to terms with the release of Diane Murphy, Marie Reyes, Tara Malice, and Blake Underwood from the UWR roster. They all have requested to leave the company. However Blake is welcome to come back if he ever intends too. We wish from behalf of UWR best of luck in all their future endeavors.

05/27/2017 5:51 PM

Topic :   Match of Biblical Proportions (Clash RP)

OOC: I didn't want to make this long as my opponent's RP wasn't long.

Standing near what is called the "River of Illusion" behind Tim Stone's home located in the woods (somewhere in North Carolina), Paul Sinclair is holding a video camera in his hand and has it pointed on himself as he begins to speak.  As the camera turns on, a standard sized professional wrestling ring is seen behind Paul as he begins addressing the viewers.

[PS] "Oh Mr. Deric, your words indulge me so.  You find the right words to say despite your lack of intellect.  You say you are a prophet and so you are, sir.  A prophet is someone who you, the man, warns those of the one you serve, my client, that comes.  That, dear sir, is where you meet the man you have warned so many about here in Ultimate Wrestling Revolution.  See, that word REVOLUTION is exactly what my client brings to this company.  He brings with him the intelligence of worlds beyond here and what you can imagine.  See, it's because of his Broken stature that you are allowed to be in his presence but you too will fall as have many others".

Paul sees a flicker of light ahead of him coming from across the "River of Illusion" and turns the camera to see.  A lighted torch is seen being carried by a figure that begins to approach him.  A few feet away, the light from the flame illuminates Tim Stone's face as his eyes pierce through the darkness and is now standing in front of the camera.  Paul's voice then softens as he says...

[PS] "He's here".

Tim thrusts the torch in his hand into the ground at his side.  The flames still illuminating his face, Tim begins to speak about his upcoming match at Ultimate Wrestling Revolution's Clash With The Champions Pay-Per-View.

[TS] "Deric Quake, on the Fifth (5th) of June, you speak truth as you say I will go through you.  In due time, you as will the entire Ultimate Revolution will suffer the same fate as the many men who were placed in my path at Rebirth.  Now that I have been birthed again, I will soon stake my claim rightfully at the top of this Ultimate mountain.  On my way to the top of that mountain, I will line it with the broken bones of those I have conquered.  You will soon become the same as those who lay before me.  My dear Deric, you speak of natural disasters but I am supernatural.  I am beyond what your feeble mind can comprehend.  After I tear down your obscurities and reveal the shell of the mortal man you are, it is you who will follow me.

"Deric, your fate is imminent and your future has already been written and in due time, it will be fulfilled.  When the dust settles and you are eradicated, I will reign the supreme being which I am and continue my journey here in the Ultimate Revolution land of Wrestling.  Prepare yourself false prophet because your destruction cometh quickly".

Paul turns the camera back to himself and is seen smiling as if he can't believe what Tim just said.

[PS] "It appears to me that you Mr. Bible Thumper are about to meet your creator.  We'll see you over there in Oak Grove".

Paul turns the camera back to where Tim was standing and all that is seen is the smoke blowing from the once lit torch.  The camera then cuts off.

05/27/2017 3:45 PM

Re :   @TYM

@WhiteLandoCarlrissian@DCooper well you both will get your wish. At #Rebirth4 you will face @AHALL and @VeryCoolGuy in a tag team match.

05/27/2017 3:30 PM

Topic :   Will They Emerge Once Again ? ( The Remnants )

Clash With The Champions is just one more week and two days away. Things are hyping up nicely. Preparation is full swing at the moment. Daniel Adams has already made plans, he knows what he has to do ? What plans he need to execute ? He is the one talking to Hammad Haider about setting Vince up. But recently he hasn't spoken to the CO-GENERAL MANAGER. He doesn't need too. Since Morrison has made a special stipulation where if Daniel wins, he brings his band of brethren, back in Ultimate Wrestling Revolution. Which we been talking about lately in many of his settings. Daniel wants TWO things. Complete power and the return of the former group Jasonation now known as The ' Remnants '. In order to be in complete power what must one do ? Take everything; take every spot available. He is going to do what he couldn't do in the past. Now he is able to achieve it.

With this new attitude of his, what new heights would he reach too. Would he become the General Manager or the Chairman. We don't know. But he has plans. He has long term goals. Goal that he set out to achieve. Now as we speak about his goals. Daniel Adams walking out of the gym with his gym back hanging on his shoulders as his phone rings. He looks at it, with a smirk appearing. That smile, that expression was enough to put that raged up face into happiness. He puts the phone up to his hears.

Daniel, " Jason.. It's good to hear from you "

Was this Jason Marks, an old friend. One of the only few guys that he trust.  That's the only reason Daniel Adams is recruiting his friends back in to the company. But above all, there is a big power play instructed in his head too.

Daniel, " Everything is in place brother. We are ready to take things from underneath everyone. No one would able to tell how quickly everything would be in our hand. We will be the rulers. Not The First Lady, Not the First Gentleman, not that True Gentleman. No one is going to stop us. No one - hell not even the boss Tyler Morrison himself. We will be kings "

Few minutes later, Daniel laughed as he walked out of the gym. Passing through the walkway and onto the streets. Still talking on the phone with  Jason. When he said they will be kings ? What did Jason said that would be more interesting for him to even laugh about.

Daniel, " Us having queens. Who knows ? Depends on who comes to us. Depend on who want to be with us. Depend on who can handle us. Above all, who really would able to dare step alongside us. Do the Remnant need three ladies in a team ? "

He chuckled as jokingly he spoke on the phone. He then stops near the traffic signal.

Daniel, " Vince, Hammad and Tyler, we will be making their lives so miserable that they would do everything in their power to stop us. But they couldn't they may able to prevent Heelish. Who are parading and emulating us lately. But with a spice. Heard they have a hot female leader called The 'Mistress'. Saw her appearing on the screen right when Heelish won the tag team gold "

Remnants are also interested to go after those titles. They will try to win every single title in the company. But not the Ravishing Ladies Championship, since they aren't aligned with any female member from the roster. This is What if scenario ever happens. But will it. Jason is already gunning for one of the titles. Daniel is gunning for not just the championship but complete power. The only other member that is left is Bryan. What is he up to ? He is the tag team specialist of the team. So there is high chance they would be winning the Re-Assemble Championship. All three of them are focused on their mission, on their goals. They will work together to help each other up. Despite all the jokes in this phone conversation where we can't hear anything from Jason Marks. Only Daniel could hear his voice. Trying to keep some things surprise for the viewers.

Daniel, " Vince - what are we going to do to Vince ? There is no one in this company who even show support to him. To us, he's the easy picking. The most easiest. Figure out if he is dating someone. I think he tweeted something about being with someone but never said a name "

Why would Daniel be interested ? Well if they find who the woman is - Daniel would create a rift between them. But things can always change. Daniel could end up approving of her, if his dad has really changed. Maybe he would work along with his dad. Reconcile their difference, a lot could happen. But this place is only if that family reunion does happen. Right now his focus on taking everything. Be in charge of Ultimate Wrestling Revolution is one of his main task.

Daniel, " I been ridiculed, mistreated, disrespected. You and Bryan, made me what I am today ? We personified the world with our infamous tactics. Once this reunion happen between all three of us. Once we are on television, once we are back on the road together. We will be unstoppable. I don't care who gets hurt by us or who we piss off. We are The Remnants and together we will be KINGS "

With that Daniel and Jason hangs up their call. They didn't need to say goodbye on the phone. It wasn't their style but knowing what they have goals that are set out. Which one of these goals would come to play. Only time will tell.

End of thread/ No TBC

05/27/2017 3:00 PM

Re :   @DCooper

@WhiteLandoCarlrissian Well they will notice us, once they see us best two other high flyer or whatever class of wrestler they could be from.#PuttingTheWork

05/27/2017 2:39 PM

Re :   @WhiteLandoCalrissian


@DCooper Pft, like they would notice. Hey @TYM got any high flyers for us to beat up? #SexierThanYou

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05/27/2017 2:28 PM

Re :   @DCooper

@WhiteLandoCarlrissian A team up after the Pay per view. Hmm sounds interesting. How about I say 'yes' ? Sure, if your brothers are okay with it.

05/27/2017 2:23 PM

Re :   @WhiteLandoCalrissian


@DCooper The Cop, That Other Payne, My Two Brothers, You and Worst Of All ME! All Brits all not considered the best, I mean clearly I am but they should at least give you a chance. You know what rookie, let this Funky Pharaoh show you how it's done fancy being my tag partner for a show after the PPV? you will learn a thing or two #SexierThanYou

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05/27/2017 2:21 PM

Re :   @DCooper

@WhiteLandoCarlrissian Well no I don't feel like left out. All the guys from the UK that are signed before me, are all experienced. Maybe all of them are left out, but I don't feel that way.  But I am willing to work hard to be at the same stage as all the rest of them, or even better.

05/27/2017 1:57 PM

Re :   @WhiteLandoCalrissian


@DCooper can I just say I love how this place is signing so many UK wrestler and only making three of them fight it out to be known as the best. are you feeling a little left out?#SexierThanYou

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05/27/2017 1:21 PM

Re :   @imnotawrestlerhonest


@JFoxy Not sure if I can wait, maybe I will just have to taste you during the match?

05/27/2017 1:16 PM

Topic :   Noah


Character Information

Real Name: Noah Liam
Ring Name: Noah
Face Used: Ethan Carter III
Hometown: New York City, NY
Height/Weight: 6'2" / 245 lbs
How do they dress in/out of the ring: [IN] 

Professional Information

Ring Name: Noah
Nicknames: "New York Noah" 
Gimmick explanation:  What is your character like, what makes them tick.  
Favorite Match: No Holds Barred
Strength: Power
Weakness: Speed
Theme Song: "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys
Alignment: Neutral
Tag/Stable: N/A
Twitter Handle: @NYNoah


Moveset (at least 10 or more)
- Powerslam
- Vertical Suplex
- Arm Drag
- Back Suplex
- Back Body Drop
- Standing Dropkick
- Clothesline
- Elbow Drop
- Open-Hand Chop
- Headlock

- Sleeper
- Kimura
- Ankle Lock w/ Grapevine

Signature Moves
- Diving Crossbody
- Discus Clothesline
- Suicide Dive

- Noah's Mark [Tombstone Piledriver]
- Noah Constrictor [Crippler Crossface]


UWR Accomplishments
- N/A

General Accomplishments
- N/A

BIOGRAPHY/Entrance Music

Noah was born and raised in New York and always dreamed of being a professional wrestler. He trained in the best wrestling school in the state and after five years, he signed his first exclusive deal with UWR.

Entrance Music

The lights go out for a moment as the crowd starts screaming and cheering. However, some boos get added to the noise once "Empire State of Mind" starts playing. The lights slowly come back on as Noah stood on the stage with his wrists wrapped in white tape while he wore his blue wrestling tights, orange knee pads, and white wrestling boots. He also wore a smirk on his face as he walked down the ramp.

RING ANNOUNCER: "From New York City, New York... weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds... NOAH!"

He walks up the steel steps and walks across the apron before stepping into the ring. He spreads his arms and does a little spin, showing off his brightly colored wrestling attire and muscular physique before standing in the middle of the ring, posing for the fans. Once the music stopped playing, he walked over to the corner and stood there.

Disclaimer: This roster contract form has been made by Xtreme Designs, if you would like a contract form come to Total Xtreme Designs to have one customized for your fed.

05/27/2017 1:14 PM

Re :   Feedback :You Put the work, to be the best

 I'll work hard too on gifs of Alaric and Skul beating up Romeo :p

05/27/2017 7:52 AM

Re :   Feedback :You Put the work, to be the best

Well thanks for working on those banners and layouts or graphics. Because they are all good stuff. 

05/27/2017 7:36 AM

Re :   Feedback :You Put the work, to be the best

Hamza is not coming back home on Monday. He still staying in hospital. Though on Monday his blistered are getting removed. So after that I don't know if he be back or not. I was going to reply to Adam Michaels but got distracted by most of y'all tweets lol and Slash's reply. Also worked all night on making stuff for you all,especially those who requested me.

05/27/2017 7:32 AM

Re :   Reserve Will Ospreay and Angelico

I don't approve of it .. Kidding :P Lol

05/27/2017 7:29 AM

Re :   Feedback :You Put the work, to be the best

Haha yes you all are slackers. I don't mind if no one replies to me. I know Payne has a thread going. Bryce has a thread going. But for Cooper, hope he get involve with something. I am sure you already lined up some storylines for me. But if no one replies, it's all cool.  Beside, you are the most active guy here.

And what is the update on Hamza ? Is he coming back home on Monday or something ?

05/27/2017 7:27 AM

Re :   Reply To MissMason

Reply to MissMason (05/26/2017 8:56 PM)

 I approve of these choices.

Glad someone approved of my choices.

05/27/2017 7:24 AM

Re :   Feedback :You Put the work, to be the best

You did great with him. I hope that roleplay doesn't go in waste. It seems like most of us are really lazy to reply to you. Especially the ones you leave open. I hope someone replies to David Cooper. It was pretty good - but next time mentioned whether he is down in the lobby or already at the restaurant. It'd be easier for people who read it and could reply easily Just my opinion on it.

05/27/2017 7:23 AM

Re :   @TheJudgmentalOne

The hottest Judge in Professional Wrestling. He is the LAW 
I sit here. I think, I calculate every single. Looking for every opportune moment that I could grasp myself onto. #UWR This Fox is going to show exactly how Judgement can be passed.

05/27/2017 7:15 AM

Re :   @AHALL

I am getting really impatient @MastermindHH and @vinceCHAOS. When will I be booked on the show ? #ParkourPrince need to show what he could do inside that ring.

05/27/2017 7:13 AM

Re :   The Stalker And The Gentleman

Some people really need to pay attention to what Dorian tweets . Slash seems to busy looking at these woman, finding his she or whatever that is. Dorian didn't took a sip of his own tea. He wasn't here to talk to him. He followed him to have a confrontation with him. Now Slash is wanting answers from him, What is Dorian really after ? Is he interested in Miss Wilde like many are assuming him to be. So Dorian time to speak up. Dorian leaned up close.

DJH : Seriously Slash, seems like your so busy tweeting and stalking all the women on the roster. You forgot I  am taking a stand against every creep. Including you and that freak Damian Ozone. Both of you. But I wanted to tell you one thing. Since a lot of people are wondering. Even the fans that follow me on twitter are wondering this question.. I think it's time to answer that. 

Slash : I know the answer already Dorian. She knows you, she knew that you would come. I ordered tea for us to have a conversation. To talk about things. To talk about Miss Wilde. Are you really acting up like a gentleman ? Just to get close to the cop. I am not judging you.

DJH methodically leans back. Looking straight at Slash. Who was snickering at that moment ? Did Slash stuck a nerve by mentioning Wilde. Is DJH really interested in Wilde ? 

DJH : Slash - I am here to warn you. I am here to ask you to slow down. I am not putting this act. I am sick and tired of how many men just go stalk an innocent woman like that.  Why on earth are you kept on starring that lady over there. It's impolite.  Slash, listen to me. This is not the way to approach a woman. Please change your ways. Try to be civilized, be a gentleman. Creeping like that is not good. I am warning you. If  you don't then I will have to beat some senses out of you.

He stood up as his chair slides backwards, He pressed both his knuckles against the table they were sitting on. There was an intense in his eyes. Dorian wanted to beat him there but he didn't, He doesn't want to create scene. 

Slash : Sit down! Your a gentleman ! Don't try to lose your temper. All I asked is you a simple question. What way do you like Miss Wilde ? Please take a seat. Come on tell me.

He slowly sat down, taking deep sigh. As he begins to explain

DJH : Do I have feelings for her ? I don't know. She is nice. She seems honest.  I am not really sure, if I have any feeling towards her.. I don't look at a woman like other men do. I am not pervert Slash. I really respect her. I really respect her work. I flustered her when I was in my locker room, working out. It was unintentional. Days before that when she and I tweeted. I was just standing up for her. That was it, but she was nice to me. Kind, polite. But she got yelled by Moloney. She had to apologize me, but why me ? When she wasn't wrong in her at all.. Damn I hate him, I hate the Chief Moloney. The guy is  pushing her around. Don't know why she can't see it. But I swear Slash I am not a pervert. I just want you to stop. I want you to stop stalking these woman. Please ! You don't want  me to hurt you. Come on man ! Why are you and Ozone like this ? Why are you after all these women ? Creeping them, scaring them. Can't you be civilized.Can't you be anything like me ? Like the Gentleman. Let me help you. I want you to stop. Why are you aligned with Heelish ? Please there is away to save you man.

He looks at him waiting for what he would say next.  Though Dorian shows sign of care towards Ashton Wilde after all. But in a respectful manner.  Not sure, if he would ever make a move on her.  But right now he's focus on helping Slash. He want to make sure he stop stalking these woman. If not then he would beat him out of it.

TBC Slash. ( sorry this kinda sucked)

05/27/2017 6:58 AM

Re :   @PrincePretty

@AmyJackson Once you get free from your friend in the shadow. Then sure help me out.

05/27/2017 5:45 AM

Re :   @BJackson

Image result for miz instagram

Blake Jackson http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh308/_LAbubbles_/orders/twitterverify_zpsee1d592d.gif
@BJackson  Detroit, MI

@AmyJackson Really... really... Really? Man Facepalming on EmojiOne 3.0 You missy! In the gym in 30 minutes. NOW! #LongLiveFun #EverybodyLovesBJ


05/27/2017 5:37 AM

Re :   @SheSpeaksMyName


@AmyJackson Don't worry Miss Jackson, I'll keep the secrets of your ever gaining scents. Just expect me to keep closer from now on

05/27/2017 5:35 AM

Re :   @AmyJackson

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Amy Jackson http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh308/_LAbubbles_/orders/twitterverify_zpsee1d592d.gif
@Amy Jackson  Detroit,MI

@PrincePretty Ooooooh I'm pretty sure I could help you find her.

@SheSpeaksMyName You shouldn't hide so deep in the shadows. I might have noticed sooner.


05/27/2017 5:30 AM

Re :   @DCooper

@DJH seems like a lot of Shiite has been thrown your way mate. I still think your being honest. Too bad, how your name is being put through mud like that. Name's David Cooper. 

05/27/2017 5:29 AM

Re :   @SheSpeaksMyName


@DJH how could it be a confrontation if I was waiting for you? I even ordered Tea in advance and don't worry She tells me @BringingPayne speaks nothing but half truths 

05/27/2017 5:28 AM

Re :   @BC

@RC Sparring ? Are you sure. Erm Erm. Okay I trust your word.

05/27/2017 5:27 AM

Re :   The Stalker And The Gentleman

It must be hard talking to someone that was looked straight through you, how would you be able to tell if they had taken any or your points in? How did you even know they even knew you where there? Did they choose too ignore or was there something more powerful calling to them? It was rather hard to tell with Slash, what he was thinking? what thoughts were even his or what were She's were a mystery. One either over thought or ignored by others. It seemed DJH was one of those an over thinker, trying to understand what was going through Slash's head. Trying to get him to change his ways but he sits just gazing through him like some kind of window, keeping his eyes on his newest pray. For now she was eyeing up a handbag, how long would she even remain here? Would Slash leave when she did?

Slash: What of the others? Amy? Miss Shaw? Jenna? Poly? I've watched them all? Do they not matter? Is it all about Ashton? Maybe they are right about you maybe you are just after one thing? The whole gentlemen act is just to pick up women or have you just became attached like me? Don't worry too much about it, you see unlike most sheep I do not believe all that Travis Pyane says, I find him a rather boring liar but then again, so are you. I have yet to sleep in anyone's bed and as for Miss Wilde I haven't been back since she left, I now spend my night at Moloney's or one of the other girls places and nor will I believe you will hurt me

Slash watches the girl but his interest was fading, she was just a tool for She to drag Dorian over to him. They needed this little chat after all they seemed to share a few interests and he could always find her later, no one could hide form him for long. His eye flick their attention away from the girl and to DJH, giving him his full attention

Slash: what makes me think she may be controlled? Her past is just her falling for people and making very bad mistakes due to listening and doing what they want. Why because she was obsessed with them and what is she if not obsessed with him? I have read her dairy, I have seen the photo frame next to her bed, one that contains only has a picture of him. Notice how he barks the orders and she blindly follows, how many times have you had to explain yourself over things he's said? She is quick to believe him, it's like he's her god and you know what I do to gods? So calm down Dorian, I am nothing but protective of the Rookie so far. No harm shall come to her under my watch but I would like to now your motives, in what way do you like Miss Wilde?

Slash just smirks as he sits there, his hand reaches out for his tea, waiting for an reply

05/27/2017 5:24 AM

Re :   @BringingPayne

@DJH admitted you have feelings for @LetsGetWilde. You like someone that you can never have. You filthy pervert, even @SheSpeaksMyName stated in his little tweet.

05/27/2017 5:23 AM

Re :   @DJH

@SheSpeaksMeNow I did warn you. But no, since we don't have any prove of what was said. Your just spinning it on me

05/27/2017 5:15 AM

Re :   @DJH

@SheSpeaksMeNow Oh really I asked you to stop. Are you not telling the part why you stalking her ? Oh wait why would you. You just want to make me a liar. Just like @BringingPayne

05/27/2017 5:14 AM

Re :   @SheSpeaksMyName


@LetsGetWilde Oh @DJH never confronted me, She just wanted a little chat and he was so willing to listen, especially about you

05/27/2017 4:59 AM

Re :   @SheSpeaksMyName


@AmyJackson I enjoyed our time together last night, I do hope you notice me again

05/27/2017 4:57 AM

Topic :   Brandon Nyman

Here you go, i know you have your own layouts. So you can put them in there.

05/27/2017 4:40 AM

Re :   @PrincePretty

@AmyJackson aww I am the prince of pretty so everything about me is pretty. Your pretty too. As roses are red,could you find me a Juliet.

05/27/2017 3:55 AM

Re :   @AmyJackson

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Amy Jackson http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh308/_LAbubbles_/orders/twitterverify_zpsee1d592d.gif
@Amy Jackson  Detroit,MI

@PrincePretty Violets are blue but roses and violets won't be as pretty as you...r eyes. 😊


05/27/2017 3:48 AM

Re :   @DJH

@BringingPayne You really have no fact to back anything up for all that you claim. I am telling the truth. I confronted Slash but soon I am going to confront you.

05/27/2017 3:04 AM

Re :   @RC

@BC No bro, I been sparring with @Fearless

05/27/2017 3:01 AM

Re :   @BringingPayne

@LetsGetWilde I don't think he confronted him. I still think he's lying. Can't you see.

05/27/2017 2:31 AM

Re :   @BC

@RC hey are you working out in the gym ? or flirting with girls again. Stop it.

05/27/2017 2:30 AM

Topic :   @DCooper

Hello #UWR how is everyone ? I just signed my contract with the company. Can't wait to work harder and earn my way to reach the top. #PuttingTheWork.

05/27/2017 2:27 AM

Topic :   @PrincePretty

Leaving all these roses in the entire arena. Because roses are red, someone find me a Juliet for the night or several nights #TheseRosesAreRed
Related image

05/27/2017 2:20 AM

Re :   David Cooper Storage.

@TweetName Tweets here.

05/27/2017 1:19 AM


05/27/2017 1:07 AM

Re :   Feedback :You Put the work, to be the best

I told you I will do justice with Ospreay. Just be patient with me

05/27/2017 12:16 AM

Topic :   Feedback :You Put the work, to be the best

Look someone is putting the work. Keep improving. Can't wait for Romeo. I know some may not like, but for a new guy. Good job. 

05/27/2017 12:10 AM

Re :   @Ozone

@DJH  Thank God. Your too boring. Why would we associate with someone like you anyways ?

05/27/2017 12:04 AM

Re :   @DJH

@LetsGetWilde Not at all. I am not on his side or his band of Heelish. Not my type of people. I had to do something about it. Hope he stops.

05/27/2017 12:03 AM

Topic :   You Put the work, to be the best.

What a young man like David Cooper dreams about ? Is it about money, about fame. Is it about being successful. To David it about passion, love to work hardest. If you couldn't put the work than the taste of the fruit of your labor would greatly be putrid or sour. You will not able to digest it. To David, it's all about. Putting all the work, to be the best. It was sunny morning; 6AM to be exact. David waking up in a hotel that he was staying in at. He yawned out, stretching his arms as he sits straight back up. Then removing the covers from over him. His upper torso was so revealing. The work out that he put was clearly been seen. So, he looked at the clock. Checking the time, then looking through the window. He opens the curtain to have the sun rays pass through. He looked down on the street. People are already leaving their house, some are heading for work. Some are coming back. It was all about the busy life in America. This British Native smiled as he looked away from the camera, turning the television in his hotel room on. Watching the news that was put up and displayed.

David : Manchester,a bomb, OH MY GOD. I should call my Uncle to check if he's okay. I don't want anything happened to him.

David looking for his cellphone which was tangled up under his pillow. So he picked it and gives it a ring but went on voice mail. This worried him, so he sent another call and once again it went on voice mail. So he sent a voice mail of his own. Then hanging his phone up. He walked up to his luggage. Unzipping the bags, pulling his shirt and jeans out. Then walk inside the bathroom. He hangs his shirt and jeans over. Then walked up to the sink. On his left there was tooth brush and toothpaste holder. So he puts the paste on his brush. Cleaning his mouth, and then taking a bit of mouth wash as well, to clear of all the germs that could cause the stink. Which he hates so personally. Minutes later, Stripping his clothes down, completely naked. He walks inside the showers. Turning the warm water on. Started singing a song.

David : I was scanning through the skies.

Washing his hair and face. Putting the body soap on himself. As he cleans himself out whilst still singing in a very soothing voice tone. If he wasn't wrestler. He could end up being a singer. But he had no passion for singing. He is pretty much a bathroom singer at best.

David : And missed the static in your eyes.

Still rubbing all the soap over and his entre front and upper body. Even most of the soap was now covering his eyes. He felt the itch, so he arches his face up. Letting the water clearing it out. Making him easy to open his eyes out. But he continues to sing further.

David : Something blocking your reception.

He continues to wash himself further. But after all cleaned up. He wraps himself around the towel. Grabs his jeans but realized he didn't had any undergarment on. He face palmed himself. So he walked out of the bathroom and walk up to his luggage. Picked his briefs up and put it on. Then he walks and put his jeans up. After few seconds before he put his shirt on, he sprayed around his body. So he could smell all nice. After that he puts the shirt on to himself. Fixing it, in a better shape. As he looked at the mirror when he walked back in the bathroom. Grabbing a comb at the same time.

David : I need to look presentable. Hope it doesn't rain outside. Should go and have some breakfast to myself. I am also starving.

Getting himself all shaped up and ready. He walked out of the bathroom. Grabbing his phone with a text from his Uncle, "We are okay. How is USA? When will we get to see you wrestle". He texted back, "Glad to hear. Soon you will see me wrestle. I hope" He smiled knowing his relatives are well and good. So he put the phone in his front pocket of his jeans. Picking up his wallet and placing it inside on his back pocket. He then picks his hotel keycard. Put it inside his wallet along side his  debit and credit cards. Then sliding it in his back pocket as he walked out of his hotel room. Locking it as he begins to leave the place. Headed straight to a restaurant to have some breakfast. Would he be joined by someone on his way there. Don't know.

To Be Continual By Anyone, but no attacks please.

05/27/2017 12:01 AM

Topic :   The Bitch Is Back (Terra Nova's Clash rp thread)


Roleplay Title

The Bitch Is Back



Relationship Status

Married to Ace


been awhile so bare with me

Warning: This roleplay may contain things not suitable for everyone. There may be some violence, there may be some foul language, hell there may even be some sexual content. So all you single-minded people out there...TURN BACK NOW!!! You've been warned...

The camera come into focus showing Terra, Ace, and Christian sitting at the house. they seem to be talking about Terra's upcoming match. 

Ace: So hun who is this woman your facing at the PPV. 

Terra: Fuck if i know this woman hasn't said a word. But hey what can i do about it. 

Christian laughs before looking at Terra and speaking.

Christian: So the Queen Bitch is back huh?

Terra: Damn right bro. This bitch with take out the trash come Clash With The Champion. No idea who the hell this woman is but she will end up like the rest of the woman in this tournament. No one is going to get in my way of bring home the gold to the House. Not like you boys are doing anything to bring gold to the House.

Ace: Well thats because the management didnt put us on the card. but that doesnt mean we will not appear. 

Ace and christian laugh at one another as Terra gets up and walks out onto the belcony to finish her promo.

Terra: So listen up you peice of trash. I'm no here to make friends and have a bunch of BFFs and have a slumber party like most of these fake ass bitches. Pretending to be nice to you just to stab you in the back. im going to put u down like the dog you are.

Camera fades to black as she walks back into the house.

Disclaimer: This layout is made by Second City Designs for the use of Chris as Terra Nova caught claiming this as your own, will be hunted down faster then a pack of meat at a grocery store on fourth of July.

05/26/2017 11:59 PM

Re :   @LetsGetWilde


@DJH Wait...hold up! You actually were able to find...and confront him?!  But...you're not on his side...right?

REPLY ≡ DELETE ♥ FAVORITE                                                                                              LAYOUT AND GRAPHIC BY HAVOC

05/26/2017 11:55 PM

Re :   @JAB

@RebelBlake Hey cuz ! I have another promo idea. You want to try.

05/26/2017 11:52 PM

Re :   @DJH

@BringingPayne Keep running that mouth. Slander me, but my reputation is still intact.

05/26/2017 11:32 PM

Re :   Pretty Prince Romeo

No problem glad you like them. I need to work on Nymo stuff, so will get his done first. Then I will work on yours.I promise.

05/26/2017 11:30 PM

Re :   Pretty Prince Romeo

Yes the new pretty abs in town. Start worshipping this handsome hunk..  Thank You again Sal

05/26/2017 11:23 PM

Re :   David Cooper Storage.

Nice Job Sal ! Get me their twitters too, whenever you can.

05/26/2017 11:20 PM

Re :   @DJH

@LetsGetWilde Unlike @BringingPayne I confronted Slash. Face to face at cafe. He was stalking someone, and had to make sure he stops. So you still think me I am less of a gentleman.

05/26/2017 11:18 PM

Re :   @LetsGetWilde


@BringingPayne Well...he did seems like one. I really thought he was a gentleman...honest!

REPLY ≡ DELETE ♥ FAVORITE                                                                                              LAYOUT AND GRAPHIC BY HAVOC

05/26/2017 11:11 PM


05/26/2017 11:11 PM

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