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Title: Rules
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(Date Posted:04/09/2017 3:05 AM)
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1. First and Foremost before you join. It is important you should know this place is storyline Oriented federation with CREATED CHARACTERS only.
2. Once you decided to join - you should have your stats up soon as possible. I do not like filler or non active accounts sitting on the board. So be active.
3. Rebirth Live ! is our bi-weekly televised show. You have to hype your Storylines via ROLEPLAYS. PPV events will happen eventually and same goes for the PPV too. The more active you are in the Fed, the more chances you get pushed further in feud/storyline/Win.
4. You can have up to many characters as you want.
5. There is one face limit rule - also I do not support frequent face changes. If you want to change a face then ask me first. Also, it's quite known that there can be exception to certain face character. Example Masked Kane and Unmasked Kane. So yeah then I will allow two different Kane from two different era if that makes any sense.However only version per person can be used.
6. Match outcomes are already predetermined by myself. But if I feel like, I want to change the outcome during the time I start working on results, then I could do that. Though it depends on your character activity. Make sure you PROMOTE all your character. 
7. Sexual content is allowed in roleplays - up to certain extent. 
8. Attack Roleplay like attacking a certain character physically ! Ask the Handler of that certain character first.
9. Racial slurs are prohibited. We do not allow any kind of racial behavior or post. Will discredit you and most probably banned you. We are here to respect everyone.
10. The most important factor is to have fun.

P.s Oh when it comes to stats use the DEFAULT stat form that I HAVE set on this link 


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