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Title: Rebirth #1
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Status: UWR is Reborned with a rebirth
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(Date Posted:04/11/2017 10:02 PM)
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▌Card Date : 4/24/2017 ▌
▌ General Managers : Hammad Haider & Vince Chaos ▌

↨ Opening Match ↨
Billy Reigns Vs The Rival ™
Single match
Match Preview
The Rival™ and Billy Reign will compete in the opening contest of the very first episode of our show. It's obvious these two men would steal the show. Also both men would have the honor to be the first two wrestler to wrestle the very first match for Rebirth in UWR Rebirth's history ever.

 Match Two↨
Maya Vs Salman Van Dam Vs Jason Rollins Vs Fred Finn
Fatal Four Way UWR Reload 220 Championship
Match Preview
 Tyler Morrison decided it's best to book all these four in a Reload 220 Championship match. Who ever wins ? Man or Woman will become the first Reload 220 Champion.

$ Main Event Match $
Entire Roster
Battle Royal for UWR Rebirth Championship
Match Preview Everyone is allowed to take part in this upcoming battle royal match. Who ever wins, would walk out as the first ever Rebirth Champion. So who would it be ? Would be the boss man Tyler Morrison himself. Would be Hot, sexy and sweet Hope Sweet. Will it be the Japanese Warrior Maya, or would it be someone like Tyler Ambrose. Who and anyone can be the First Rebirth Champion.


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Status: UWR is Reborned with a rebirth
From: USA

RE:Rebirth #1
(Date Posted:04/23/2017 11:00 PM)

Rebirth Live ! is on air for the first time ever since the company's inception and we are joined from OAK GROVE, KENTUCKY's sports stadium. It's not too big, not to fancy but it's home for the Rebirth. Because we all start somewhere. Now speaking about the first show. Let's welcome our commentators RJ Hawk, Melissa Morrison, and Shane Morrison. Who introduced everyone to Ultimate Wrestling Revolution for the first time to the audience.

RJ Hawk : Ladies and gentleman welcome to the first show of Rebirth Live ! I am joined by my esteem colleagues Melissa Morrison and Shane Morrison. We are live from Oak Grove, Kentucky. The fans in attendance are around from One thousand to Two Thousand and five hundred. Tonight we have not yet calculated how many people in the arena have attended. But let us begin the show.

Melissa : I am excited for the show R Jay ! We are going to be doing a lot of big things here. We have the Rebirth Championship battle royal match. That match is going to be crazy. Any one could walk out as the champion.

Shane : That's right sis, anyone and let is not forget about the FATAL FOUR WAY match for the Reload two hundred and twenty. That match is going to be slobber knocker

Just then a " POLICE SIREN " heavenly heard. The crowd that are still entering in to the building and those who already made it are looking at the entrance ramp. Waiting for whoever is coming out. It was Frank Killjoy. He walks out on the ramp and then sit beside the commentators.

RJ Hawk : It seems like we'd be having a guest with us. Please welcome Frank.

Frank : I am not here for any of you clowns. I am here to watch the first and opening match. Between Billy Reigns and The Rival™. I am just here to look out for those who are prone to get hurt by that asshole Rival. I am not going to let him bully any one.  You see, I am man of integrity and I don't like someone like The Rival™ attacking people backstage like that.

Just as Frank was talking about The Rival™ twisting the whole story that actually took backstage prior to the show. The Rival™ makes his way out the ring as his theme music plays and the fans begins to cheer. He comes out on the ramp and he looked to the side where Frank was sitting doing guest commentating. The stared at each other before The Rival™ walks down the ramp and makes his way to the ring.

Next one to come out was Billy Reigns who is obviously isn't a good mood since Matt Anoi's passing. He walked down the ring and get inside the squared circle. Mark T Bullock was standing inside the ring as he introducing both of them.

Mark T Bullock : Ladies and Gentleman, this match is for one fall. Introducing on my left is The Rival™. The person that is just entered the ring. Please welcome Billlllllly Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeigns.

Reign jerked his shoulders as he was getting ready for the fight. So was Rival™. As the bell rang the two men go at it.

Frank : I don't understand what is so great about Rival™. In my opinion I can wrestle way better than this jerk.

Melissa : Well at least he's good looking.

Frank : Pfft.. you should look at my girl Audrey. She is way hotter than this ugly man of juiced muscle.

RJ Hawk : You know say what you want ? But these two are going at it. With that exchange of punches from both of them. They are continuing to give the best match of their life.

Shane : Well they should give the fans a best match. They are the first superstar to wrestle in the UWR Rebirth ring.

Billy is making a great work out on The Rival™ so far. But the match was definitely going back and forth between the two. The Rival™ trying his best to take control of this match. Everyone's wondering how will this match go. Reigns hits with few clotheslines after another. Seventh or eight time he tried to connect The Rival™ hit with his modified version of Spear and then goes into the corner. Throwing some theatrics and await for Billy to get up. Once he gets back up The Rival™ comes running. He jumps in the air and hits Rivalry Escalation. A modified superman punch. Knocking Reigns down to the mat. The Rival™ then immediately goes for the pin.


Mark T Bullock : Ladies and gentleman, here is your winner . The Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.

RJ  Hawk : Wait where is Foe going ?

 The Rival™ had his hand raised as he walked out as the victor but before he could celebrate. He ends up taking " Silence I keel You " From Frank Killjoy. Killjoy stood tall as he looks down at The Rival™ with crowd booing at The Foe. 

Melissa : Well I guess that answered your question R Jay. He wanted to send a message to The Rival™. They mean business. 

We then cut to the back with Tyler Morrison standing with female members of UWR roster. One standing beside his left in a line and the others were standing on the right side. In the left we had Amy, Madi, Taylor, Abby and on the right we had Maya, Scarlet De Luca, Audrey Night and Foxy Roxy.

Tyler Morrison : Ladies and Gents ! It is I your owner, your boss, your host. Call me what you want ? Now if many of you missed my announcement on the UWR's website. I am going to inform and remind everyone else that these ravishing women right here. All of them ! Starting in two weeks will compete in the Ravishing Lady Luck Tournament. The winner of that tournament will be awarded as our first Ravishing ladies Champion ! I can promise you it's going to be Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavishing.
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Status: UWR is Reborned with a rebirth
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RE:Rebirth #1
(Date Posted:04/24/2017 2:39 AM)

We are back from a commercial. The scene opens backstage, where we see the from the office Vince Chaos ; Amy emerges smilingly. She came out of the office. Had a smirk on her face, but on the back of her top it said " First Lady ".

ooc : sorry couldn't find any backstage picture of her. Pretend she is coming out of the office. 

Then walking away quietly as the scene goes back into the ring. Where we now go back to the ring as Mart T Bullock stands in the ring.

Mark T Buffalo : This next match is a fatal four way elimination match. It's for the Reload Two hundred and twenty championship. Introducing first....

" Kick ass " , by Egypt Central begins to play as Mark looked confused so was the rest of the commentators when fans saw Toxxin coming out to a great group of cheers but he came out on his fancy scooter. He parked it right on the ramp. He then gets off as he walked down to the commentary table.

 Melissa : Damn that's one hell of a scooter. I like it.

Shane : Come on sis just shut up. I am not sure why he's even out here.

RJ Hawk : Mister Toxxin what made you come out here ? I didn't know you signed a contract with Ultimate Wrestling Revolution.

Toxxin grabbing headset as he sat next to RJ Hawk. Earlier in the opening match we had Frank Killjoy, now we are having another guest commentator, in the shape and form of Toxxin. This is great.

RJ Hawk : I hope you are intent is not to attack who ever wins this title match. 

Toxxin : No, I do not intent to. I should, I could but no. I am here to watch this crazy division that is about to take off. I am here to watch the action, because in two weeks from now I will be inside the ring against maybe one of the individual that are dead set on winning this title.

Melissa : Attack or no attack, who do you wish to see win that title ?

Toxxin : Well I am hoping to see Fred Finn. But it doesn't matter. We all would find out who would win this title tonight.

Shane : While we are talking about championship. Are you going to be competing in tonight's battle royal match for the REBIRTH Championship.

Toxxin : I am still contemplating on it. Will find out eventually.

"War Machine " By Kiss hits and comes out our first entrant.

Mark T Bullock : Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome first. He is from London, England United Kingdom. Weighing in at 189 pounds. He is the war machine Freeeeed Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

Fred Finn smiled all his way to the ring. Then, he gets inside the ring await for his next opponent and comes out next was Jason Rollins as his music " Monster " By Skillet hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He heads inside the squared circle, taking his shirt off. Revealing his chest and all. Glaring straight at Fred as he paused for few seconds.

Mark T Bullock : Ladies and gentleman in the ring. This is Jasooooooon Rollins.

Image result for wwe mustafa ali

Crowd gave a very positive reaction as they were cheering for him. The next one is SVD as his music hits with crowd erupt with excitement as " Shell Shock " By Gym Class heroes plays and he was spotted in his leather jacket. He takes it off and throws on the stage as the camera focus on Rollins who wants to make sure he takes all of them out.

Toxxin : You know I think he has a chance. Isn't he the second of three talent from foreign country who now has a permanent residence in the United States.

RJ Hawk : That he is. Why you ask ? 

Toxxin : If I remember correctly he called himself a Hardcore Icon too.

RJ Hawk : Yes, sounds like you know someone else who claims to be with same emblem.

Toxxin : Not just anybody. Someone who is a good friend.  Who also knows SVD personally ? That's all I can say.

SVD then gets inside the ring, now everybody was waiting for Maya to come out. As her music hits, she came out wearing a mask and robe, but half way through the ramp she gets attacked, by Madi Jackson, Taylor Shaw and Amy Jackson. The trio worked on her.

Melissa : Why on earth are they attacking her ?

Shane : I think they are trying to send a message to those participating in the tournament in two weeks. 

Toxxin : Triple Super chick or kick at the same time to her face. They broke her mask in half. Shit, dude, I think Maya is beaten up poor girl. 

The crowd was booing heavily but the trio aren't done hurting. Her Amy grabs her up put her balancing on her knee as Madi dropped her knee to Maya 's head, obviously breaking her neck as she had her back already bending over by Amy's knee too. This was one of the hideous assault to ever happened in the wrestling history on their first night.  SVD, Jason, and Fred didn't like it. They finally got out of the ring and sprinted up the ramp. But they were late, damage was already done to them. Medical team came in, they put Maya on the stretcher as the carried her away. The crowd was chanting for Maya despite her unable to fight back. The other match official came outside too, to request Amy and her crew to go backstage. They did and then Mark T Bullock met by one of the medical teams who whispered in his ears, obviously giving us the status on Maya and this title match.

Mark T Bullock : Ladies and gentleman because of the hideous attack that just occurred. Maya will not be competing for the rest of the night. So this match is now for one fall finish and it's going to be triple threat match for the Reload 220 Championship.

The crowd booed heavily to hear Maya to not take part in it. Everyone in UWR was waiting for her to fight. But now those three men will settle this match between themselves. SVD, Rollins and Fred said few words before getting inside the ring. The bell rings and the match starts.

Toxxin : It's all about the championship. I can't wait who comes out on top.

Shane : I noticed Jason and Fred working together. Trying to take out SVD first, smart strategy by these guys. 

Toxxin : I would have done the same, Shane. 

Shane : I am sure your itching to get inside the ring.

Toxxin : Of course, but right now I am just going to spectate everything. Holy cow ! Did you saw that drop kick to Fred Finn's face. SVD just send over to the ringside that is crazy.

Fred for time being recuperate outside the ring. Whilst SVD and Rollins go at it with each other. Rollins set SVD for a powerslam. Then he goes into the top rope and connects with a diving elbow drop. He then goes into the ropes, comes back with a lionassault but SVD raised his knee up in time to counter. Jason holding on to his ribs and waist as he meets up with SVD's  Icon Kick. Rollins goes down to the mat. SVD goes for the cover.


RJ Hawk : No Fred just break the pin attempt in time. Saving it for himself. Fred and SVD are now exchanging few punches to his head. 

Melissa : Now he send SVD into the corner for the running drop kick to his head. SVD is now down to the mat and Fred is now climbing to the top rope.

Shane : He connects with the The Stab.

Toxxin : Nice one, but looks like Jason was able to come back just in time. He super kicks Fred to the floor and quickly hooks SVD's leg for the pin.


Mark T Bullock : Ladies and gentleman, your first Reload 220 Champion Jasssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooon Rollins.

Jason celebrates inside the ring, as he wins the title like he said he would. Now he is going to give the belt back to the referee as he is going to take part in the battle royal for the rebirth championship as we now take another commercial break.
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Status: UWR is Reborned with a rebirth
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RE:Rebirth #1
(Date Posted:04/24/2017 4:04 AM)

We are back from commercial. Tyler Morrison has joined SVD, Fred, and Jason in the ring. He is going to be competing in the title battle royal match. Toxxin was no longer in the commentary. He is probably went backstage. We also see the title set up on the mini round table beside the ring. It was the Rebirth's title. All four of them were staring at it. Minutes later " Work B*tch " by Britney hits and Amy comes out. She walks down the ramp and stops, looking at the belt. Giving it a flying kiss then gets inside the ring. The crowd was booing at her, after what she did earlier. 

RJ Hawk : I hope someone should toss her out in the start. Because for screwing Maya's chances. She could be standing in the ring with the championship, but we have to settle for Rollins.

Shane : Shut up, your jealous. Though she is HOT ! She could be our first Rebirth Champion.

Melissa : Brother you forgot. Whoever wins tonight, our own brother has sealed their fate with some kind of punishment. 

Shane : I completely forgot.

Melissa : Yeah and I am sure, that would be ugly punishment for our champion.

Next one to enter was Steven Fox. He finally walks down the ramp and head his way inside the squared circle. But even the judge stops and looks at the championship. He caress his hand on the centerpiece of the title, then walking inside the squared circle.

RJ Hawk : Some calling him a rip off. But I don't think so, he is totally original.

Next person to walk out was Taylor Shaw, that means Amy will not be fighting alone. Following her would be none other than Madi, so their entire team is now in the battle royal match.

RJ Hawk : All three of them are going to jock up for that title. I hope they get what is coming for them.

Taylor and Madi stood beside Amy as they stared at every other participant in the match. But then Taylor Shaw surprisingly finds out Shawn Harris is next.  He either could work along them or not, that is up to them, but Shawn is in the match. After Shawn, Blake Underwood joined the fray.

Then we see Frank Killjoy coming in, followed by Billy Reigns. So that means Fearless Three/Fearsome Three isn't the only team in this match. The Rival™ then comes out next.

And then finally Tyler Ambrose with a huge reaction from the crowd. Steven Fox looks angrily at Ambrose who ran down the ramp and gets inside the ring. The bell sounded and all of them go in a chaotic frenzy.

Related image

Melissa : There they go ! We are on to find out who would be our First Rebirth Champion. We already have two have factions inside the ring in this match. The brother hood of Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose fighting against each other.

Shane : That is right my dear baby sister. They all are, and there goes our first elimination. Our own brother is out by Ambrose.

Tyler Morrison ELIMINATED Via Tyler Ambrose

RJ : Well there are tons of people that could participate in this match. Like Abby, Scarlet. Foxy.

Melissa : Because they are smart girls. They wish to win in their respective debut matches not lose. 

Shane : I don't think so.

Ambrose then eliminated Frank Killjoy, this means he eliminated two people now.



This match is for the championship and already we saw three of our talents eliminated. Those three girls are working on Blake Underwood in the corner. They trying to work together in this match. Blake then fights back against all three. He punches his way out of the corner and tosses Taylor Shaw into the corner for the Running Blake, but interrupted by Shawn Harris as he hits Blake with a swinging neckbreaker, saving Taylor Shaw in the process. 

SVD was going at it with Tyler Ambrose and Jason Rollins. Where as Steven Fox was taking a beating from The Rival™

Scene cuts backstage and we see Hope Sweet watching the match. Rooting for SVD.

Tyler and Jason had SVD on the ropes, trying to eliminate but SVD punches Ambrose away. But Rollins was coming straight at him, SVD quickly dodge and shoulder toss him over the ropes to the outside.

Jason Rollins is ELIMINATED !!! VIA SVD.

RJ Hawk : Looks like Rollins will have to settle with Reload 220 Championship.

The Rival™ ELIMINATED Via Am Jackson

Melissa : Amy has her first elimination of the match. I think she has the chance to win the title here.

FRED FINN Eliminated VIA Taylor Shaw

Shane : Well now one of Amy team mate scores an elimination too. 

MADI Jackson Eliminated VIA Steven Fox.

RJ Hawk : Just as we thought that they had it in the bag. One of their team mate is out. Thanks or no thanks to Judgmental Steven Fox.

Fox was looking at Madi, laughing at her whilst his back turned and from behind Ambrose tosses Fox out.

Steven Fox Eliminated Via Tyler Ambrose.

Shane : By the way let's not forget about Morgan who is suspended and can't partake in this match due to violating the terms.

RJ Hawk : Indeed Shane you are right. It seems like Fox is livid and Ambrose is mocking him, but OH WOW Ambrose is OUT !


Amy send a sarcastic good bye flying kiss to Tyler Ambrose who failed to win the championship tonight.. Amy got another elimination for herself. But it is confirm Ambrose is not going home with the championship, like he was parading. SVD on the other hand knocks Shawn Harris and Taylor Shaw with a double clothesline eliminating both of them from the match.

SHAWN HARRIS & TAYLOR SHAW Eliminated VIA SVD double clothesline.

RJ HAWK : We are down to three. Amy, SVD and Blake Underwood are the only one left.

SVD was standing in one corner, Amy on the far end opposite corner. Blake saw an opening so he hits SVD with the Running Blake ( Helluva Kick ), SVD staggers and falls down to the mat. But then he goes after Amy but Amy hits him with a boot to Blake's face, hurting his nose. She then grab Blake from the back and tosses him out. Leaving herself and SVD as the two finalist.

Blake Underwood Eliminated VIA Amy Jackson

Amy then was measuring SVD to get his feet. The crowd was chanting heavily for Salman Van Dam to win the title. They were not taking Amy's side since she and her friend took out Maya earlier. SVD uses the ropes to get up his feet as he was reeling on the ropes. Amy quickly goes for the Jackson kick, SVD flips over the ropes, but hold on to the bottom rope. Amy comes running but SVD flips through the ropes and connects  a roll up neckbreaker. She lands hard on the mat. 

Shane : Man, these two know what they are doing ? Both are desperate to win that championship.

SVD 's trying to catch break as he crawls over to the corner and stares at the championship belt, then he looks back at Amy who was on her feet too. Glancing at the title and then yelling at SVD that she is taking the belt with her. SVD sarcastically speaks to her " Oh yeah, okay take it ". She said she will she begins to step back into the corner and SVD back into the other corner. Then both sprinted towards each other. They came to collision course as they reach closer. Amy tried to spear but SVD flips over her and dodges. Amy turned around to get a kick into the mid-section. 

Shane : SVD's going for Icon Bomb.

Melissa : He hits his version of GTS but Amy is staggering on her feet still. Some how manage to stay on her two feet.

SVD tries to hit her with a super kick, but she dodges and hits SVD with Jacksonkick. SVD loses his weigh as he reels on to the ropes. Amy comes running with a strong lariat and turned immediately away as she thought she eliminated SVD but SVD once again managed to held on to the ropes. He quickly spring forward with a spring board drop kick to the back of her head. She lands down to the mat. Then SVD Grabs Amy up and tries to toss her out of the ring. SVD thought he eliminated her and begin to celebrate. But then turned around to see Amy flip from the ropes and hits SVD with a springboard forearm splash. SVD goes down to the mat.

RJ Hawk : They both know why this match is so important. One of them is walking out as the FIRST REBIRTH Champion. I don't know whatever is going on here but I am loving the action so far. The two are keeping it quite back and forth.

SVD and Amy have another stare down, but then from the back comes out Taylor Shaw and Madi Jackson. SVD looked distracted as he looked at the entrance. Amy was about to run at SVD and toss him out of the ring. But from the crowd Foxy Roxy and Scarlet De Luca came out of the crowd. Attacking Amy from behind, then sending a message of their own. Taylor and Madi comes sprinting down to the ramp but Foxy and Scarlet rolled out of the ring quickly to stop Taylor and Madi, with all four ladies fighting outside. Amy got up to her feet.

She connects SVD with another JacksonKICK.  Knocking him down to the Mat. She then picks SVD up. Hoping she would toss him out. But SVD managed to Shove her to the ropes and then SVD comes sprinting at Amy with a huge clothesline of his own. Knocking her over the rope and finally eliminating her from the match.

Taylor and Madi were upset as they were stopped by Scarlet and Foxy. Obviously Scarlet and Foxy are just there to make an impact of their own. But  with SVD finally eliminating Amy. Winning the title for himself.

The fire work hits, with confetti falling from the rafters. At ringside Amy was livid that she lost, but SVD is now going to be celebrating like a champion. The referee that were outside grab the title and extended their hand to reach out towards SVD. Handing him the championship. He hoist the title as he reel against the rope celebrating his win.

Mark T Bullock : Ladies and gentleman your first REBIRTH CHAMPION Sallmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmman Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam !

Related image

Every commentator stood up, so did the crowd. Where as Taylor, Madi and Amy walked backstage together. Whilst Foxy and Scarlet clapping. Crowd was chanting " THANK YOU FOXY- LUCA "

SVD : So you girls are HOPE 's pupil. Well I am impressed. Good luck with the title tournament. I am rooting for you two. Hope one of you would win.

He was talking to them without the microphone as he continued with the celebration but that cuts short, as light dims out. The loudspeaker then hits with a cryptic voice through the p.a " THE PUNISHER IS HERE !!! "

Image result for aj styles royal rumble 2016

Smoke begins to engulf, as " Hail to the king " hits, SVD looked at the ramp with a confused look. Is this a punishment that Tyler Morrison was teasing. From the smokes come out a superstar wearing a hoodie, covering his face. But then even SVD's face comes to clear shock on who makes his way out to the ramp as the smoke clears. The man that just removes his hoodie was none other than CJ TYLER ! He finally made his UWR debut. So does that mean He is headed to face SVD. Two wrestler that are well known to the hardcore world.

SVD looks on from the ring with the belt, where as CJ stood on the ramp, moving his hands around his waist. Signaling that he's coming for the belt. He then shouts, " I am not alone ", as he turned around, on the back of his hoodie it said " SUICIDE SYNDICATE Is UWR ". Confirming one of the rumors that Suicide Syndicate has signed a deal, this means CJ will join Toxxin and obviously their third member The killer Greyson.

The show comes to a close with a staredown by both men, and SVD finally raising his arm with the belt up in the air, shouting back " Come and try take this ".
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