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Title: The Rules
Twinbrook   Rules
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Status: Meghan Jericho Owens/Frost/Harley
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(Date Posted:06/03/2018 14:01 PM)
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 YTwinbrook RulesY
Yes Here are the rules you must follow or face the deadly consequences
1: There is  no face limit But if Management feels a face is being overused we will lock it and same goes for last names over use it and we will lock it
2: There is also no Character limit so play as many as you want
3: Please Make Sure you fill out the stats forms completely
 4: Feel free to use the higher Cops Such as FBI and Such You don't have to though but hey this is My Fed so they are there
5: Insect is allowed and will be here so just a warning guys :)
6: Supernatural is allowed as well such as Vampires Werewolves Witch's Slayers  etc. So please Deal with it :) Resurrection is also allowed and will be used so Deal with it
7: No Complaining about how people Roleplay or Spell no one is perfect :)
8: You can Feud with whoever you want and make them as interesting as you want and it may involve family however calling someone a slut and bitch is okay but once again don't overdue it and also no saying someone is a wannabe of a certain character this gets annoying and will not be allowed
9: Please use Graphics if Possible it makes it look better
10: Do not force Breakups in relationships
11: Cheating is allowed even if it is with more then one person
14: Try not to constantly  fight for custody of kids cuz of something dumb every now and then is fine but try not make a habit of it 
16: Most important Rule NO Breaking up couples unless all parties agree
20: Incest is allowed and will be used

17: NO Forcing anyone's characters to stay in a marriage unless both all parties agree to it sorry but this can be annoying
18: No calling anyone whore or cunt on twitter cuz it is very hurtful and degrading to Woman
19: No Hacking into someone's twitter it is illegal and second if your account is blocked from another or is a direct message then you can not see their tweets so please don't reply to them
20: Have fun
21: Treat everyone equal and have characters with others not just one person and same goes for Supernatural stuff 

Thanks TwinBrook Mangment
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All I am saying is I said I would help you with the fed but sicne you want to run it yourself your on your own with the results unless you want my help it is your choice cuz I really don't mind helping you

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