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Title: This Is Bullshit Jeter
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Status: Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you family.
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(Date Posted:09/02/2017 23:16 PM)
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Relationship Status:





Father to Juana Lopez

Thought I would get this up

Jeter Lopez

(c.) R-A at D&D.

Diego finally has his life back on track with the help of his older brother Jeter and now he has been hit with a hard case and that is that his ex and mother of his daughter is trying to get full time custody of their daughter taking away Diego's rights.

Diego sits in the office going through the papers that the lawyers dropped off and he picks up his drink bottle and throws it at the door just missing Jeter.

"Jeter Lopez": Diego, what the fuck?

"Diego Lopez": You know what fucking bitch I was with, Juana's mother?. This morning I got a knock at the garage before we opened up and it was a lawyer. She had sent him with papers and when I opened up the fucking bitch wants to take full time custody from me because I was in lock up.

Diego stands up pacing the office mumbling things to himself and turns to his brother and for the first time in his life there was fear in his eyes and also anger.

"Diego Lopez": I can't lose my daughter bro, All I ever thought about in prison and all that kept me going was Juana and if I loose her I will fucking his kill that bitch.

Diego looks at his brother.



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