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Re :   @TheQueenBitch

Kaytlin Black-Reigns
Wife and True Love of Roman Reigns also the girlfriend and true love of Samoa Joe will break necks when pissed

Blocked Users

@Rain @ZombiePrincess @Dinemite @GoddessCJacobs

@ThePowerhouse {DM} I love you papi but calm down

@TheDestroyer {DM} How do you feel about spending the week with me and Roman :)

@TaminaSnuka {DM} Yea I know girl

@GlowQueen {DM} Yea I know just take it easy girl 

Disclaimer: This twitter layout was made for the use of Meghan as Katylin Black-Reigns

02/19/2018 11:41 AM

Re :   @GoldenGoddess

Image result for mandy rose gifs@GoldenGoddess....Elsa Hart
Yea she there we go Oh she is going to get a title handed to her really #Losers

02/19/2018 11:39 AM

Re :   @GlowQueen


Twitter Information

Trinity Fatu


Member Of The famous Anoa'i family by marriage mother of Kim Jim Kyle and Austin Fatu Stepmother of two Wife Of Jimmy Uso The Glow Queen Member Of Team Bad

Relationship Status

Married To Jimmy Uso

Blocked Users


Feel The Glow Official Naomi Twitter

@TheQueenBitch {DM} God what a loser

@TaminaSnuka {DM} I know I am okay I really am

@Duece You don't even know my mother and besides she loves my father to death she would never touch you

@JimmyUso {DM} Papi I am about to snap someone's head off

Disclamer: This layout was made for the us of Meghan as Naomi

02/19/2018 11:38 AM

Re :   @TaminaSnuka

Tamina Snuka


Part Of the Famous Anoa'i Family Daughter to Jimmy Snuka sister to Deuce {But Hates Him Now} Best friends with Naomi and Cameron Uso also Best friends with Kaytlin Reigns Member of Team Bad #Unity


Blocked Users


Offiical Tamina Snuka Twitter

@Duece She was a goddamn virgin when she slept with your lame ass

@TheQueenBitch {DM} My brother is such a loser

@GlowQueen {DM} Don't let him get to you girl he is trying to get under your skin

Disclamer: This layout was made for the us of Meghan as Tamina

02/19/2018 11:36 AM


 paige  loks  but    knwng

 zak  you  sure

he  kinda  looks

02/19/2018 11:24 AM

Re :   @DEUCE

@tamina      snuka{d m]  good     dont  care  dotn  clame  me,  hayte  me  cute me out of y  neice s lives  fen do what your  thinking  you should and teah  sure  she  didnt

@theglowqueen_ it   could of been your  mother  to i dont remeberm

i knwo she told  him about  shyann caus e she told em she did and  she s nto leing me and he r wa s together   arouind th etime she go pregna  with shyann    she wa sallr eay pregant   beof e  she go wiht my  lamed  as s causin

02/19/2018 11:18 AM


 candy  looks

candy no you  go to  fucking  hell

she  send s it

02/19/2018 11:02 AM

Re :   @IanKnight


@IANKNIGHT{DM}  i  dotn  what  do i suposly   wont

02/19/2018 10:59 AM

Re :   Packing Up her Office

Image result for francia raisa


♥◦The Cast/Mentionables◦♥

Dean Ambrose


Alot on both


Here you go sis 

Emily looks at him and speaks
 Emily Park: What no I don't want to get married like that not to mention my father will not allow that 
She looks at Dean as who telports into the room


02/19/2018 10:58 AM


 candy   looks  but   rools  her  eyes

  but  nto at keith

02/19/2018 10:58 AM

Re :   Meeting Up With His Sister

Warning: This role play may contain things not suitable for everyone. There may be some violence, there may be some foul language, hell there may even be some sexual content. So all you single-minded people out there...TURN BACK NOW!!! You've been warned...

Kaytlin Moans louder
Kaytlin Reigns: Uh fuck oh yesssss uh god uh yessss oh fuck yesssss Uh oh god uh Yessss oh TYlerrrrr

She does not stop him as he hits what hard trying to add his own what inside her

Disclaimer: This layout was made by Second City Designs for the use of Meghan as Kaitlyn Black. If you would like a layout then come request one from Strawberry Kisses Designs

02/19/2018 10:56 AM

Re :   Checking On Dean

Image result for francia raisa


♥◦The Cast/Mentionables◦♥

Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose


Alot on both


Here you go sis 

Emily and Alex look at each other and shake their heads then speak again
Emily Park: I will keep you safe baby
She goes after Dean
Alex Jones: So will I
Alex growls at him again and Dean is still behind Alex as Lighting comes down cuz Alex is pissed and Meghan talks to Seth Again
Meghan Owens: That's it fight it come on Sethie
She does not want to unlock her full powers but knows if she has to she will


02/19/2018 10:55 AM



Warning: This roleplay may contain sexually explicit content as well as language, violence and such things someone younger then age 16 probably won't or shouldn't be interested in. It's a little much, so don't read if you're only set out to complain about it.


Roleplay Title

Being Pushed to this point

Roleplay Inspiration

For a change of pace

Relationship Status

Married To Roman Reigns/Dating Samoa Joe


The Bar

Next Match

Not for awhile

In Character Comment

Jeez she is a broken record

Out Of Character

Hope you don't mind hun

To Be Continued by

Joe Roman and Candy

Kaytlin smiles at him and talks again

Kaytlin Reigns: Yea he is here and what Ty wondering how we can do that cuz you have not mastered that yet huh

She uses her full powers to block Seth's powers and Seth is not even close to Kate's level no matter what he does

She looks at the ring fast and speaks to Joe

Kaytlin Reigns: Joe papi calm him down before he does something stupid I am being held by Jon

Meghan goes after Seth and finds him then also speaks to him along with Chantell

Meghan McMahon: Oh wow does he always listen to her

She was defending Candy cuz she did hire her

Image result for sasha banks 2018 gifs

Real Name

Kaytlin Alicia Black Anoa'i 


Davenport Iowa

Relationship Status

Married To Roman Reigns/Dating Samoa Joe


Goodnight Bitch {Banks Statement}

Bitch Break {Backstabber}

Kate Bomb {Lita Bomb}

Katie Punch {Superman Punch Adopted from her husband}

Inner Thoughts

Dang they are so hot

Disclaimer: This layout is made by Second City Designs for the use of Meghan as Meghan Jericho. If you are caught claiming this as your own, your fingers will be cut off and fed to the dogs. The designer and the person using this layout is not sponsoring any real life people and events. It's a mere coincidence.


02/19/2018 10:54 AM


02/19/2018 10:52 AM

Topic :   Ashlee Banner

Related image

Name: Ashlee Banner
Picbase: Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana
Theme Song: N/A
Relationship Status: Dating Ray Jones
Previous Relationships: Dylan Paris
Staff Position: RCW Security/Detective 
Twitter: @AshBanner

02/19/2018 10:52 AM

Topic :   Darnell Burke

Image result for queen latifah

Name: Darnell Gina Burke
Picbase: Queen Latiafah
Theme Song: N/A
Relationship Status: Married To Tyler Burke
Previous Relationships: None
Staff Position: RCW Security/Evil Detective
Twitter: @DarnellBurke

02/19/2018 10:50 AM

Re :   @LisaKnight

Image result for WWE Ivory Gifs@LisaKnight.....Lisa Knight
@IanKnight {DM} How come you never told me

02/19/2018 10:41 AM


 Warning: This Layout May Contain Foul Language And Sexual Content If You Have An Issue Then Please Click On The Little X Button And Turn Away If You Are Good Then By All Means Read On But Remember You Have Been WARNED
 Roleplay Title N/A
 The Loved N/A
 The Loathed N/A
 Achievements  N/A
 The Queen N/A

Roman shakes his head, and goes off on him

Roman Reigns: no you wasn't going to bring back the greatest factions of all time cause Dean kicked me out of The Shield don't you get it. I joined The Bar, and if you was smart you would have talked to him and he would say that he wasn't going to let me back in. He would have seen that as a betrayal, then he would divorce Seth and Ambrollins would be no more that is what would have happened. your to busy kissing Candy's ass, and your surely not a doctor or a therapist to know if Dean is actually cleared which he isn't, so that match is a complete waste of time as you don't care if Dean gets put back on the shelf that is what will happen oh you have feelings for little miss thing over there let me tell you something she already cheated on your ass by sleeping with Dean and me, so really you want someone that does that then your dumb. now your going to force Dean to compete when he is still injured what kind of co owner are you that would force an injured man into a match huh against his own husband as I think you want them to get divorced and their tag team to be torn apart.

He waits, and Seth runs back out there. He attacks Roman, and hits the Curb Stomp on him as the fans go wild as he holds up his championship as he don't look at Keith at all as he is pissed off which isn't good
 Disclaimer: This Banner And Layout Was Made By Me For Tammy As Seth Rollins if You Want One Then Come And Request One Fro Me At SKD Or AAD Do Not Steal This One Thanks

02/19/2018 07:45 AM


 Cars talks again

Cara: they can't get to me

She waits

02/19/2018 07:20 AM


02/19/2018 07:19 AM

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