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Title: Xander Harris
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(Date Posted:02/13/2018 10:02 AM)

Image result for nicholas brendon as vampire Xander
Name: Xander Harris
Picbase: Nicolas Brendon
Theme Song: N/A
Relationship Status: Dating Anya Jenkins
Previous Relationships: Faith {One Night stand}  Cordelia Chase
Alliance: None
Clients: N/A
Twitter: @XanderHarris

OOC: Bio Needed to explain his characther

Bio:  Xander Harris Is A good Friend To Buffy and Willow he is actually their best friend and is always there for them no matter what he will have their back even though he is only human but he is there when they need him he was engaged to Anya but did not marry her cuz he was to scared to but he is still kinda friends with her even though she is sorta dead he also does not like Angel Or Spike Much he is back with Anya again and he still loves her even though she annoys him sometimes and he hates the fact that Buffy is now a vampire but he is still her best friend He is now back with Anya as she has became visible again but she sometimes goes invisible just to annoy him He is now a vampire cuz Buffy got tired of him being weak which has fixed his eye and he has not mastered all his powers yet but he is a master vampire cuz he can change his face



All I am saying is I said I would help you with the fed but sicne you want to run it yourself your on your own with the results unless you want my help it is your choice cuz I really don't mind helping you

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