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Title: RCW Fall Out episode 2: Roman and Kaitlyn Reigns
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(Date Posted:02/12/2018 11:43 AM)

RCW Fall Out

Episode Two: Roman and Kaitlyn Reigns

||Harley Richards|| What is the problem that you have with RCW Management?

Roman Reigns: Candy happens to be my ex, so there is tension between the two of us. She keeps on trying to seduce me, so I have a huge problem with her over a lot of stuff.

|Andrew Ambrose| What is your thoughts on the problem that Roman and Candy Billiard have?

Kaitlyn Reigns: Nothing new there they have been going at it for years just cuz she is the Owner here won't change it

|Andrew Ambrose|
Do you think the shield will be able to get all the gold in RCW?

Roman Reigns: Yeah I really think that The Shield can get all the gold in RCW. They are a great group, and they won't stop until they do just that.

||Harley Richards||
Do you think Roman's family is trying to split you two apart?

Kaitlyn Reigns: {Laughs} Sorry but it would not be the first time they may have succeeded one or twice but Roman always comes back to me cuz that it how much he loves me at least his stepmom and father have come around also Tamina as well I don't care if Deuce hates me it does not bother me one bit

||Harley Richards||
how do you feel facing your cousin and best friend in the main event of the first RCW show.

Roman Reigns: I have no problem facing them, and I am sure the three of us will bring our all into this match. The winner will be the one that deserves it, and I wish them both good luck as I am feeling pretty good about facing them.

|Andrew Ambrose| how do you feel knowing your husband is facing his cousin and best friend in the main event of the first RCW show.

Kaitlyn Reigns: Well as for Seth I am not even sure how he feels about me right now cuz of Joe but as for Derek it all depends on how he feels about me cuz I don't know where I stand with all of his family members

||Harley Richards|| For Andrew and myself, this has been another edition of RCW Fall Out, next week I will interview the winner of the RCW women's championship.



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