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Title: Code of Conduct
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(Date Posted:02/08/2018 12:21 PM)

 YRevolution Championship Wrestling RulesY
Yes Here are the rules you must follow or face the deadly consequences
1: There is  no face limit But if Management feels a face is being overused we will lock it and same goes for last names over use it and we will lock it
2: There is also no Character limit so play as many as you want
3: Please Make Sure you fill out the stats forms completely
 4: Feel free to use the higher Cops Such as FBI and Such You don't have to though but hey this is My Fed so they are there
5: Insect is allowed and will be here so just a warning guys :)
6: Supernatural is allowed as well such as Vampires Werewolves Witch's Slayers  etc. So please Deal with it :) Resurrection is also allowed and will be used so Deal with it
7: No Complaining about how people Roleplay or Spell no one is perfect :)
8: You can Feud with whoever you want and make them as interesting as you want and it may involve family however calling someone a slut and bitch is okay but once again don't overdue it and also no saying someone is a wannabe of a certain character this gets annoying and will not be allowed
9: Please use Graphics if Possible it makes it look better
10: You have a 3 strike warning when it comes to matches if you fail to show once you will get a warning second time will be a suspension third will be Termination of contract
11: Do not force Breakups in relationships
12: Cheating is allowed even if it is with more then one person
13: If you need a deadline extended feel free to ask and I have no problem doing just that 
14: Try not to constantly  fight for custody of kids cuz of something dumb every now and then is fine but try not make a habit of it 
15: All Cops are considered Staff
16: Staff and Valets/Mangers can wrestle unless posted otherwise
19: Most important Rule NO Breaking up couples unless all parties agree
20: Incest is allowed and will be used

22: NO Forcing anyone's characters to stay in a marriage unless both all parties agree to it sorry but this can be annoying
23: No calling anyone whore or cunt on twitter cuz it is very hurtful and degrading to Woman
24: No Hacking into someone's twitter it is illegal and second if your account is blocked from another or is a direct message then you can not see their tweets so please don't reply to them
225: Have fun
26: Tweet are counted in judging roleplay because it shows activity for your character
27: Also  family  ain't   just   going to  keep  going   just  for  certain  peoples  side in the  same  family   all the time     so it shall  just  one  members fault  it's old

28-  incest  aint     going to  happen  all the  fucking  time    ti s not

Thanks Revolution Championship Wrestling  Management

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Re:Code of Conduct
(Date Posted:02/18/2018 20:36 PM)

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i do nto mind some in ces t but nto eevry fucg character you bring in and my harcers geitng fucked agan keeps up i will hand ove r own ship o one perosn and iw ill elave the fuckign group all together

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