Revolution Championship Wrestling
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Title: Simon on his way to debut in RCW
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(Date Posted:02/11/2018 22:30 PM)

It's Wednesday feb 6th back in Scottdales Arizona. Simon Lee Nash is finishing packing up his things. He is about to make his trip to the RCW arena to make his debut for the company. After a long contract process and getting a chance to meet with the ownership. Simon was ready to make his name in the company.. He has been getting a warm welcome messages from many within the federation. He feels more than ever that he made the right decision to join this federation. 

Simon: Well i am off 

Simon gets into a car and to go to the airport and head to the home of RCW

after a six hour flight he makes it to the city. 

He checks in to the hotel. 

Simon lee nash does some research about the wrestlers that he is most likely going to face once he starts wrestling in the ring. 

Simon: I have to say that i have been fighting all over the world and face off with some of the best men in wrestling. 

Simon: I have to admit i have never seen a more unbelievable list of talented wrestlers in my life. 

Simon: Yeah, I can't wait to talk to the people in the federation and get started. 

Simon: You got it. I will see you soon and thank you again for the chance boss.

Simon lays down and relaxs on the bed. He starts to watch some tv just then a knock on the door. 

Simon goes to the door and opens it. 

TBC by anyone. 

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RE:Simon on his way to debut in RCW
(Date Posted:02/12/2018 15:14 PM)

While Simon was in his locker room with Corina as Matt and Meghan James were standing at the door as Matt begins to speak.

||Matt Ward|| Hey bro it has been a while.

||Simon Lee Nash|| Holy shit, its Matt Ward, what are you doing here?

||Matt Ward|| I am your boss, I am the head of Talent, this sexy woman standing next to me is also the head of talent, and the one that took care of your contract. we will be getting you booked on the next fury.

Simon looks at Matt as he starts to speak


Whats Up Brother, Miss Jackie is Meghan lol


Simon Lee Nash, Meghan James, and myself


Dating Meghan James

:TBC By9

Simon Lee Nash


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Re:Simon on his way to debut in RCW
(Date Posted:02/13/2018 01:18 AM)

Simon: Excellent man. I am so happy to be here. 
Simon: I can't wait to get started and get back into the wrestling ring.

Simon: It's been a minute since i got back into the action and just go for it. 

Simon extends his hand

Simon: It's an honor to meet you too Meghan

TBC by either Matt or Meghan

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