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Posted on 05/11/2011 8:16 AM

"It's worth remembering that we are ALL taxpayers - we pay VAT on goods and services like everyone else!!"

Hard to forget!!..... and the Community Charge..and, heaven forbid, some of us even pay income tax!!!:-O

Posted on 03/11/2011 10:14 AM

"or god-forbid, the holy tax-payer"

Does this mean I am holy? :-)...or am I an unholy tax payer? :-(

Posted on 01/11/2011 1:41 PM

"Sorry Offworld - I have to disagree. British Sign Language (BSL) is one of the recognised languages of the UK, Albanian is not.  "

I don't think that is a good analogy

Scottish Gaelic is also a recognised language in the UK..do those of us who don't speak Gaelic disable the Gaelic speakers, or vice versa? ( From one who once lived for a short while amongst Gaelic speakers on the Isle of Lewis ) 

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