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(Date Posted:13/11/2011 3:24 PM)
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I thought I'd post this here as well as the new Ouch Too, 
On BBC 2 tonight I watched the program about how art therapy is helping ex-servicemen deal with their post traumatic stress disorder problems. Some of these servicemen saw action in the Falklands conflict and the stories they told of what they went through were really horrific. However just a short time later I was watching the special edition of the Antiques Road Show on BBC 1 where Prince Andrew gave a short interview with the programs presenter, to hear him chatting about his experiencing moments of humour and of his playing having just completed a rubix cube with another officer as the order came for everyone to get down as they were attacked by the Argentineans, I guess Prince Andrew didn't have any problems with post traumatic stress disorder following his experiences in the Falklands, I wonder why, not.
Actually as I watched the program about the art therapy helping those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder I found myself thinking all they need do is send these folk to Atos for an assessment and 'Hey Presto' they're cured, no more post traumatic stress disorder.

Seriously though I do wonder just how Atos assessors would assess such folk under their regime of testing.
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Re:Compare the two (also posted on Ouch too)
(Date Posted:14/11/2011 9:41 AM)

Prince Andrew was living onboard a ship.  His meals were cooked for him, his uniform was washed and pressed for him, and as he was  an officer, he had his own cabin. 

His war was totally different to the solidiers who had to yomp for miles in the cold, freezing weather, getting soaked through with rain; carrying a rifle, plus a huge, heavy rucksack containing ammunition, a spade for digging a trench, inadequate waterproofs and food rations.

Prince Andrew had a nice warm, comfortable bed to sleep in.  He did not have to sleep in  a cold trench, which had to be bailed out as it continually filled with cold water.

Prince Andrew did not have to kill anyone.  His helicopter was not a 'fighting' helicopter. 

The soldiers had to fight hand to hand for hour and hours to gain ground.  They were shot at by mortar bombs, were picked off by snipers using rifles, and had grenades thrown at them. 

No wonder Prince Andrew can laugh about his memories.
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Re:Compare the two (also posted on Ouch too)
(Date Posted:14/11/2011 9:57 AM)

I just felt he should have paused for thought before he spoke. I also would like to think that if his mother has watched these two programs, she would have Prince Andrew called to the Palace for a sharp word in his ear and to tell him to apologise to such as the artists seen in the BBC 2 program about those suffering post traumatic stress disorder.
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