Title: Research: Biometrics and disability - your thoughts?
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(Date Posted:10/06/2011 4:43 AM)
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Hi guys,
As part of a report for my university course, I'm looking at biometrics. The university I study at is open university. (ou)

I should start by explaining what I mean by biometrics - this is things like your fingerprints, iris recognition, etc.

I have to look at how reliable these types of things are. I will do this by asking a series of questions and from there, will write my report.

I have done some research on fingerprints and research shows that there are certain drugs that can show up on fingerprints. These drugs are marijuana, cocaine, morphine and methadone. For people who may use these drugs, how would you feel knowing that your boss may know via testing your fingerprints, that you use these drugs?

A study by royal national institute for blind showed that different groups of disabled people had problems with the various types of biometrics. I am looking at swipe cards, (this is what oyster card readers use) finger prints and finger veins. Finger vein readers take the reading of your finger vein - in the same way that a fingerprint reader would.

Has anyone had any experiences of these type of readers? What did you think? Did you have any problems using these? How would you feel if your boss kept this type of data about you?

Thank you
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RE:Research: Biometrics and disability - your thoughts?
(Date Posted:05/07/2011 5:26 PM)

hi Sofie

bear in mind such drug testing is likely to be VERY expensive, very few employers will even take fingerprints etc, let alone use them for this purpose

BTW - Oyster cards are proximity cards, not swipe cards (they only have to be held close to the reader, they don't have a magnetic strip to swipe through a strip reader)

regards, Deb
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Re:Research: Biometrics and disability - your thoughts?
(Date Posted:06/07/2011 3:15 PM)

 Thanks Debs. Did manage to do this - although it was quite hard. Now just have to wait for my results...
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