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(Date Posted:10/06/2011 9:56 AM)
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House Rules (adapted from BBC Ouch)

Members should not:

Use overtly flashy animations in the avatars on their aimoo profiles. If someone uses an animation and it causes visual problems for someone else they will be asked to make the animation static or change the avatar altogether. If a member uses the big yellow Aimoo smilie that blinks they will be asked to change their avatar and if they need help in working out how to change it we will help.

Make deliberate attempts to disrupt, provoke, attack or offend others.

Use language which is racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable. Swear words should be used sparingly, The F and the C word should not be used, but people can use ****, and also lesser swear words eg arse.

Break the law or condone or encourage unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court.

Advertise products or services for profit or gain.

Impersonate someone else, or have more than one membership on Ouch Too, with the exception of accounts such as the Ouch test account.

Include contact details such as phone numbers or postal addresses. Emails addresses using a members real name will be deleted.

Describe or encourage activities which could endanger the safety or well-being of others.

'Spam', that is posts containing the same. or similar, message posted multiple times.

Copy and paste posts without the author's permission.

Place links to this messageboard in inappropriate venues eg the Daily Mail website.

Behave in a way that puts either Ouch Too or it's members at risk.

Post using consecutive or random capitalisation because it adversely affects people using screen readers and can also make posts difficult to read. Abbreviations and acronyms can be posted using capital letters. I people wish to emphasis a point eg shout they can use the bold option in the advanced reply box.

Members should:

    Try to be helpful and caring to other members here.

    Try to keep the messages they post on topic.

    Try to remember to add a written description of any pictures, photographs, or videos they post.

    Try to be constructive in their approach to using the messageboard and chatroom.

    Make use of Ouch Too as a means of community living and progress.
    Have fun.

    Give yourself permission to be happy or sad, glad or mad.

    Say sorry when you know you are wrong and be gracious if someone apologises to you.

Both members and Non Members remember:

People posting message and joining in in the Chatroom can have strong opinions about their place in the world both on and offline. We will not always agree with each other and this should not be seen as a negative because debate is good and means we are not acting like drones. We are not (all) the sweet, innocent and fluffy disabled of the tabloid press, nor are we the workshy scroungers portrayed by the same tabloid press. We come here as individuals who happen to be sick, disabled or able bodied and we each respond to circumstances in our own way. When you make statements or you ask questions you will receive the response that individuals have to give and this means you may get a response you did not expect or even want and you need to accept and be prepared for this.

 Hossylass myrtlemaid and Kizzy Kazzer have taken on the task of being moderators. Moderators are here to help the community run smoothly, if people need help using the message board they will point them in the right direction, if members request that their posts be editted, moved or deleted they will help with that (Once I have showed them how the software works). If people break the rules moderators have tools include the ability to 'edit' a post eg replace a swear word with ****, delete posts and post the reason why, give members time outs, temporarily ban members or perminantly ban member.

Moderation will be be kept to a minimum and so that freedom is maximised.

I have disabled the option that lets signatures be automatically shown at the end of the message a person posts, however I am going to allow people to put a line of text in manually if they wish to. I ask anyone doing this to avoid putting black lines in and also to make any 'signature' smaller sized text than the rest of the message they have composed. This is done by way of the option of the toolbar on the main reply box.

If there are any questions in relation to the rules please just post to this thread or email them.

Sunshine Meadows.
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