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(Date Posted:09/06/2011 4:55 PM)
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Please read before posting anything which might be construed as research, including university dissertations, short surveys of the "I've been asked to talk to some disabled people by my college" types of early research, through to specific requests to find people who want to take part in thorough interviews. Failure to abide by these rules may result in messages beind removed, warnings and/or special posting conditions being imposed or membership being terminated.  

While Ouch is not a forum for research, some members may be willing to participate in surveys. If you wish to conduct a survey here, please read and abide by the following guidelines which have been drafted on the basis of previous misunderstandings. 

1) Please restrict survey requests to this Learning Zone forum, posts elsewhere will be moved to this forum, duplicates may be removed without warning. Please identify all research related messages with 'RESEARCH:" as the first word of the message title.

2) Surveys should have a serious research aim or be part of a final year project or thesis. We are not here to do your homework for you. 

3) You must clearly identify yourself and the organisation or academic institution you are conducting the survey on behalf of. You must clearly state the aims and intentions of the research and how and in what form answers will be used. You should also provide feedback on the use made of the data, ideally via a link to the final report.

4) Do not attempt to conduct research or a survey if you have not been given guidance on the ethics of sociological research and surveying. Undergraduates in particular should not attempt to conduct any survey here without first discussing the methods, subject and questions with their tutors.

5) Do not quote from any message not specifically addressed to you without asking for and receiving permission. This board is both a general discussion board and a place where we can discuss matters we might prefer not go further, it is also a sanctuary for many of us in periods when we are feeling vulnerable. Please respect this.

6) Do not expect members to answer your questions as some sort of right. If you ask in a polite manner then you will generally receive some replies, however requests of this nature are very common and the community experiences varying levels of 'survey-fatigue' which may affect the responses you receive.

7) Be aware that Ouch is not truly representative of the wider disabled community. It necessarily self-selects for people who are internet-aware and have greater access to technology and information than is typical across the disabled community as a whole. The percentage of politically aware members is also significantly higher than in the wider population. Answers and opinions may reflect this.

8) Members will tend to have strong opinions about their situation in the community. We are not the sweet, innocent and fluffy disabled of the tabloid press, nor are we the workshy scroungers portrayed by the same tabloid press. Non-disabled researchers rarely have a good understanding of the depth of our concerns as a minority group subject to discrimination in our daily life. If you ask questions you are liable to receive answers that are different to those you might have forecast and more forcibly put. The intensity of feeling may be surprising to you, but is an accurate reflection of our situation.

9) This is an internet discussion board, like any discussion board it has trouble staying on topic. Please do not attempt to restrict members from any off-topic communication.

10) It is strongly suggested that you familiarise yourself with the differences between the Social and Medical Models of disability if you are not already aware of them. Surveys articulating the Medical Model are unlikely to be well received. You may also wish to familiarise yourself with the term 'self-narrating zoo exhibit' (originally coined by the autism community) to understand the mixed feelings many disabled people have regarding requests for details of their experiences and daily lives.
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RE:Guidelines for researchers
(Date Posted:09/06/2011 5:00 PM)


 if we get researchers turning up they can now be directed to this part of Ouch Too
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RE:Guidelines for researchers
(Date Posted:09/06/2011 10:04 PM)

Great idea
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RE:Guidelines for researchers
(Date Posted:14/06/2011 4:50 AM)


Good call, I got so fed up of this on Ouch. Studying us, sheesh...

I interpreted nearly every post as - "I do not know any disabled people, in fact I am terrified of them, so I am asking you in a virtual environment so I do not have to go into a room with them, let alone speak to them. And I come to write my research up, I can put my explain my own unchanged views and disable my subject matter even further"

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Re:Guidelines for researchers
(Date Posted:14/06/2011 8:14 AM)

 That's great - there have been some really shoddy attempts to gather research data over on Ouch. I agree with Otter to a large degree, if you'll pardon the pun... 
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Re:Guidelines for researchers
(Date Posted:14/06/2011 11:05 AM)

 I agree. At least when I did my research on Ouch, I did make an attempt to do research beforehand - although most of my "research" was my own thoughts as a disabled person.
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