Title: My cat has to have surgery.
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(Date Posted:09/10/2011 9:37 AM)
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My boy cat is very ill indeed and has to have surgery because of an enlarged heart and over active thyroid.
He has been unwell for several months and although he has been eating,  he has been comsostently losing weight.  I've been to the vets with him twice before this weekend.  Both times he had blood tests which showed up ok and I was told each time that there was nothing wrong with him.
Yesterday morning, he had a crackly chest so I phoned the vet straight away and got an appointment for ten past ten that morning.

When I insisted he was weighed, he had lost *over* 1 kilo (two pounds) in weight!!! So the vet had to admit this time there was something substantially wrong with him!
I had to leave him with the vet to be sedated for an x-ray which showed he has an enlarged heart.  When I picked him up the blood tests showed he has an overactive thyroid gland which has caused his metabolism to speed up and make his heart work harder and enlarge in size. 
Further blood tests will come back on Tuesday and a plan of action - probably surgery to remove some of the thyroid will be decided.

Yesterday was a bit stressful all round.

I had my flu jab appoitment at 11.10, which I made.  But I fell over afterwards.  When I am tired my left foot doesn't pick up properly and my huge built up shoe scrapes on the ground and tips me over. 

Fortunately, I was right by the wall in the corridor and wasa able to throw myself at the wall and managed not to go on the floor (which would have meant paramedics to lift me up and possibly anther fracture).  But it brought the staff running who got me a chair to catch my breath as it always shakes me up.

Then last night I was sick.  And had a dreadful night with awful dreams. 

My back is still painful! It never rains but it pours.

Although I am very sad and worried about my boy, at last the vet has identified the problem and can do something to get him better.
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RE:My cat has to have surgery.
(Date Posted:15/10/2011 7:10 AM)

Hi Yvettea, yes appointments always seem to come in block bookings. smiley100

Do they usually sleep together on the bean bag.?
Maybe just a little jealousy going on, which hopefully things will get back to normal with both of them, when your lad is well.
   Good luck with it all.  smiley110
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Re:My cat has to have surgery.
(Date Posted:15/10/2011 10:24 AM)

We had a similar problem when my boy started gettng so thin - his sister was putting on weight more quickly than he was! When we first had him home after his accident (many years ago now) she took advantage of his weakness for a while but he was soon back to ruling the roost, he used to bully her terribly.
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