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(Date Posted:09/09/2011 2:12 PM)
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Dear Sasha

I have been wondering about something for the last few days and wonder if you would don your mathematician's helmet, assuming you ever take it off, that is, and advise me.

I am concerned about the likelihood of my being banned from Ouch2 and wonder if you could help me avoid this.

I was sorting out my desk drawer a few days ago and found a protractor, I think it is called - a 180 degree plastic affair. I also have an abacus I bought in a charidee shop a while back, and successfully shoplifted a pad of graph paper in Ryman's today.

With these implements would it be possible for us to draw a chart and predict the likelihood of my being chucked out? I am sure that other people could benefit from this knowledge, so we would be able to help others and that would give us a nice warm glow of satistaction as well as receive an initial down-payment of £40 to be returned in the event of inexplicable failure and expulsion.

I am a Capricorn, born on the cusp, and a Wood Snake, according to Barry Fantoni's Chinese Horoscopes. My mother was pointing in the direction of Seville when I was conceived and my middle name is Francis.
My favourite colour: blue suede shoes
My favourite food: bacon
My favourite film: Midnight Cowboy starring Jon Voigt.
I have got windows vista, I use mozilla firefox and I am on the phone.
I think I am a platinum member of Ouch2.

Does this help?

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience

I remain your servant, etc

Sir C x

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RE:Mathematical challenge
(Date Posted:13/09/2011 4:12 PM)


SirC- I found my old mathematical calculator the other day (from back in the days when I was doing A level Maths) will that be of any assistance? It might need a new battery first as that was a rather long time ago smiley112

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RE:Mathematical challenge
(Date Posted:14/09/2011 9:51 AM)

The calculator will be a great help. Don't worry about the fading battery; I generally find that a bit of leaked lithium is advantageous.

Can I schedule you for an initial assessment at 7pm this evening? Just  the basics will do, including shoe size, girth measurement, number of fillings - mercury or otherwise, that sort of thing, autographs acquired over the years etc.

Thank you. It is probably all in a good cause.

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Re:Mathematical challenge
(Date Posted:14/09/2011 4:40 PM)

I wouldn't want to mix mercury with the leaking lithium!

I think I should also include number of tiaras owned, (cups of tea/hour) squared and number of cures suggested in the last month.
Okay? lol
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RE:Mathematical challenge
(Date Posted:15/09/2011 12:59 PM)

Great cartoon! laugh  In many ways, I can see Calvin's point...

I'm definitely not a maths atheist, though wink

"(cups of tea/hour) squared"

applause  Good thinking Noisyworld - a very important component of the formula...  computing

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RE:Mathematical challenge
(Date Posted:15/09/2011 2:15 PM)

"I wouldn't want to mix mercury with the leaking lithium!"

Why not? It's never done me any harm. Served on ice with a dash of angostura bitters.

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RE:Mathematical challenge
(Date Posted:15/09/2011 3:41 PM)

Because I don't fancy being reported to the The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), that's why!smiley77

>>Lithium-6 is most often separated from natural lithium by the COLEX (Column exchange) electrochemical process, which exploits the fact that Lithium-6 has a greater affinity for mercury than does Lithium-7. A lithium-mercury amalgam is first prepared using the natural material. The amalgam is then agitated with a lithium hydroxide solution, also prepared from natural lithium. The desired Lithium-6 concentrates in the amalgam, and the more common Lithium-7 migrates to the hydroxide. A counter flow of amalgam and hydroxide passes through a cascade of stages until the desired enrichment in Lithium-6 is reached. The Lithium-6 product can be separated from the amalgam, and the "tails" fraction of Lithium-7 electrolyzed from the aqueous lithium hydroxide solution. The mercury is recovered and can be reused with fresh feedstock.

Russia, the UK, France, and China are all believed to be capable of making Lithium-6 in the quantities needed for the manufacture of large nuclear stockpiles. Russia exploded a device making use of Lithium-6 before the United States did; however, the Soviet device was not a "true" thermonuclear weapon capable of being scaled to any desired yield. United States production of 6Li ceased in 1963. <<

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Re:Mathematical challenge
(Date Posted:15/09/2011 6:15 PM)


that sounds a little worrying, noisyworld

However, I'm sure our Dr. Q can work out a formula which avoids the risks of combining lithium and mercury ....
especially if there is a chance of sitting down and doing the calculations whilst being served a delicious cream tea!

regards, Deb
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RE:Mathematical challenge
(Date Posted:16/09/2011 6:39 AM)


I shall prepare a themed tea trolley, just for the occasion.

Anyway noisey, thanks for the Lithium update, (makes notes and downloads post, for later reference).

As you may have heard, I have long been trying to split the atom, in fact I was talking to The Late Great  Captain Bule about it some time ago, after I mistakenly accidentally blew a hole in the side of the ship, see below.

I was most terribly embarrassed about it.

RE:In the lifeboats of the ship HAPPYNESS....
(Date Posted:04/08/2011 7:27 PM)

Dear Captain

I'm really sorry about this but you know that it has always been my ambition to split the atom. I just didn't expect it to take the side off the ship, again. The wine cellar no longer exists, and the laundry is a wreck.

I've been sharing notes with the guy below, and we thought that we had cracked it.

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