Title: Emeralde's Isle
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(Date Posted:26/08/2011 1:40 PM)
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Good Evening!

Lovely Sunshine Meadows has agreed that I may have a poetry thread here...


... and I've decided that the poetry most fitting to this forum is my hospital poetry, describing my many and varied experiences during February of this year....


... and some of it may be a little gloomy, of course. However, there is scope for much dark humour and strange meditations ...


... and I invite people to read, comment and even join in the fun if they wish! But I've no expectations and I'm hoping to begin a creative writing course next month so no doubt some mentor will come my way ...


Enjoy the journey!

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RE:Emeralde's Isle
(Date Posted:01/09/2011 2:27 PM)

A True Friend
In times of trouble and of strife,
I chose my listener well:
dear Angela, my angel bright
within this seething Hell.

She'd visit me 'most every morn,
round three, or four, or five,
and with our laughter and our tears,
my spirits would revive.

We'd had a tricky time of late;
she'd often sigh, 'Men, eh?'
Yet told each other many times,
there'd come a brighter day.

In some respects, not much has changed;
regrets, I've more than few,
but now at last I've seen the light:
an honest man, and true.
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RE:Emeralde's Isle
(Date Posted:02/09/2011 5:56 AM)

Musings of Metabear (2)
It is really not well
when you're bullied in Hell,
but don't ever be scared to speak out;
a good doctor you trust
can turn sadness to dust,
and say, 'All meanness stems from self-doubt.'
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RE:Emeralde's Isle
(Date Posted:02/09/2011 1:50 PM)

The Oracle
For months I've struggled to discern
the reason for this strife;
to seek some clue for why I burn
disrupted in my life.

And now I find within myself
the answer, simple truth,
to what inspired such gruesome wealth
of bullying uncouth.

It is my rhythm, ever sure,
that causes such desire;
the rhymings where I found some cure
led me into the fire.

And so this Isle must sing no more
as I again depart,
to secret rooms and garden floor
to hide my beating art.

Note: I have asked Sunshine Meadows to close this thread. No more approaches, please. I am banned from TPF and I am taking a break at PoetBay. Epicurus, however, may thrive.
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Re:Emeralde's Isle
(Date Posted:02/09/2011 2:53 PM)

 As Emeralde, started the thread and has asked me to close it I am doing so.

If anyone wished to start a new poetry thread please feel free :-)
BTW some of the poems on this thread are really good and I enjoyed reading them.
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