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Title: ???? only one thing truly matters?
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(Date Posted:30/10/2011 7:04 PM)
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So never mind really if people are pushed over the edge,
stressed, frozen, starved, destituted, abjectly miserable
and depressed ....  just so long as it doesn't adversely
affect or delay their ability to return to"work".....

extract >>>>

The disability rights groups say the changes mean up to 80,000 people will no longer be able to get access to publicly funded legal advice to help them challenge benefit decisions.

Campaigners say those affected will not be able to find legal help elsewhere and it could have a "serious impact" on their finances and peace of mind - making it harder for them to return to work in the future.

"Legal advice is vital for disabled people if they fall foul of poor decision-making, red tape or administrative error," Scope's chief executive Richard Hawkes said.

"For welfare reform to work, disabled people have to get support to appeal decisions relating to their benefits, especially within a system where errors are commonplace.

"Cutting legal aid in this area will make it harder for disabled people to get the right support and ultimately could drive more people further away from work."


If that's what an alleged ally says -- well, just how bad
are enemies who see "people" as nothing more than
units of production, identified and differentiated
only by a job-number?
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Re:???? only one thing truly matters?
(Date Posted:31/10/2011 2:38 AM)

I think I can see where Scope are coming from...

1) Scope have historically always been keen for their original representative group (CP) to be accepted and aknowledged in the workplace.
2) MP's and the media want to hear that people are moving towards working, so even I use this "working" comment a bit, mainly as Scope has done and suggest that peopple are being disabled further by the cuts, and movong further away from the world of work as a result.

For many people the world of work is thousands of miles away, a couple of steps closer wont in reality make them significantly closer, but stating that policies make it even more difficult gives ammunition to those MP's and campaigners and media who are against the policies.

Sometimes we have to be a bit passive-aggressive, though Scope have taken their time (like lots of charities) to realise how destructive the policies are.
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Re:???? only one thing truly matters?
(Date Posted:31/10/2011 8:57 AM)

 Too true, Hoss, it's taken years for Disability Alliance to see that ESA is about cutting the benefit bill, rather than actually making getting a job for any disabled person a realistic possibility.
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RE:???? only one thing truly matters?
(Date Posted:31/10/2011 10:36 AM)

ESA is about cutting the benefit bill, rather than actually making getting a job for any disabled person a realistic possibility.

The hardened cynic in me always suspected this was the case from Day 1 ... I'm as surprised about Disability Alliance as you are!!  You'd think charity campaigners would be better grounded in realism smiley100
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Re:???? only one thing truly matters?
(Date Posted:31/10/2011 1:43 PM)

Yep, it was an awful lot of years ago when we joked about the orange jump suits with the national insurance number on them... and all sitting round doing work programs and interview techniques on each other.

We were rarely wrong, and cconsidering our complex disabilities we could oddly read the writing on the wall...
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RE:???? only one thing truly matters?
(Date Posted:02/11/2011 9:25 AM)

GPs to tell long-term jobless to find work
Doctors will be encouraged to tell patients with long-term illnesses
to find a job after the Government intervened in new guidance for GPs.
31 October 2011

>>> extract : The Department for Work and Pensions responded to a General Medical Council consultation to suggest that doctors should regard a patient returning to work as an “essential” indicator of successful clinical treatment.

The request has been included in new guidance for GPs, issued for consultation yesterday, despite claims that doctors are being asked to “police unemployment”.

It has led to suggestions that the GMC was pressured into including the advice to help reduce the number of people claiming sickness benefit. The department also suggested that doctors should ask each patient their “work status” when they attended an appointment, but this was rejected. <<<

  smiley1  ...  will Atos continue to contradict what GPs advise?

Seriously though, it is disturbing how so many professionals

and journalists (as well as ordinary members of the public)

now unquestioningly recite* the Unum/NeoCon mantra of

"work is goood ... work cures all ... work makes you free"

Has that become a religious ritual? Is it heresy to have doubts?

* would have typed "parrot", but that's unfair to an intelligent creature  
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RE:???? only one thing truly matters?
(Date Posted:07/11/2011 6:55 PM)

And one of the ways to make disabled people think about work is to reduce and reduce their benefits. (as though being starved will change someone's health to make them well enough to even think about full-time work.) Well how can they do that?
By moving the goal-posts of course.  So now they are proposing to 'reduce the benefits bill' by indexing rises to the average rise of inflation per year, rather than pegging it to September inflation rise each year.  

And who will join me in a bet that when the average becomes high, they will change the goal-posts again and peg it to the average lowest month's inflation.

Hah.  Cynical??
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Re:???? only one thing truly matters?
(Date Posted:07/11/2011 10:33 PM)

I just posted a response to auntieCtheM's post above, with an analysis of the effect these different benefit uprating strategies might have. However, I realised that it was better placed in this thread, so I've moved it there (see message #16).

(Message edited by DarthVector On 07/11/2011 11:08 PM)
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Re:???? only one thing truly matters?
(Date Posted:09/11/2011 3:26 PM)

we are an industry on which whole tiers of bureaucracy rely for their crust right to the top
what we need to do is pull the mat out from under them

very easily done - everyone declare themselves self employed - still if not earning/or not enough there are that you can claim. You know we are all qualified disability consultants with particular specialisms, many are technical advisors and mechanics when it comes to transport, most can communicate with 100% of the population not just 82% etc

unemploy those living off us and attempting to direct our lifes
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