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(Date Posted:23/10/2011 1:17 PM)
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Hi Guys,


I don’t know if this one has been posted already, but I will do so anyway.


As we all know both Disability & Shopping is a daily battle. How does your disability affect you when you shop? For me, it is finding the right items and getting to know the layout store. I usually spot product by colours and certainly pay close attention to the offers J. Although being a symbol cane user makes it twice a difficult when it comes to having to lug the shopping back home. Therefore, I can’t do two things at once.


I find it really annoying when the assistants in the shop can’t be asked to help me. My most recent trip to the Supermarket, was on Saturday at my local Morrissons store. When I approached the till, I saw the cashier was sat down. She asked me if I needed help with packing, I replied, yes, explaining that I was visually impaired. She  got up from her seat and started bagging up the scanned items. To me that showed a sign of relief that she wanted to help me, of course threre are some out there that can’t be asked. Which is very wrong.Of course there is two sides to every story, although we can only do our best.


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RE:Disability & Shopping
(Date Posted:23/10/2011 2:16 PM)

Hi niceysmiley60 i have a sensory disability as well

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Re:Disability & Shopping
(Date Posted:24/10/2011 12:57 PM)

 Whisper it, but I quite enjoy shopping these days.
 I have impaired mobility, but no sensory impairments, and I use a stick all the time.  I've been given a special dispensation to ride my trike in the local  town centre which is great as pushing it is very painful. I can park right outside all the shops. 
 I shop a lot at Heron Foods (discount freezer shop) where bags are packed for me, and if it's quiet, taken out to the trike and  put in the luggage pannier. Even when I only want one or two things, I take a trolley that I can lean on.
 Tesco always offer a packing service, but I do my own.
 When I bought my PC, it was tied to the trike for me  by a helpful Tesco security guy, when I asked him nicely. 
 Some shops have baskets on wheels if they don't have trolleys, which isn't perfect but is easier for me than managing a stick and basket. . 
In major town/city centres, I usually have my 'granny' trolley with me and balance a basket on top of that. I also use a backpack to keep my hands free and a bum bag worn at the front to keep purse and keys (inc. Radar key) close to hand but secure. 
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Re:Disability & Shopping
(Date Posted:25/10/2011 9:26 AM)

 My biggest beef about disabled people and shopping are the so called 'wheelchair' accessible tills. Yes, they shove a nice big sign above that particular till so you can see it from a distance, yes that till is normally chock full of idle able bodied who just can't be a***d to walk another 2 feet to the next till, and yes... the end where you pop your shopping on before the till is lowered, then you get to the other end where you pack - and discover that that end is in fact just as high as every other sodding till! How the hell are you supposed to be able to reach your stuff if it's that high? Need arms like Inspector Gadget that's for sure! (I prefer to pack my own stuff, that way my eggs don't get packed at the bottom of the tins bag and any soft produce doesn't end up smashed too)
Mention it to supermarkets I hear you say? I tried, written to 3 of our 4 local shops - not one bothered to reply, nor has anything been done about the problem.
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Re:Disability & Shopping
(Date Posted:25/10/2011 12:37 PM)

 As a powerchair user, I am fortunate in that one or two check-out ladies at my local Tesco double bag heavy items and hang them on a hook at the back of my chair. The manager told me that the ladies have adopted me as a spare grandad. On the other hand at the local Aldi store they do not have baskets, so I have to ask for a carton to put on my knees in which I can place my purchases. They tell me that baskets get stolen!!! On the whole I find that a polite request, and a smile, does help me to enjoy my shopping trips.
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RE:Disability & Shopping
(Date Posted:25/10/2011 3:34 PM)

There are only two supermarkets I can physically go to,   my carers take me once a week to M and on my "day" out (2 to 3 hours) I can go to "S". 

The staff at S's are terrific,  I have a bag/trolley with fold out wheels from Marie Curie cancer shop (£1) and on a good day I ask for the goods to be passed on the "wrong" side of the till and fill the bag which is placed on the Mob scooter between my legs. 

On a bad day, I put it on the counter with my purchases and they fill it and bring it round to me and put it on the scooter.

Again, a smile and a bit of interest in them as people bring out the best in people.
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Re:Disability & Shopping
(Date Posted:26/10/2011 7:10 AM)


"that till is normally chock full of idle able bodied who just can't be a***d to walk another 2 feet to the next till"

How can *you* tell whether or not someone has an invisible disability just by looking at them? No one else can.
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Re:Disability & Shopping
(Date Posted:26/10/2011 7:14 AM)

 Indeed, Peggy.

Stalwart - that's lovely of them to do that.
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