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Title: Vanessa Jericho {MLW}
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(Date Posted:08/29/2017 07:23 AM)
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Official MLW stats

Character Information

Character Name: Vanessa Irvine

Face Used: Eva Marie

Date of Birth/Age: 01/17/1985/30

Hometown: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada/Cincinnati Ohio

Billed From: Cincinnati Ohio

Residing: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 

Height and Weight: 5'7 135

Martial Status: Single

Twitter Handle: @BlackHeartedBitch

Roster Information

Ring Name: Vanessa Jericho 

Nickname:  Black Hearted Bitch

Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: None

Ring Style: Arieal/Power

Theme Song: Trinity By The Birthday Massacre

Slogan/Taunts: Brie Bella Taunts/Paige Taunts

Tag Team Partner: 


Manager: None

Favourite/Least Favourite Match: Anything/ Hair vs Hair match and Kiss my ass or any other body part

Favourite Weapons: Any

Move Set

Move set (at least 10 or more)

- Missile Dropkick

- Diving Elbow

- Diving Moonsault

- Headsissors Takedown

- Powerbomb

- Glam Slam

- Jazz Strech

- Poweslam

- Widow's Peak 

- Codebreaker


- Walls Of Jericho

- Black Widow

Signature Moves
- Diving Hurracarrana 
- Bitch Slap


- Vanessa Buster (Bella Buster)

- Curb Stomp (LIke Her EX Husband)

Character Biography/Accomplishments

Vanessa Jericho Was Born in Canada  She Meghan and her twin Demi and Her Brother Chris And Lynn Moved To Ohio She always picked on her sister now she has Joined with her and is a Member of The Shield and they are much closer then  people  think and she is not afraid to stand up for her family and friends and will tell you how it is she is also very  vindictive  and  manipulative  to to being one evil black hearted bitch but with her very own version of a sweet side She is married to Seth Rollins and won't ever turn her back on him and She  is Pregnant with Twins that her's and her husband's second and third children  The First one is Hannah Raine Lopez She has finally had enough of Seth's Lieing and Cheating and has asked him for a divorce and her And Leighla Shultz are going to her hometown of Canada She is also The Mother of Hannah Raine Lopez but Her ex husband has her and she is the mother of Jasmine and Kyle Irvine She is talking to Dean and them again and is currently expecting Dean's Child {Due Soon} she has also reunited with her family as well except Lynn

MLW Accomplishments

General Accomplishments
-4x WWE Divas Champion
- 3x WWE Tag Team Champions With Her sister Meghan


This layout was made by Second City Designs for the use of Major League Wrestling (MLW). If you would like a layout then come request one from Arkham Asylum Designs




All I am saying is I said I would help you with the fed but sicne you want to run it yourself your on your own with the results unless you want my help it is your choice cuz I really don't mind helping you

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