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Meghan And Tammy's Storage
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Title: Alex Jones/Eric Black
Meghan And Tammy's Storage   Male Characthers
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(Date Posted:10/27/2016 20:46 PM)
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 Warning: This Layout May Contain Foul Language And Sexual Content If You Have An Issue Then Please Click On The Little X Button And Turn Away If You Are Good Then By All Means Read On But Remember You Have Been WARNED
 Roleplay Title Breaking Bones and Not regretting it one bit
 OOC Take no Offence Tammy you know how his character is/Use Imagination with pics
 ICC Your going to get Hurt Roman
 The Queen Lacey Reigns Jones 
Alex is Backstage with Lacey as he talks to her
Image result for randy orton 2009 screen captures
Alex: I am so looking forward to this baby I am going to break Roman for what he did to Meghan she did not deserve that at all and I will make him pay for it I will see you later Baby I Love you
Lacey: Okay Baby I love you 2
He heads out to the ring to do a promo for his match as Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi blares over the Pa System and Alex makes his way out as the fan cheer for him again and some booed and he is in Jeans and an Anti Roman Reigns tshirt and gets in the ring and gets a mic and starts to speak
Alex: Roman I am not going to show any regrets tonight when I break your bones and end your career I will make sure you pay for what you did I tried to teach her but no you had her so wrapped around your damn finger she thought you could do no wrong and she had to learn it the hard way if she would have left you she would not be going through the pain you caused her and you will pay for hurting the woman I love with all my heart yes I love your sister but she knows I love Meghan more and she is fine with that so Roman tonight me and Justin are going to make you pay for what you did
He gets mixed reactions again as he speaks again
Alex: Also Roman let's say by some Miracle you win tonight we will get you another way and break you and I mean more then your nose this time your lucky Paige showed up to save your ass but next time you won't be so lucky but anyways good luck Leati cuz you damn well need it and you know it 
He drops the mic and heads backstage and is not happy and he knows Justin is pissed off as well
   Disclaimer: This Layout Was Made By Me For myself As Alex Jones if You Want One Then Come And Request One Fro Me At SKD AAD Or Hidden Springs Do Not Steal This One Thanks Banner made by Angelic Doll AKA Blaze Infrerno


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RE:Alex Jones/Eric Black
(Date Posted:12/29/2016 13:09 PM)

 YThe Secne UnfoldsY
Alex was not in a good mood he was happy for Dean and some things had him happy but other things were pissing him off as he is not even at the arena yet he was doing something else as he gets talking
Alex Jones: You know people need to shut thefuck up about Meghan she may know Nikki Bella but she is nothing like her and I am tired of people saying she is I have known Meghan my whole life I grew up with her hell I even fell in love with her and married her and we have a son together  we may not be together now but I am still in love with her I always will I love my wife but she knows how much I love Meghan and she is cool with it but people  need to stop bashing her or I will have to break them cuz Bleive me I am not easy to break only certain people know how to do it and they will never mention it but you think you guys are all that well your not but anyways
Sounds are heard in the background as Alex talks again
Alex Jones: Anyways I will be the one to win the battle Royal tonight cuz My only competition is Nia Jax Lynn and Bloodraine are just a joke so see all you losers out there and Nia good luck girl
He walks off as more sounds are heard and the scene fades
YOOC: He is not to be put out of action or have his career ended I mean itY

 Black Swan 2016

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