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Title: Kaytlin Black Reigns {FWR}
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(Date Posted:06/04/2018 11:32 AM)
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:Fearless Wrestling Stats9

:Real Name9

Kaytlin Alica Black Anoa'i

:Wrestling Name9

Kaytlin Reigns

:Face Base9

Sasha Banks

:Twitter Handle9




:Marital Status9


:Your Lover9

Roman Reigns

:Where you Live Now9

Pensacola Florida

:Billed From9

Buffalo Iowa

:Theme Song9

Beyond By The Birthday Massacre 

:Wrestling Style9


:Crowd Stats9


:Tag Team/Stable9


:Managed By9

Roman Reigns 

:Main Wrestling Moves9


Diving Hurracarna

Double Knees of the top rope

Diving Moonsault 

Lita Bomb




Knockout Punch

Running Powerslam

Wrestling Move here

Wrestling Move here


Break Bitch Break


Goodnight Bitch

Banks Statement


Kaytlin is the sister to Tyler Black although she hates her brother and is best friends with Jon Moxley she does have a crush on him and he knows about it she will also not back down from any fight and will stand her ground and play mind games if she needs to she is also not scared of anyone she was trained by Jon Moxley and he trained her to be a street dog just like him so she is not afraid to Bleed or get hurt she has always been really close to both Jon and Sami She Was  Married to Sami Callihan she lost their child and she did love him but she was not in love with him and she does not care if he hates her he was also a part of Meghan Jericho she is her bad side and she was always in love with Roman Reigns and used her feelings for Jon Moxley as a cover she thought Roman always loved Meghan but when he told her he always loved her she admitted her confession and they are now married and expecting a child together Roman calls her babygirl which makes her cave and tell him everything and do anything he wants  She was always Black she just looked White She is also known as Poison Ivy from Batman and Jon is still obsessed with her and she still sleeps with him as well  and has a few other guys she  sleeps with as  her and Roman have a weird Marriage and she has also forgiven Jon and Tyler but she does not trust the 3 of them that much yet and she hopes her kids will actually talk to her and her and Roman still have their weird relationship  also she has remarried Roman and is starting to trust him Jon and Tyler and her kids are also talking to her now Roman is her one true love and she is not going to give him up for anything or anyone unless he wants to ever leave her then she will let him go but other then that she won't not ever she like her husband is also not talking to Dean anymore


To Many to list




All I am saying is I said I would help you with the fed but sicne you want to run it yourself your on your own with the results unless you want my help it is your choice cuz I really don't mind helping you

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