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Long Island, New York
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Topic :   @FrancoSurace

@FrancoSurace ........  Franco Surace

Boyfriend, Father to Everisto, Owner of Cucina 305.

Spending so much time getting the restaurant ready missing my amazing girlfriend and son so much. For those asking when the place with open grand opening will be next weekend.

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07/25/2018 01:40 AM

Topic :   @AgentBarenz

Kelli Giddish on Her Law & Order: SVU Baby Surprise and What's Ahead for Rollins | E! Online Mobile

@AgentBarnez ........  Olivia Barenz 

Mother, Girlfriend, SVU Agent

Late night at the station and missing my children.

How are the kids doing?. Also any leads on who killed your brother.

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07/25/2018 01:35 AM

Topic :   @KandyCaneXXX

@KandyCaneXXX ........  Kandy Grima

Porn Star, XXX Model, Dating Joshua Emerson

What a good fuck was that but nothing compared to my man, Now he is a good fuck love you Joshua. Got news this morning that I am going to be doing a lesbian video keep a eye out because it will blow your load #NumberOnePornStar #XXX

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07/25/2018 01:33 AM

Re :   @MandiPeck

@MandiPeck.... Mandi Pack

Actress, Model, Wife, Mother to Joshua (3) & Hope.

Some people can be so rude, I can't believe I went for a job today and the guy tried hitting on me. He will be singing a tune for awhile now since I kneed him in the nuts. NO ONE apart from my husband grabs my ass.

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07/25/2018 01:14 AM

Re :   @JerseyBrooks

Wwe Paige GIF

@JerseyBrooks........  Jersey Brooks 

Married to Dustin Brooks, Singer, Song Writer, Sister

Bring your ass home and you can get some ;).

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07/25/2018 01:13 AM

Re :   @MrsLee

@MrsLee ….. Xanthe Lee

Wife to Tyson Lee, Sister to Joshua and Keith, Step mother to Tyson's children, Make up artist & part time model.

Nothing better then to hang out at a game with the man you love #Twitpic can't believe we actually got some time alone.

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07/25/2018 01:11 AM

Re :   @MrsJackson

@MrsJackson....Hilary Jackson 

Actress, Models, Wife

Exiting news, I got my first job in a movie that is coming out in a few months. Stay tuned more news to come on it.

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07/25/2018 01:08 AM

Re :   @LondonBeauty

Kate Middleton mit Tochter Charlotte

Twitter Information

Jessica MacDonald


Mother to Jason, Paige & Alexander, receptionist

Relationship Status

Married to Aaron MacDonald

I love you babe. I can't believe that our little man is going to be 4 months soon. He looks so much like you so when he grows up, Does that mean I have to beat of those women ;).

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07/25/2018 01:05 AM

Re :   @LondonSweetheart

@LondonSweetheart ..  Hillarie McDonald

Writer, Actress, Wife and Sister

After loosing my dad #Twitpic here is the reason why I smile. Can't wait to be in your arms again.

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07/25/2018 01:00 AM

Topic :   @BeReal
@BeReal..... Shaun Salvatora
Divorced from Tim Harris & Patrick Anderson - Married to Alex Salvatora - Mother to Bailey Grace (3) and twins on the way w/ Alex , Chandler, Aubrey, Amanda and Brandon w/ Tom Harris and Kimberlyn, Shalna w/ Patrick Anderson - Manager at Harris's clothing store [ Job] -
@AlexSalvatora - Looking good baby.

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07/24/2018 22:07 PM

Topic :   @That'sMyJam

@That'sMyJam..... Kira Salvatora
Part of the BellaTones - Still in high school - Lives with her grandma (because her dad is married to a hag and she wants no part of that) - Sister - Daughter of Alex Salvatora - Dating Alex Hudson -

Girl time with my bitches lol #BellaTones

Fuck what people think. I don't need your opinions on who I date. I love @AlexHudson

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07/24/2018 22:05 PM

Topic :   @PositiveVibes
@PositiveVibes..... Layla Daffron
Model/ Works with special needs kids [ Job] - Married to Hank Daffron - Expecting first child w/ Hank -

Dinner date with the hubby @NYPDHank

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07/24/2018 22:03 PM

Topic :   Layla Daffron

Long Island, NY

## Character Bio
## Extras
Hobbies/ Things you do on your free time: -----------
Past Relationships: She tries to forget them
Twitter: @PositiveVibe
## Character Personal Information

Name: Layla Ashley Daffron
Birthday: April 18
Birthplace: Bronx , New York
Parents: Dave & Lisa
Siblings: 1 sister - Denise // 1 Brother - Vincent
Children: Currently expecting her first child w/ Hank Daffron
Relationship Status: Married to Hank Daffron
Occupation: Model // Works with special needs kids
Type of Housing: House

## The Gallery
Pic base:
Ashley Graham

07/24/2018 21:09 PM

Re :   @BarzettiDesigns

Jacqueline (Steffy)

@BarzettiDesigns...…..  Bianca Barzetti  

 Clothes designer, Model

Had the first ultrasound today and it has came back that we are having a little girl.

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07/24/2018 20:24 PM

Re :   @GinaMarino

Twitter Information

Gina Marino


Mother to Rocco Marino, Model, Wrestler (On a break)

Relationship Status


Always dreamt about being married to my prince since I was a little girl and can't believe my dream came true. Can't wait to be married to the man who put mine and Rocco's broken heart back together.

Disclaimer: This layout was made by Second City Designs for the use of Sandra Lafao

07/24/2018 20:23 PM

Re :   @BiancaSolos

@BiancaSolos .... Bianca Solos

Engaged to Jaxon Rodriguez, Mother to Marco (W.Aaron Roberts), Teaches history and science at the high school

That moment you wish your babies daddy actually can be a real man.

Stop your bitching and be a real father you idiot. Do you want to see your son or not because I am not going to have his little heart broken AGAIN. Do I make myself clear?

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07/24/2018 20:18 PM

Re :   @EveMarieGuerrero

@EveMarieGuerrero ........  Eve Guerrero

Mother to EJ (W. Justin Gabriel), Chloe (W. AJ Styles), Antwan & Angel (W.Roman Reigns) & Madison (W.Jimmy Uso), Owner of Shine Law, Sister to Antonio, Zarita, Carmen, Madelyn & Caprice Guerrero, Best friends to Trisha (Who has always been there for her since day one). Dating Peter Ryan

Having the house with all the kids today was amazing. I love spending time with them and feel so happy that Peter's kids get along with mine.

We have the house alone tonight babe. I am thinking on making your favourite dinner and possibly we both can turn our phones off for a few hours and have some catch up time?.

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07/24/2018 20:16 PM

Re :   @MelodyGrace
@MelodyGrace..... Melody Andrews
Married to Conner Andrews - Part of the Hudson family - Currently expecting first child w/ Conner Andrews - Wrestler // Manager [ Job] 

@ConnerAndrews - That's cute. Keep thinking that.

@QuinnWoods - Glad your finally back from your honeymoon. Want to grab lunch today?

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07/23/2018 20:23 PM

Re :   @IKnowEverything
@IKnowEverything..... Kennedy Moore
Mother to Leda Monroe (5) w/ Freddie Marx - Gossip columnist at Us magazine [ Job] - Dating Lucas Williamson -

 @LucasWilliamson - Anything for you. Now forget about that hoe of a wife and just stay with me.

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07/23/2018 20:15 PM

Topic :   @JeterLopez
@JeterLopez..... Jeter Lopez
Married to Vanessa Lopez. A part of the legendary Lopez family. Father to Alison May (5) Christopher Jayson (3) and Kayde Staci (2)  w/ Vanessa Terc and Trey Michael (6) , Madison Teresa (Newborn) w/ Kaylee Price - Best friends with Sterling Jenkins , Bryan & Brandon Larson - Police Officer [Job]

 This is the look I give Vanessa to let her know, It's about to go DOWN lol or it could be just to tell her " What's up girl" lol

Thank you @KayleePrice for putting our shit aside and letting me be there for the birth of our daughter yesterday.  It truly meant a lot.

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07/23/2018 20:07 PM

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