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Topic :   Suggestions for the Management Team

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Here you can make suggestions on how we can improve our group here, as the management team wants this group to be a great place for your our members, as we appreciate any suggestions that we receive & we try our best to implicate them if we can!

Also if you have any questions for the management please post here & one of the management team will place the reply here, we will respond as soon as we can!

We thank you for all your help & we are wanting to make our group a great friendly one that we all wish to see a great community to visit!

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Topic :   Welcome


Hi Every One Welcome to Health Information Group


Please Read & Sign

We all hate rules but I felt we should have a few!

 Health Information Group here on Facebook I hope you will take a look & if you need any information about your condition I shall be happy to research & find you relevant information, or you welcome to share health related information. Anyone can join if looking for health information.

All I ask is that you respect every one that comes to the group!

There must be no unpleasant messages to any of our members and I expect every one to be civil to one another!

I monitor this group every day and if I discover that any member has been in breach of the rules they will have a written warning and if they persist then there membership deleted from our group!

I know being disabled that is is some times difficult to get in to groups, all I ask is that you check in once a month,  if you have not been in for 3 months we will ask you why & after 6 months you will be removed from our group, you will be able to join again if you wish to carry one joining in with us all here!
No bashing or flaming other members

No Spam or Personal Links
Members are requested to post in the first week of acceptance. We are all busy but please try to get in once a month if you can, I am disabled so know we can not always get in to the group, so I will not insist you frequently come in but be nice to know you are OK!

I Would Like This Group To Be A Friendly Helpful Community, Also Any One Can Join!

 Any problems please leave a message to our managers Kenny in our mailbox, or post message by clicking on our profiles!

Please Enjoy Our Group!

From mananger

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