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  • New Found Active Site
    Posted on 06/08/2011
     I dont know ..  i just searching for some new guides and cheats but i see that..
    soo i clicked and share too everyone..
    yesterday i try login there but nothings happende 
  • Guide For priest
    Posted on 06/07/2011

    The Priest Guide (eq pics posted)

    The Priest Guide

    1. General Priest information

    a. What can you expect being a priest
    As a priest, many people will always expect a lot from you, more than you ever really have to do for them. There are not enough good priests in the game and theres a demand for them in almost all servers. Even though this is the case, people are so lazy to make them that they would rather bug you to help them over and over.

    Common things are; being asked to be healed in the weirdest and random places, people getting mad when you don't heal them in wars, people needing you to heal them in instances, people calling you for mana 24/7, people getting mad when the priest that just helped them kill a boss expects some items too, people telling you that you healed too soon, too fast, that you didn't heal them while they were running, you shouldn't attack because priests are only support ..... You see where this list goes. A lot of people like to blame their own characters problems on priests that they call to help them. Expect this list and many more.

    Furthermore, if you enjoy hitting people and mobs with the highest or fastest damage, then priests wont be fun for you. You will never crit people high, you wont kill people in 2-3 shots either. They are the slowest killers in the game, and have the worst offensive attacks out of all classes. Many will read this guide and listen to some of my stories and think otherwise, but the truth is priests are the weakest attack class.

    If you get past all these negatives, priests can and ARE very very fun characters. They require a lot of skill to play properly, a lot of timing for skills and understanding of other classes skills, and a lot of strategy. They are the 2nd best physical defense class, and the best magical defense class. Although not the strongest, they have the widest Aoe's in the game. They have the highest dodge of all classes and have the most useful war-buff in the game, gaia care. High level/forged priests are immune to almost all classes 1v1, and will drive people crazy when they fight you. Priests have the ability to tank a 5500matt+ mage or 7500phyatt+ champ and make them seem useless 1v1.

    In the end priests take a lot of time to learn properly and many will laugh at you and bug you throughout the game, but in the end I believe priest is the most rewarding class to build out of all classes.

    b. The priest role in the game
    A priest is primarily made to be a support character. Although it is a support character as described in the IGG help info guide, it is a very lethal killer as well. If you lvl and forge your priest up enough, it can be both classes at once very easily and I believe that's always been the true role of a priest.

    Support roles include giving your team mana buff, healing players with single and area heals, and buffing bosses to be killed faster. You also aid as a defender and attacker in wars, being able to heal teammates and shackle enemies while staying alive, as well as attack when you see the opportunity.

    A priest must observe the battle very well, and react fast and with confidence. Any hesitation and you are wasting your skills. Priests can change a war more than any other class but they have to do it properly.

    c. What are main priest stats
    The main priest stat is dodge, as found at the top of the skill point tree. A high forged priest can reach 1200 dodge (maybe more). Dodge is important and shouldn't be removed because it is what keeps priests alive. People always talk about crit resistance and remove crit stones, but if a player can't hit you, then its the lowest damage you can receive. If you have 1150 dodge, any player under 900 hit will miss 3/4 times. That is a lot!

    The second main stat is healing. Increased healing is very important on a priest not only to heal yourself but to heal others as well. Priests have the highest total heal output of any class and can reach almost 4x. This means at the end of the game, a 3k pot can almost do 12k with a high forged, high heal priest. I haven't worked out the exact max potential heal, but it's around that number somewhere.

    The next main stat is HP. A priest doesn't have as high HP as a warrior would have, but they are still a very high HP class. HP is very important because without HP, you can't tank for a long time, or use heal and pots to your advantage. Priests lack self-buffs like fivestarform and holy ward, so we need the extra HP as a damage buffer. HP also acts as a scare tactic. When people use their best attack and only see you drop 20%, they start to worry, become frantic, and play sloppy against you. I believe all priests should be wearing hp helms and hp rings, I have been telling priests to do this for a year now and believe it's the ONLY smart equipment choice.

    Beyond these stats is where the builds of priest change from one another. Call those 3 stats the foundation of priests, from there you build based on your preference and what is needed on your server.

    d. What is the main build
    The main build for priest follows the same main stats. A ideal priest should have: High dodge, HP, HEAL(as well healing done), and both magical and physical defence should be high. Priests are flawed with lower hit rate, so you have to make sure hit rate stats high as well. Above 900 is good based on current builds on servers. You should have an HP helm on, and not worry about total magical attack because as I will explain later, it's not what makes you strong. If people say your magical attack is low, say "cool". You should also remove all crit, and make sure you replace it with healing or hp, whichever is missing from that gear.

    A priest in the end is a high defence, high damage taker, that has high hp and heals fast to continue taking damage while healing and attacking. Small differences in builds wont change that main concept.

    e. Talent Points and leveling
    I will not talk too much about talent points because in the end they all get filled anyways. I will make a main suggestion; at the beginning of the game avoid being power leveled too much because you need TP. You want to boost your att column enough to be able to afk solo. Afk is an important part of the game, so make sure you can afk ok, that is your ONLY goal until you are 120. Afk > all.

    Leveling will always be slow, so what I suggest is to create 2 characters at once. I made a champ and a priest together and kept them together at all times when I started. If they always stay partied, this makes sure that your priest is getting the benifits from afk'ing (ie tp is rising) but also faster exp from the champ. Best of both worlds.

    There's no real stratagy other than that. If you wish to learn how to level faster or learn more about TP, find some guides about that as they will discuss it more in depth.

    f. Which stats for Zodiac
    My suggestion to you is open up ALL slots because they are all important. Open up the bottom row defences first if you have gold, then attacks. Lets talk about offence zodiacs first. Priest don't need windblade in zodiac. A lot of people who have played mages before think this is what you should do, but I believe its quite the opposite.

    Afk: This is where the forge level of your character makes a big difference. You have to chose a place to afk where you can 1-2 shot mobs, while having mp stay full all the time. A high forger priest in parnitha port or nemea forest doesn't need windblade in their zodiac IF they can 1hit crit the mobs. If you are low lvl, low forge or can't 1 hit crit the mobs I suggest putting it in. Its the only time I say its needed. The other skills aren't needed in zodiac as they wont help afk. We will talk about it more in afk stratagies.

    War: You need to maximize your damage as it will already be low against most characters. If you have opened up all your attack slots like I said, you should place Holy Light and Dripstone in the first 2 slots. Ternary Curse and Stalagmite should go in the next 2 slots. The reason why we don't use windblade is because it doesn't make a lot of damage at max level and most others builds take away a lot of its damage, so is only a skill to help priests afk.

    People ask, wont this take away all mp during fights? At all lvl130, and with a mystic hp/mp helm you will still be able to cast all 4 before your mp runs out.

    Now lets talk about defences, the more important zodiacs because they keep you alive. Defences depend a lot on what your server is like, who you normally end up fighting, and what your stats and build looks like. You need to pay attention in every pindus, war, and so on and see who and what is hurting you the most. Those are the skills you make sure always stay in defensive zodiac. If there are always 5-6 mages together in pindus, then you must account for that by putting many mage skills in zodiac, and so on.

    The middle row I suggest having lightblade, rageclaw, stab and ruined strike. If you feel you want to switch to other champ attacks, thats fine, I would still suggest keeping stab and chose whatever aoe you think gets used more. If you dont have strong warriors in your server remove rageclaw and put another champ attack. If there is a high lvl/forged priest against you, you can put ternary curse there as well.

    The bottom row is also based on what is going on in your server, but a good place to start is Fire Lotus, Lightning, Spearhit and Rage Spear. If there are strong priests and warriors in your server you may have to change this based on who you duel with normally. I would still suggest keeping them out though, as Champs and Mages will always hurt you more, and lowering the biggest dmg attacks from the main classes is always good. Pay attention to the game! Whatever hurts you the most, put it here.

    2. General Builds

    a. Basic Priest Build
    The basic priest build is the one that has been around for a long time now. On english GW, Faint from atlanta created the first priest with this build, following the same build from the chinese server. It's the priests "foundation", and all other builds come from this.

    Weapon: Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, HP, 5th stat healing
    Gloves: Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, Magical Dmg%
    Helm (Hp/Mp Helm): Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, HP
    Rings (Hp Ring): Magical Att, Healing, Magical Dmg%, HP

    Armor: Phy Def, Dodge, Absorb, HP
    Belt: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Crit Res
    Boots: HP, Dodge, Absorb, Crit Res
    Shield: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Absorb
    Amulet: Dodge, Crit Res, Healing, Absorb
    Cuff: Phy Def, Mag Def, Hit Rate, Crit Res
    Legging: Phy Def, Mag Def, Dodge, Crit Res

    Att Stones: Mdmg%, Reduce MagDef%
    Def Stones: Red Phy %, Red Mag %
    Pet: Matt, Hp, Def, MagDef, Critres, 1 more (could use dodge/hitpet also now that available)

    Pros: High HP(105k+), High Dodge(1100+), High Crit Res(230+), High Def(5k+), High Mdef(2500+), Best heal to others
    Cons: Matt/Mdmg stays lower, Heal not optimized for pots(no healing done), you should make a matt helm for lvling

    b. 0 Crit Resistance Priest Build (Base)
    This build is the new common trend started in all the servers. It also came from the Chinese servers, and a player (Dodge)/Hitter made this build popular here. It involves taking away all critres, and boosting your healing as high as possible. It hasn't been proven yet if it's a better build for priest than standard, we will see as time goes on! Many priests are starting to use it now.

    Weapon: Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, HP, 5th stat healing
    Gloves: Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, Magical Dmg%
    Helm (Hp/Mp Helm): Magical Att, Hit Rate, Healing, HP
    Rings (Hp Ring): Magical Att, Healing, Magical Dmg%, HP

    Armor: Phy Def, Dodge, Absorb, HP
    Belt: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Absorb
    Boots: HP, Dodge, Absorb, Healing Done
    Shield: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Absorb
    Amulet: Dodge, Healing Done, Healing, Absorb
    Cuff: Phy Def, Mag Def, Hit Rate, Healing Done
    Legging: Phy Def, Mag Def, Dodge, Healing Done

    Att Stones: Mdmg%, Reduce MagDef%
    Def Stones: Red Crit%, Red Crit Value
    Pet: Matt, Hp, Def, MagDef, Dodge, Red Crit Dmg (could use hitpet also now that available)

    Pros: High HP(105k+), High Dodge(1100+), High Def(5k+), High Mdef(2500+), Best heal to others (All pros stay the same)
    Cons: Taking crits always means you will take big damage from high forged players when your dodge doesn't help you. 1v1 = less damage, big wars = more damage.

    c. 100% support/tanker build (Base)
    I've never seen this build done before, atleast as a high forged char, but I imagine it would be pretty cool. Useless solo, but cool in a group. If you had unlimited money and wanted a priest to just follow you around healing you, this would be the character. Another good thing about this is you only need to max Heal, AreaHeal, GaiaCare, Shackle, Manashield, which saves money as a support 2nd character.

    Weapon: HpRes, MpRes, Healing, HP, 5th stat healing
    Gloves: HitRatingBuff, Hit Rate, Healing, Magical Att
    Helm (Hp/Mp Helm): Max Mp, Hit Rating Buff, Healing, HP
    Rings (Hp Ring): Magical Att, Healing, HitRatingBuff, HP

    Armor: Phy Def, Dodge, HpRes, HP
    Belt: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Crit Res
    Boots: HP, Dodge, Absorb, Crit Res
    Shield: Phy Def, Mag Def, HP, Absorb
    Amulet: Dodge, Crit Res, Healing, Absorb
    Cuff: Phy Def, Mag Def, Hit Rate, Crit Res
    Legging: Phy Def, Mag Def, Dodge, Crit Res

    Att Stones: Mdmg%, Reduce MagDef%
    Def Stones: Red Phy %, Red Mag %
    Pet: Matt, Hp, Def, MagDef, Critres, Dodge (could use hitpet also now that available)

    Pros: Same defense stats as other builds, High Shackle Rate, High Dodge Rate
    Cons: Support player means leveling and playing the game will be hard without a team.

    d. BooBies build - "Pot build"
    The basics is I removed ABS (weakest of Def stats), some Mdef (cus priest have the highest already), and added full healing done. I took away 1 hit and put more HP because in my server I didn't need 1050+ hit to do well. I had 5th stat heal before but I wanted more DMG in wars, so I switched to mdmg%. I kept tenacity because dodge works best with high tenacity. I put crit reduce stones because when people hit me, its usually a crit so those stones remove as much damage as possible. Here are some pictures:

    Defense Gears:

    Attack Gears:


  • Warrior Guide
    Posted on 06/07/2011

    Warrior: With a shield in hand, the Warriors' main job is Close Fighting and they are entrusted with the protection of their teammates. "You cannot hurt my teammates until you’ve killed me! I will fight to my last breath!" Warriors play an important role in a team, and their worth cannot be underestimated.

    Source: GodsWar Main Website Under The Classes Section

    As such, it is in my opinion that players that choose to play a warrior character must understand the roles of a warrior first. Every class has their own roles to play, and one of the most important roles a warrior plays in a team is to be the tanker and the damage absorber. People usually complain that warrior takes too long to kill a mob as compared to a champion, but note that warriors are not meant to be the played as the major damage dealer. If you prefer massive damage over defense, go for a champion instead.

    I would say that warrior is among the most rounded character in game, and there are potentially a few builds that a player can choose. However, this guide will focus primarily on the hybrid type, and one can expect this kind of warrior to be able to perform well in both soloing and as a team player.

    Warrior's Talent Chart

    The talent chart of the warrior can be seen below, along with the respective names:

    Here are the desciptions and the additional bonus to the respective skill as shown in the brackets:

    Source: Warrior -- Passive Skills at the Main Website

    *Note that the figure in the bracket are just estimated as your talent level increases. These are the figures that I have in game at the time this guide was made, so you might have different increase for different level.
    *Note also that the symbols at the main website for the passive skills are mostly wrong, so the above is the heavily edited version, but they are correct.

    Talent Distribution
    Attack Build

    -Basic Physique
    -Basic Wrist Strength
    -Ancient Swordplay
    -Thrace Swordplay

    Summary for one set:
    -Maximum health +60
    -Physical attack +22
    -Physical attack +0.4%

    These are the skills that I would recommend players putting talent points into constantly. They are your only skills that improves your attack power, especially important in the early stages of the game when you will need to kill mobs fast and earn TPs (Talent points).

    No matter whether your build is attack based, tanker based or hybrid, these skills are necessary for a warrior. It is just a matter of how much talent points you would like to add into them. For me, I play a hybrid warrior, and these skills' level are the highest among all my other skills (Yes, even higher than defense).

    Note that warriors unfortunately do not have critical skills, so their attack power primarily comes from the skills highlighted above or from their equipments.

    Defense build/ Tanker based

    -Basic Physique
    -Basic Defense
    -Phalanx Duty
    -Gorgon's Blood
    -Basic Will
    -Improved Armor
    -Reinforced Armor
    -Lion's Blood
    -Bear's Steadiness

    Summary for one set:
    -Maximum health +160
    -Physical defense +18
    -Maximum mana +8
    -Damage absorbtion +11
    -Health Res Speed +20
    -Magical Defense +10

    The skills mentioned above are the skills that will help a warrior defend better and tank. Warriors have a great variety of skills to help defend against melee attacks, and they are Basic defense, Phalanx duty, Improved armor and Reinforced armor.

    The skills involved to defend against magical attacks are Bear's steadiness, Improved armor and Reinforced armor.

    Gorgon's blood and Lion's blood can be useful as well. They help increase the maximum HP and HP regeneration respectively, and these can be useful when you are tanking. As for me, I would say that they are optional, and I would only spend TPs on them when I have extras.

    Note that Improved armor and Reinforced armor both raises one's damage absorbtion, which can absorb both physical and magical attacks

    PvP build

    -Basic Physique
    -Basic Accuracy
    -Casting Net
    -Aquarian Order

    Summary for one set:
    -Maximum health +60
    -Hit rating +4
    -Dodge rate +4
    -Crit resistance +1/2

    Before you read on, please note that the above skills are addition to the previous skills I mentioned in the Attack and Defense Build. I do not mean to say that those who wants a PvP build to go for only Basic accuracy, Casting net and Aquarian order. It is just that this three skills can be an important addition if you like to PvP.

    Basic accuracy improves one's hit rate, and you would like to pump it up so that you wouldn't miss on your attacks. What is the point of haveng good attack power of you keep missing? This skill should be increased also for non-PvP reasons, but it will be especially important in PvP when you can expect your opponents to have high dodge rate.

    Casting net improves one's dodge rate, and if you pump this skill well, it would be a double defense for you (quoted by LongBuWang aka Glacier in game). You can expect your opponent (and mobs) to keep missing you, and this is very helpful when PvPing.

    Aquarian Order aka Tenacity is the skill that improves one's critical resistance. The higher you pump up this skill, the less likely would you expect your oppenent to land a critical hit on you.


    That is all for the Warrior guide from me. I will constantly update this guide as changes are made to this class, and I do hope that this guide gives some insights to those who haven't played a warrior or unsure on certain matters regarding this class. Do correct me if I made any mistake above. Cheers and Happy New Year!

    Credit to JaonITI on the way to highlight the skills on the talent chart
  • Mage Equipment Builds/Zodiacs
    Posted on 06/07/2011
    1) Full Magical Attack Build, Mattack Helm & 2 Capricorns (Extremely Super Duper Strongly Highly Recommended)
    Some says, Mage need HP and so on! However, think about it...Is mage a tanker? No, we are not! We should focus on getting high magical attack and finish our enemies off fast instead of tanking them! If you have the mentality to tank your enemies, then I believe you choose the wrong cl^_^! Why waste your attributes on HP when you can attack with range and run?

    2) HP-Magical Attack Hybrid Build
    2.1) Magical attack Helm and 2 HP Rings
    Some rather sacrifice almost 200 of magical attack to go for near 8K HP. NOT WORTH IT!!! Only use this if you need HP desperately or you think you have damn HIGH magical attack -.-lll
    2.2) HP&MP Helm and 2 Capricorns
    This build will be useful if you max everything in your zodiac and you desperately need MP! That is why I say not to max your Improving Attack skill! Level 20 and level 16 is good enough!
    2.3) Magical Attack Helm and 1 Capricorn and 1 HP Ring
    Neither here nor there! Useless! xD Get a build that is focused on a particular attribute!

    3) Full HP Build (HP&MP Helm and 2 HP Rings)
    This build maybe good for Instance. However, its pretty useless when come to battle! One of my friend change to this build and he got butt kicked real bad! If you want high HP, change to Warrior or Priest. Mage should be about Killing Machine!

    If can, please open up all of your zodiac! If you have limited amount of gold, open up all your Improve Defensive skill first, followed by attack skill improvement, then attack skill training and last but not least will be defensive skill training.

    1) If you open up all Zodiac (Generally for War)

    1.1) Improve Defensive Skill (Max All)
    1.1.1) General
    Use Spear Hit, Fire Lotus, Meteor Blast and Thundercloud.
    1.1.2) Very Strong Warrior in Opposing Faction
    Use Spear Hit, Fire Lotus, Meteor Blast and Flash Chop
    1.1.3) Very Strong Warrior with Strong Mage in Opposing Faction
    Use Spear Hit, Fire Lotus, Thundercloud and Flash Chop
    1.1.4) Very Strong Warrior and Priest
    Use Spear Hit, Fire Lotus, Holy Light and Flash Chop

    Conclusion: Always have Spear Hit and Fire Lotus. You can interchange the last 2 slots depending on the situation of your opposing faction.

    1.2) Defensive Skill Training (Max All)
    Use Steel Rain, Stab, Lightblade and Chip Blast!

    1.3) Improve Attack Skill
    Use Fire Lotus (Level 20) and Thunder (Level 16). This is to ensure you have enough mp. When you realise a large group of opposing faction going to attack and you require to push them back, you can use Fire Lotus (Level 20) and Thundercloud (Level 16).

    1.4) Attack Skill Training (Max All)

    Use Lightblade and Flame Blast.

    2) If you never open up all your Zodiac, only open slots that do not require gold.

    2.1) Improve Defensive Skill (Max all)
    Use Spear Hit and Fire Lotus

    2.2) Defensive Skill Training (Max all)
    Use Stab and Lightblade

    2.3) Improve Attack Skill (Max)
    Fire Lotus

    2.4) Attack Skill Training
    Lightblade (PVP)/Flame Blast (Others)

    Ultimately, this is only a general guideline. I believe you will know what should be in the slots for your zodiac when you are in war, quest, instance, afk, pvp and so on.

    AFK, Instance and Quest
    Usually I will afk/quest with thundercloud, star shower, flame blast and lightblade. For Instance, I use either only flame blast (if this boss will be hard to kill) or thundercloud, star shower and flame blast.

    PVP Tips
    First rule you always must remember! Never just stand looking like a fool and spam your skills! If you do that, you are the worst pilot/player ever! ALWAYS RUN AROUND and spam skills!
    1) When fighting a Champion
    Sequence to use which skills: Silence, Fire Lotus, Thunder, Thundercloud, Star Shower and Lightblade until you can use Fire Lotus again. If you know your opponent will run far away from you when you use silence, use fire lotus first. Then silence. Your opponent will start to run again. Run the opposite direction until your fire lotus cooldown is over. After that, when the champion is gettin within your range, use thundercloud. After, that use Fire lotus, thunder and star shower!

    2) When fighting a Warrior
    It is rather similar to fighting Champion. However, I will not recommend you to use star shower since your opponent has high magical defence. You will give the warrior a chance to chase after you and damage you. Just run and use lightblade until you can use fire lotus. Sequence: Silence, Fire Lotus, Thunder, Thundercloud and lightblade.

    3) When fighting a Priest

    This is tricky! Silence is your best friend especially when you fight priest! I bet you will hate priest's healing, gaia care and shackle! It be irritatin when you nearly kill your opponent, he or she heal and bam! You start from square 1 again. That is why Silence is your best friend. Always save silence as your last skill when your opponent is dying. This is to prevent the priest from healing or shackling you and you can finish the priest off! Okay, usually, the priest will use gaia care first to ward off your fire lotus! So you must be smart and quick to counteract that! Always be full of surprise when you fight a priest! Always change your skill sequences when fightin a priest! And please do not use star shower too!

    4) When fighting a Mage

    First skill no matter what always use silence! Rest of the sequences are rather similar! For this, you can choose not to run hehe xD You can just stand there and spam skill

    Overall: It's really depend who you fighting. I'm only providing a general guideline. I believe there are many different type of skill combinations that are better or maybe more useful for other situations. Really depend on the situation you are in. So always be smart and think smart!

    War Tips
    Run and spam skills lol What more can I say? If you are going to face A HUGE group of players from the opposing factions, you can choose to be a suicide bomber by fire blasting or put thundercloud in zodiac slots and spam & run!

    Recommended Pet Skills:
    1) Life Totem (Increase HP)
    2) Dark Revenge (Increase Magical attack)
    3) Heart Ward (Reduce Critical Damage)
    4) Rapt Attention (Increase Critical)
    5) Devoured Life (Gain HP with every attack)
    6) Enhanced Mag Damage (Increase Spell Damage)

    Tips and Advices: For 2 & 6, you can interchange with any other 2 pet skills that you think you need the most! 1, 2, 4 and 5 is essential for a mage! You may not follow exactly the pet skills I used. You can use alternative pet skills that provide the same attributes as I have mentioned. Pet helps your character to be strong! If possible, get as many rebirth waters as you can (Rebirth Water can only get from Mall Events, Wheel of Fortune or Wonderland which will be very rare) for your pet! Merge as many pets to your main pet! For a starter main pet, either use smart Panda (for Devoured Life)/smart Ghost (for Dark Revenge)/smart Bunny (for Rapt Attention)/Brave Rock Elf. Mage requires Pet with high savvy Agility as Agility is the factor for Magical Attack when merge! I bet you wish to have high magical attack when merge right? If can, focus on agility!

    Mount Gears
    After many tryouts, experiments, lab explosions and caused many casualties, Ax3lZer0 and me felt that mage should focus on high magical attack! Hence if possible, get mount gears that provide good magical attack! Other attributes not so important xD

    I will want to thank:
    Ax3lZer0, for being a great teacher and wonderful best friend & bro.
    ssyc, for giving me guidances and advices on warrior
    BooBies, for inspiring to make a guide and tips & tricks!
    Lancey, for giving me very good advices whenever I have any queries
    KiCk'OuT, for supporting me
    Ixte/Kevo, for always spamming whatever thread I create and always loving me!
    Jelz, teaching me quite number of stuff.
    Jesus, learn a great deal from duelling with him.
    Yhamey, always being a supportive sister.
    =Tina= and spanksta, you guys inspire me to make this guide too! :3
    People who spam questions at me, You are the people who force me to make this guide -.-lll

    If you any further enquiries, feel free to PM me on forum, give me a visit at HAHAHA server and give me a PM or just post on this guide! If you want to ask me personally in game, the best is you visit me during weekends! Hope you will learn something from this guide
  • Guide Tip to be a good Mage
    Posted on 06/07/2011

    Guide to be a Mage (Updates Complete)

    Quick Note
    Hey everyone, many have asked me about what build a mage should use or what skills mage's pet should have and so on. Hence, I have decided to create a guide on how to be a strong mage. However, before I go any further, you need to be warn that in order to be strong, the key criteria is to do marathon everyday religiously or you can whip out your credit card and used it until its limit. This guide is based on my opinions and ideas. Some may have differing opinions, it is up to your discretion to follow my guide or not. This guide maybe wordy and lengthy, however, I do hope that you will take some time to read and digest. I believe you will learn something from this guide! Thanks

    Introduction to Mage
    1) What is so fun and great about mage?
    First and foremost, its attack based on range! Many players (especially champions and warriors) hate it when mage run around like a fool and spam skills while the meele characters have to slog their butts just to chase mage. I have experience using Champion and Warrior...Seriously, after duelling with mage, I appreciate my =Doom= even more. If you are an irritant (like me) and love to run around, trust me, mage is a character that suits you. Mage is also one of the easiest cl^_^ to pilot. You do not require much brain to pilot a mage. Just ensure that you need to run alot and spam your skills (But of course, you need to spam the right skills) too! Oh, mage is a great cl^_^ for monster hunting too! With Blood s()cker/Life Devoured as your Pet skills and flame blast, you usually can survive better and damage more as compared to other cl^_^es. Mage is the natural boss tanker! Mage is also a good PlayerVsEveryone Cl^_^ due to the range AOEs (Thundercloud and Star Shower). Spam AOEs on the large crowd of opposing faction and run back and hide Or you can be the ultimate suicide bomber...Run into the middle of the large crowd of opposin faction in Pindus, use fire blast and BOOM! You will die because most of them will for sure gangbang you, but in the meanwhile, you also manage to bring some of them along with you to GodsWar's Afterlife. If you are a person who love range and high damage, mage is the cl^_^ that suit you.

    2) Is Mage the best cl^_^?
    No, please do not have that idea. It really depends on your build. Each build is good against certain cl^_^/build and has weakness against other cl^_^/build. It really depends. However, if we get to pot and duel, Priest has a slight added advantage in PVP! But hey, do not let this factor affect you and prevent you from being the ultimate and perfect mage

    Different types of Attribute Builds for Mages
    1) 0 Tenacity Build
    1.1) Healing and Hp Res (Build I'm currently using and I will change to 1.2 build)
    0 tenacity means you do not have any critical resistance. Do not increase your Crit Resistance in your TP tree. let it remain at 0. This will ensure players will constantly damage you with crit. However, you may question me, WHY?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!!! CRIT DAMAGE IS FREAKIN PAIN! ARE YOU INSANE?! No, I'm not. That is where your cooled holy stones come in handy. For cooled holy stones, use crit damage percentage as your first drill and crit damage value as your second drill. 0 tenacity build will ensure your holy stones build is fully maximised as most of the time, they will damage you with crit. If you have good holy stones drills, you be surprised some crit damages can be lower than the normal damages. Okay, since you do not have any crit resistance attributes in your equipments, you have more slots for other attributes. This is where healing done comes in handy. With Profession, getting super healing pots is a piece of cake. With good healing done, you can literally spam hp pots without dying in a war! Oh, and if you have a supporting priest with you, even better! The healing on you will be high and you be near unstoppable. Sounds cool right? :3 If you are ultimate maller, use magic healing pots and see how your life will always be full with good healing done! Okay, so now why add Hp res? Think about it...Mage is a cl^_^ that requires lots of running. You get to dodge most of your opponents' attacks by running. While you run, with hp res, you get to restore some of your hp. Isn't that wonderful? During war in pindus, after using AOEs, you will run away, with hp res, you can escape some near to close death experience. I am currently using this build, however, mage do not have good hp res overall as compared to warrior, hence hp res is not really effective. After talking to Lancey and BooBies from ZEPOS, I found a better build which I'm goin to change to!

    1.2) Healing Done with Dodge Rate Buff (Highly Recommended by =Doom= and Lancey)
    You need to have at least 4 dodge rate buff in your equipments to ensure this take effect. From Lancey's experiments, he told me 80 percent of the time when people use debuff (Silence, Stun and Freeze), it doesn't work on him. Preventing all these debuff will give you a great added advantage in both war and PVP. As a mage, I have no problem in PVP or war except always getting debuff! When I charge up front to the Spartas to use AOEs and run back, I usually get frozen, stun and silence in one shot! 15 over spartas will come and gangbang me until I die...I feel so helpless!!! This is where dodge buff come in extremely useful! It prevents you from dying! Even in PVP, imagine you can dodge all the debuffs. You be near unstoppable :3 Champion will forever have to chase you since freeze will not really work on you. Isn't that wonderful? I will post this build when I change my attributes and give it a try out. However, if you decide to add in 4 dodge rate buff, you need to sacrifice some attributes. I recommend you to take away your damage absorption as it's rather useless. The stronger you are, damage abs will be more useless.

    2) Dodge Build
    2.1) With Crit Res
    For this build, you will have to take away healing done and damage absorption to add Crit Res and Dodge attributes! Ensure you max out both attributes on your equipments! High dodge will only be effective if you have high tenacity. Having low tenacity will nearly render your dodge useless! Lancey used this build when he was a mage and it proved him quite useful. This build is similar to a champion! Your dodge and tenacity may not be as high as champion, but it may still prove useful! To let you know, if you really malled and max out your gears, you can reach above 1k dodge which is about the same as champion!

    Holy Stones Build
    1) Cooled Stones Build
    1.1) 0 Tenacity Build
    Just use reduce crit percentage damage (First drill) and reduce crit damage value (Second drill) build! Think about it, if you use 0 tenacity build, you will constantly get damages with crit, hence having those drills, it will reduce those crit damages.

    1.2) Dodge Rate Build
    If you using this build, I highly recommend you using reduce physical damage percentage and reduce magical damage percentage. The reason is simple, since you will have high tenacity and dodge rate, the person will have lower tendency to damage you with crit! Even he never miss, it's rather a high chance the person will damage you without crit. I did an experiment with Ax3lZer0 and found out that Dodge Rate is related with tenacity! With high dodge rate, the chance of the person damaging you with crit is rather low too. Hence, since most of the damages applied to you is without crit, its better to use these drills.

    2) Heated Holy Stones
    NOTE: Ensure your first drill is always Increase Magical Damage Percentage
    2.1) Increase Magical Damage Percentage and Disable Magical Defence Percentage
    This is the build that I'm currently using now and it is the best combination for mage! As everyone get stronger, naturally people's magical defence will be higher too! Hence, using disbable magical defence will be rather useful and you will tend to damage your opponent real badly!

    2.2) Increase Magical Damage Percentage and Increase Crit Damage Percentage
    This build is very useful against monsters, low level or weak players and beginning of the game. If your server is new and everyone is still not very strong, this build will be the best. However, upon using this build, ensure you have high crits! You will only see high damage when you damage with crit. If you have low crit, your chance of damagin with crit is low and your drills will be useless!

    My Stats with Merge Only

    Pictures of My Equipments (Build 1.1, I will change to 1.2 soon and update it)[/b

    [ Last edited by serinex at 3-2-2011 09:13 ]


    Wand.JPG (21.97 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:38


    Gloves.JPG (21 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:49


    Sleeves.JPG (20.15 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:49


    Helmet.JPG (21.89 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:49


    Girdle.JPG (22.38 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:49


    Leggings.JPG (22.73 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:49


    Boots.JPG (23.24 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:49


    Amulet.JPG (24.16 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:49


    Capricorn 1.JPG (23.24 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:49

    Capricorn 1.JPG

    Capricorn 2.JPG (24.4 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:49

    Capricorn 2.JPG

    Magical Defence Armour.JPG (22.97 KB)

    3-1-2011 21:49

    Magical Defence Armour.JPG

    Physical Defence Armour.jpg (43.86 KB)

    3-2-2011 08:21

    Physical Defence Armour.jpg

  • Guide to be a Good Champ
    Posted on 06/07/2011
    Here comes my little contribution to champion's guides (mostly on Sparta's side, but it is possible to adapt it to Athens)... hope it will be usefull to make a good start!
    Everything was done by TP grinding and leveling, so the philosphy here (and i won't discuss it here!!!) is to maximize the pair (Exp;TP) so we still gain a decent rate of exp and TP.
    Just note that i made it by grinding TP and without speaking about Quests, but you can use quests if you want in order to gain Exp, Exp + TP or money... then this guide should be a kind of "Ariane's Wire" to check regularly if you're on the good built!


    Some people tell me that champions are kind of warriors, but i would simply compare it to Assassins (sins) in other MMORPG.
    They have to go fast breaking the lines and killing people. Main target should be to maximize offensive build… but other build can be tested…
    Maximizing defence would be ridiculous since I would recommend making a warrior instead, but it hadn’t been tested so maybe it could… but not sure if it would really be efficient.

    2-Build axis #1: OFFENSIVE AXIS:


    This is the main axis you should focus on most of Champion’s build. This should give you the basic HIT RATE (important for raising the chance of hitting mobs) plus 30 melee damage per level ( + ) and +0.5% melee bonus damage. This axis is a must have for this class since first aim is ATTACK POWER.

    3-Build Axis #2: DEFENSIVE AXIS:


    It appears that major parts of mobs till level 40 provide melee damages. After 40 and especially from 55 till 65 it seems that more mobs are using magical damages (but you can still find only melee attackers).
    So I think it is better to begin putting melee defence till the beginning of your build (let’s say level 20 or so) and then begin to add some magical defence and damage absorption once you hit 40 (or a little below).

    4-Build Axis #3: REGEN AXIS:


    This build seems to be misunderstood since i think it is one of the best things to add to champions. They seems to be able to gain the best HP regeneration rate +16 HP added each level… then just imagine you got a big offense & defence plus an outstanding HP regeneration rate. Add outstanding Dodging rate and you would be quite invincible. Moreover it will be a holy grail when you need to grind better mobs at high level...

    At level 20 (stats added thru this build):

    HP = 20 * 50 = 1000 HP

    HP Regen Rate = 20 * 16 = 320HP added

    MP Regen Rate = 20 * 3 = 60MP added

    At level 40 (stats added thru this build):

    HP = 40 * 50 = 2000 HP

    HP Regen Rate = 40 * 16 = 640HP added

    MP Regen Rate = 40 * 3 = 120MP added

    Then it appears that the best skill here is HP regeneration since MP regeneration is too small to be really interesting at the beginning and HP base is already high enough not to need to raise more HP… but if you want fast HP regeneration then you have to choose also to add more HP. Then i would recommend not to put any points into MP regeneration since it isn’t worth yet the TP points you’ll have to collect (40 level = +120 MP regeneration). However, it will probably be of great use as soon as you are very high level. Why?
    Simply because as soon as your MP bar is empty, you will have more MP every 3 sec… and you’ll ask me yes but what will be the gain? In fact imagine you get 120 MP every 3 seconds… if you add 4*20 = 80 MP then you would have 200 MP every 3 seconds. Then you could use most of your skills every 3 seconds and wouldn’t be that limited!

    5-Build Axis #4: HEALING AXIS:


    Just use it to raise the number of HP a potion or a healer will restore. For instance, if you got a 1000 HP potion 2.5% healing done in this passive skill you would restore 1025 HP… got it? Then it is not important to begin putting some points into this skill before you engage in PvP… time will tell when you really need more HP restored. I prefer, from my testing, using a good HP regeneration that is good for PvP and PvE.

    6-Build Axis #5: ADVANCED AXIS:


    I think that the best is to raise your dodging rate in order to be less hit… then casting net is a must have (+4 Dodge Rate per level so 160 Dodging rate added at level 40… Good luck to hit me because you would have 40 * (4+2) = 240 ;) ). You can also add HIT RATING even if i think it’s not so important for PvE (more for PvP) and critical bonus (interesting to raise this one constantly because it will help you kill faster mobs since you'll make more crit hits!!!) / resistance (useless at low level only important when you'll want to pk)…
    As far as I’m concerned, I would recommend maximizing dodging rate / Hit rate then critical bonus and then critical resistance (since you would be less hit thanks to my dodging rate…)... So at high level (80 or upper or at least when you want to engage in PvP) you'll have to put more points in crit res and all other passive skills...

    These tactics are meant to be used for spartan Champions... sry for Athens since i'm currently working on it

    1-Tactics to level till level 80

    The sequence to gain level was cut into scenes. You should always gather new gears and scrolls before you hit 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60… Thus you’ll be entirely equipped as you hit this new level. Always remember no to forget to have both defence parts (melee & magic) to switch if the mobs seems to hit you too much. Try also to collect parts with additional defence & additional attack power.

    1 important difference to make:

    • melee damage is the amount of points added to your base attack power.
    • melee damage % bonus is the rate added to your base attack power to compose your full attack power.

    Well i would'nt tell ya the same thing as for mage (since % damage bonus is at the very end of the path, but here in the middle so you got to raise it if you want to ch the +20 melee damage per round). But what is important is to know when it begins to be really efficient to add % melee bonus.

    Then imagine you got a base melee damages at 1300 and that you got 22 points on the attack build.
    22 points = 11% melee damage bonus added = 1300 * 11% = 143 points added (we see that it isn't really worth at low level)
    Now imagine that you got 2000 and 25 points raised on the attack build.
    25 points = 12.5% melee damage bonus added = 2000 * 12.5% = 250 (that exactly corresponds to the +10 * 25 melee damage gained)

    So do not forget that you'll see more and more these % bonus effects as you level and go higher level (80 and more).

    Sparta's suburb's map

    A – Level 1 – 11: Sparta’s Suburb

    You’ve got some choice (you can raise defence if you prefer but it wouldn’t be the most efficient build at the beginning), but if I were you I would begin killing little dummies near the camp (don't remember the name atm but #1 on the map) for at least farming 150 TP points till lvl 11. At that level try to get all good gears to be the most effective killing mobs + try to get scrolls for your level. Your primary build should be focused on the attack axis. Then you should at least spend your first 150 TP entirely for this kind of build in order to be strong enough to be able to solo if you want. Then you should be at level 11 with +210 melee damage / melee bonus damage+3.5% and Hit Rate of
    +21 (number of TP points used = 36 * 4 = 144). I personally choose to put 7 points into offensive axis but also 7 in melee defence ( 27 * 4 = 158 TP points). You should'nt try to kill mobs with level above level 7 (killing snakes as strongest mobs so #2 on the map)

    B – Level 12 – 21: Sparta’s Suburb

    I would now switch to mobs like Treasure Box (level 12 or so in #3 or #4). Kill those till you become level 21 or 22. You should earn about 150 more Tp points. These points should be used for raising your defensive stats. Then you should continue to raise your offensive axis till level 9 and your defensive axis too.
    Number of TP points used: Offense axis: 4* 21 + 3* 19 = 84 + 57 = 141

    Then you should be level 9 on the offensive axis and level 6 on the defensive axis, giving you these added stats:

    +270 melee damage

    +4.5% melee bonus damage

    +63 melee defence

    + 42 magic defence

    Just note at this time that you can stop leveling and continue TP farming by finding a spot with at least 3 mobs of the same level and AFK.
    You need 3 mobs of the same level in order to fully gain your TP when you reach 10 level above their level, else you would not earn TP from mobs below this level.

    For instance if you're level 28 and you kill 3 mobs level 18, you will always gain 1 TP each  17 turns (50 / 3 )...
    but if you are level 28 and kill 2 mobs level 18 and 1 level 17 then you'll gain only 1 TP each 25 turns (50/2)..
    So do you see why it is important to find such spots!!!

    Peloponnesus' map

    C – Level 22 – 31: Sparta’s Suburb or Peloponnese

    At this point you should be strong enough to kill Lions (#5 on the map) or Vipers (#7 on the map) in Sparta’s suburbs (or go Peloponnese if you prefer to kill spiders, what I exactly did). You should again gain a minimum of 150 TP points to use it into the Offensive & Defensive axis this way.

    Remember that spiders are a good way of earning TP since there are few people grinding on these kind of mobs. You'll find some spots with at least 4 level 28 Huge spiders... got there and AFK.

    D – Level 32 – 41: Peloponnese

    I would then kill Boas (#1 on the map) without being next to Boss’s respawn point. Use repeated quest in Peloponnese (next to Boa's spot) to earn much more TP if you want or just grind. You should also target at least 150 TP. I would add a litlle more magic defence + dmg absorb in order to be able to kill skeletons (#4 on the map). else choose to kill scorpions (#3 on the map,but you'll get less TP per unit of time since their density is far less). Follow the TP distribution table to see what the goals i would follow at this level.

    E – Level 42 – 51: Peloponnese

    You can continue to kill skeletons (#4) or scorpions (#3) or if you are strong enough go to tackle wizzards (#5 or #6) in Peloponnese. At 50 you can swich to wolves in Nemea (or lions)...
    Just to note that there are some spots with at least 3 or more level 48 wizzards in #5... just in case you want to grind a bit more TP with a level cap of 58.

    Nemea's map

    F – Level 52 – 61: Nemea

    You should start or continue to kill wolves (#1) or lions (#2) till you are mid 50. Then just switch to kill some Huge frog (level 55 / 56) if you need to maximize exp.

    G – Level 62 – 71: Nemea

    I would continue to kill Huge frogs till i'm level 70 since it is a good exp / TP pair at that level... (if you see at 62 that you are still a little weak, try to kill some wolves lvl 52 and then next level kill lions lvl 43 so that you can earn more TP at the beginning of this level. However, i think the best (Exp;TP) pair in pure grinding is the best with Huge frogs (It is quite hard to level close to level 70 with wolves).

    G – Level 72 – 81: Nemea / Argolis

    I would recommend to begin killing some Forest female Warriors in #7 on the map... It should gives you 101 exp per kill at the beginning. The best spot to kill those till late 70 would be the spot past the little rock on the right side of the river (completely at the top)... since the whole group of 4/5 is level 72... then just continue to kill them till you're at least 78 (or till 80 if you can)...
    If you want to get good gears (also by trying to compound loots) at 80 you should try to kill robbers kelin in Argolis... they give good gears to compound and a good TP / Exp so you'll get quicker to 80.

    It is the minimum i advise you to raise selected passive skills




    So you can see that after level 60 it will be really important not to level too fast (i mean continuing to maximize your TP return by level) because you see on the table above that your TP needs begin to raise quite exponentionaly.
    Also note, that if you want to engage in PvP you should raise your critical bonus / resistance closed to levzel 20. Do not forget as i told you before that this char isn't really a warrior, but it is quite close to an assassin who has less HP & Def than warriors but should use their own class advantage: critical hit... it is a must have in PvP!!!

    Just to give you a little update:
    At level 80 i'm currently 24 in the offensive build + 24 in melee def (18 in Hit Rate+5 & Critical Bonus) and 18 on the defensive build

    s MAIN TIPS:

    ·There is a 10 level mob’s level difference from your character's level to earn TP points. Then if you want to farm TP, just find a region where you would maximize the number of kills per minute…

    ·Try to begin farming lots of TPs in order to try to be lvl 10 on each passive skill.

    ·This game is a good balance between TP farming and exping, so don’t only try to do the first or the latter.

    ·If you know you are going to switch to new mobs, keep some TP and try your gears on these mobs and watch what you are hit. Try to be hit less than -20. If not, you’ll need to add magical / melee defence (depending the kind of mobs you actually hunt)
    + damage absorption.

    For instance:
    Imagine a mob hitting you -30 with magical damages.
    If you put 1 more point in magical defence and damage absorption, you would only be hit -30 + 14 = -16 which is fairly easy to handle with HP regeneration.

    ·If you want to maximize the number of kills per minute, just wander around and aggro some mobs, then try to gather them at one point and AFK all your skills. Do it again and again and you would have the most exp & TP you can have without questing. Add also quests if you want.

    ·Beware of people trying to aggro some bosses to kill you and take your spot, so go a bit farther to solve this problem. Also try to find a spot where there is no tree or things that can screw up your char... also note that some player will try to aggro mobs to try to screw your char in order to take your spot (sometimes also calling people from the other faction to clear the spot... yeah i know it so do not tell it is fake)

    ·Begin to collect new gears as you approach new level barrier (10 / 20 / 30 /40 / 50 / 60 ...let's say 1 level before is good enough). Always try to compound gears before you hit these new levels.

    ·Collect only the most skill books you can (especially try to fill your whole second bag after you got it at level 60), it should be your most valuable items dropped since it is quite frequent and can now be traded with merchants to get quite a good sum of money. Try to keep those which seems to be scarce and sell the all lvl 1 (since you can buy it at skill vendor)... At level 60 you should be able to collect at least 50k silver quite easily doing this... (It can also be a major way of starting to settle your own guild)

    ·Try to find some spots with at least 3 or 4 mobs of the same level whenever you can... if you do, then you know that you can cap your level and continue grinding some TP at a decent rate (at least 10 to 14 an hour is decent. Less than 10 isn't...)

    ·Try only to open iron boxes with level 80+ (100+ is better but 80+ could help you when you becomes high level)

    ·At 80 you should compound rings (those which gives you MATK or ATK) to get at least enhanced rings with both physical & attack power for champions & warriors (or magical & MATK for priests & Mages)


    Some remarks which could help people a bit through the art of compounding:

    • If you compound 4 common gears you got strong probabilities to make an enhanced gear.
    • Don't try to compound gears worse than common or it will give the same poor quality
    • If you compound 4 commons and put a 2 bonus common gear on the second slot, you got strong probability to get a 2 attributes gear (also enhanced will have less probability)


  • New Found Active Site
    Posted on 06/07/2011
    Anyone see this Site?
    It says They gives Free Epic Grade 10 Mount gears?
    Will i go and try this..
  • New Godswar Argent Armored Dragon Mount
    Posted on 06/07/2011

    Argent Armored Dragon Up for Grabs!

    Argent Armored Dragon is ultra cool. It is the rarest mount in the mythological world of ancient Greece. At present there is only one in GWO. So we are pleased to give away another Argent Armored Dragon as well as more stuff.

    Event Duration
    June 8th until June 12th EDT (GMT-4)

    Event Content
    Simply purchase enough GWO Gold during the event to rank in the Top 6 for Gold purchases and you'll win one of the following rewards!

    1st Place: [Argent Armored Dragon]*1 + [Rebirth Spring]*1
    2nd Place: [GW-176 Motorcycle]*1 + [Rebirth Spring]*1 + [Level 4 Crystal]*50
    3rd Place: [Rebirth Spring]*2
    4th-6th Places: [Rebirth Spring]*1

    1. All prizes are tradable and will be awarded within 1 day from the end of the event.

    2. If you have any problems during this event, please click here to submit them. We will check them out and resolve it for you within 3 working days.


    Latest GWO Gold Buyers Rankings

    Rank Account Name
    1 An*********ts
    2 Jo*********o5
    3 gl***sz
    4 az***07
    5 Lo********ss
    6 el********us


  • New Godswar Argent Armored Dragon Mount
    Posted on 06/07/2011

    Argent Armored Dragon Up for Grabs!

    Argent Armored Dragon is ultra cool. It is the rarest mount in the mythological world of ancient Greece. At present there is only one in GWO. So we are pleased to give away another Argent Armored Dragon as well as more stuff.

    Event Duration
    June 8th until June 12th EDT (GMT-4)

    Event Content
    Simply purchase enough GWO Gold during the event to rank in the Top 6 for Gold purchases and you'll win one of the following rewards!

    1st Place: [Argent Armored Dragon]*1 + [Rebirth Spring]*1
    2nd Place: [GW-176 Motorcycle]*1 + [Rebirth Spring]*1 + [Level 4 Crystal]*50
    3rd Place: [Rebirth Spring]*2
    4th-6th Places: [Rebirth Spring]*1

    1. All prizes are tradable and will be awarded within 1 day from the end of the event.

    2. If you have any problems during this event, please click here to submit them. We will check them out and resolve it for you within 3 working days.


    Latest GWO Gold Buyers Rankings

    Rank Account Name
    1 An*********ts
    2 Jo*********o5
    3 gl***sz
    4 az***07
    5 Lo********ss
    6 el********us


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