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Title: Hitting the nails in the coffin boy
FWAR   The Ring
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(Date Posted:01/31/2016 5:54 PM)
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Warning: This roleplay may contain things not suitable for everyone. There may be some violence, there may be some foul language, hell there may even be some sexual content. So all you single-minded people out there...TURN BACK NOW!!! You've been warned...

R/p Title

Hitting the nails in the coffin boy


Whom ever Liz decides to fall into the depth of hell


Spot possibly open


All on the roster


Try attempt your fate, surely you won't like the final ending


It's been a while since, I've been this motivated on anything.


Me or anyone or Elisabeth Adams

Music Inspiration

Anything that motivated me!

It's only matter of time before the nail being put into the coffin leaving no room for arguments nor will there be any sort of grievance at all. It's truly one of those times that a man trying to do what so many others has tried to do and failed to achieved. Some could questioned if it's wise to provoked the beast that lurks deep into the hollow grounds of hell itself. When you dared to thread into the sole place off the beast? You won't be able to live to tell about it as the time is coming for those who had put their final nail into the coffin as the man in black has come to take the soul of the chosen damned superstars and now, It's surely there shalt be a night that no one ever in their right frame of mind would ever forget at all. As the devil's hands has been dealt and surely it's a hand that you won't like at all as the time is coming for you, Oh yes..... The grim reaper has comes for you by calling your name and it's surely just over.

It's never ceased to amaze anyone on how little people can actually noticed what truly going on in the professional wrestling company like Fusion wrestling Alliance Reborn which in this very case, There was a match that has been rumored to set the tone for the pay per view called Bloody Hell. A pay per view that surely have a fitting name for a fitting superstar to take place at it, But this wasn't just a normal superstar oh noo... This was a beast that has been making waves upon the roster leaving many people to wonders what could happen when they step up toward to the beast. What shall happen when they experienced the powers of the beast that is aiming to take what rightfully belongs to him and hell bent on causing destruction upon anyone who was foolishly enough to take the challenge to end the beast. One way or another, There is a war is coming for the chosen victims and there shall be a war that can't be compared to anything in the world. Now, There is a reckoning coming for the chosen victims and now, It's beginning of the end for you...

The scene begins to open up to where many of the fans were having their fun as they had seen the preview of what could come from the battle royal at Bloody Hell pay per view as Mark Jacobs and Laci Madison started to speak.

{Mark Jacobs} It's seem that the pay per view is finally building up to moment that none of us would ever dared to forget. It's also clear that the battle royal is going to be the match of the night from what these fans had experienced.

{Laci Madison} It's seemly like the match will outshines all the others which appears to me the question if Trevor Marshall or any others of the talents that hasn't made any attempts to make their statements on this match.

{Mark Jacobs} You might be right, But there is still time for them to say what they are going to do in this match and surely as we seen the carnage of Cliff O Clink and Ryan Burgess going at it. I'm quite certain that shall come to a point where history will be made.

Mark and Laci knew that this was just beginning of the end for the talents that wanting to put their names into the history book and by doing that is putting their hands on then championship golds in the company, but they also knew that it's pretty easy to earn the championship, But holding onto it is entirely differently as well. They looks at each other then says.

{Mark Jacobs} From how much the beast has been quite vocal about the match with this certain superstar and yet? I'm wondering what could happen when these two meet in the ring? Will there be chaos that no one can quite handle or possibly there will be history made with a rivalry between them?

{Laci Madison} I'm not sure, but it's appears that Cliff got himself in the sight of the beast and I'm surely glad it's not me because, Look at what The beast has done before Cliff has come into this company. Lorcan has been dominate force that no one has ever had seen in their lives and yet? It's appears that Cliff is aiming to put the dent in Lorcan's career by putting him on the shelve and proved that he deserved to have the number one contender to the United States Championship which  I'm thinking that Elisabeth Adams have something to say about that since, She does control the beast.

Before Mark could say anything about that comment as the lights dimmed down as the fans started to scream on top of their lungs. The lighting hit the stage giving the fans a scare of a lifetime as the lighting started to change from pure darkness into the bluish purplish style as the smoke started to filled the ramp way. The pa system started to play "The Unforgiven" by Metallica giving the fans a chance to scream as they knew who this music belongs to. The camera slowly goes up the ramp way as you could see "Blood Daughter Of hell" Elisabeth Adams holding onto her doll Mary along what appears to be a locket around her neck like it's was something important. She was wearing the most creepy clothes that anyone could ever seen her in as she was wearing a black mixed with red color dress as she turns her head toward to the entrance as the man comes out of the backstage wearing pure black jeans, black wrestling top as you could see the long leather trench coat including a western hat on his head which it's could only be none other then "The Beast" Lorcan Balthazar. The beast that has been on the rampage upon anyone that gets into his way of getting what he wants and at the moment, he have no choice, But to compete for the United States championship contender ship which was something that management is wanting to put the best of the matches and yet? How can it's get any more better than having the beast like Lorcan. They heads down the ramp way slowly like a death type walk making the fans to wonders what is their reasons to come out now instead of taking part of the preview for Bloody Hell. They had their own reasons as they finally made it to the ring as Elisabeth rub her locket then pointed to the steel step as she was telling her beast to bring the lights back on. He heads up the steel steps as he taken a second then raise his arms to the side forcing the lights to come back. The lights came back on as Lorcan get into the ring as he holds the ropes for Elisabeth Adams who was still holding her doll in her arms. she get into the ring then demanded the microphone to  speak on s the crew member hands it to her as she signaled for the music to die down which it's did as she says.

||Elisabeth Adams||  It's surely the reckoning of a certain superstar who has made it clear that h isn't afraid of my beast. The beast that has taken superstar after superstar, Diva after diva that has tried to attempt their fates and yet? They all had fallen to my beast. When you dared to take a shot at my beast? You won't be able to live long enough to talk about it.

She could hear the fans chanting for her since, She was that famous for hurting people that has gotten in her way even if it's was one way or another in different reasons as she started to speak.

||Elisabeth Adams|| Oh yess, Where is Trevor Marshall.... Oh where could he be? Oh that right... He is forgotten superstar and surely he is just going to remain that way....

The fans kept on chanting for Trevor, But Elisabeth says.

||Elisabeth Adams|| That brings me to you Cliff... You are attempting your own fate when you made a mockery out of my beast's name and surely that is one mistake that will put the final nail in your coffin after Bloody Hell is all said and done? You will be riding in the coffin that my beast be having at the ringside just for you. My beast have final rites for you!

Elisabeth looks at Lorcan as she holds the microphone to his face as he says.

||Lorcan Balthazar|| When the grim reaper calls your name boy, You know it's plain over. When the beast comes for you, You know it's beginning of your end. The Beast is only here to end your careers and take back what truly belongs to the dark side and that the United states championship contender ship.

Lorcan takes a deep breath then says.

||Lorcan Balthazar|| You will learn why you're just a number and you're going to rest in hell....

Elisabeth chuckles as she signaled for her beast to bows to her as the pa system started to  play "The Unforgiven" by Metallica as Lorcan gets on one knee then bows to her until someone's music hit the pa system. Elisabeth gets out of the ring as Lorcan takes off his hat and trench coat as he was ready for a fight that is coming.

Disclaimer: This layout is made by Award winning layout designer Bloody Phantom for the use of Ryan as Lorcan Balthazar.



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RE:Bury me all you like, but you'll never kill the CoC.
(Date Posted:02/01/2016 11:21 AM)

That music is Lounge Act by Nirvana which indeed does signal the time for fighting to begin and yapping your mouth to end. Cliff O Clink sauntering out in a swagger of a man who has nothing to lose and nothing to hide, just here to be the best he can be no matter how many times he may get beat to the bottom of the ladder. Cliff circling the ring eyeballing Lorcan Balthazar cause he knows the dark dweller gets his panties in a twist over the disrespect of not being feared. The CoC grabbing his own microphone to roll in the ring and hop to his feet showing he has a few words before the fighting begins, so he says it.

"Hey reaper, why so grim!? If you are such a bad ass beast who dominates everyone, then why oh why is such a lil new guy like myself such a pain in your ass!?! Is it because I don't give you the satisfaction of cowering, of hiding and just letting you run over everyone in the battle royal!? I don't know what your deal is and I really don't care. I never gave a shit about putting anyone in their place, let alone someone I didn't even know, but what I know now makes me feel great about anything I did do to you. Well I can respect your accomplishments like I do for what Ryan Burgess has done, I do not respect the man before me because what I see is a sniveling little bitch, not a so called beast!!"

Lorcan looking at Cliff like he doesn't believe the CoC had the balls to say that to him, but Cliff just shrugs it off and says.

"Go ahead, beat my ass right here, right now, I'm ready for a fight. I been fighting my way through this professional wrestling business for over a decade and not much to show for it besides a beat up body. But make no mistake, this body will still go from bell to bell against ANYONE in FWAR! You can give me all the last rites you want, try to take my soul, drag me to hell, beat me within a inch of my life, but you better kill me or I will be back in your face every night you show up here. I didn't come to FWAR to sit ion the sidelines and watch, to spectate. I came here to compete and if you are as great as you act like you are, I want you in this ring with me, so what's it gonna be, BOY...you gonna swing or do I have to strike first cause I can do whatever it takes!?!"

The CoC tossing the mic at Lorcan's feet in another disrespectful  move, then steps right up to the big man spreading his arms wide to motion for his best shot. Cliff bumping his chest against Lorcan shouting.


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RE:Hitting the nails in the coffin boy
(Date Posted:02/01/2016 2:57 PM)

//Warning- This rp contains GRAPHIC & SEXUAL CONTENT that may be harmful to your eyes. If this stuff offends you in any way then STOP reading and go home you pussy. Now if you like this kind of stuff and you think you will be able to live with yourself tomorrow by all means read on and enjoy the show.


Elisabeth stood outside of the ring as it would seem things have gotten pretty heated between Lorcan and Cliff... Knowing that Bloody Hell has yet to arrive... Elisabeth was not wanting to do an early show... She did not play by this new comers rules... No she knew what was on the line here for the winner, and she wasn't wanting Lorcan to screw things up as she moved closer to the ring as she was given a mic... She had let Cliff say what he wanted and saw he was trying to start a match right now... Elisabeth shook her head, not allowing this to take place.

||Elisabeth Adams||- No, this will not take place right now... A fight will not happen.... There will be no early fights, no improv matches... I will not let Lorcan risk his chance at being a champion, not for you, nor for anyone...

She said simply as she knew that she control the man... She had won her rights to him and he was now her servant... She looked to him...

||Elisabeth Adams||- You listen to me now... And do as I tell you... You leave that ring and come this way... You will have your chance, and you will have your time... For Bloody Hell is your time... You will not let things get reckless because some new comer is starting to get to you... You shall keep your wits about you and you will take your leave.

She commanded as she looked at Lorcan as she didn't give him a choice as she ordered him out of the ring... She watched him take his leave as she saw Cliff go to say or do something but Elisabeth started to speak once again...

||Elisabeth Adams||- Just hold yourself right there... No one cares what you have to say... We all know it is what you want, but you will not be getting that fame, not thru Lorcan... You want to go and act like a lunatic then so be it, but not on our time... We pick and choose , not you...Bloody Hell is when we choose to fight... If you can not wait that long, then you need to find someone else to pick a fight, for it won't be him...

She said simply as she dropped the mic and then took her leave with Lorcan who didn't look all that pleased, but knew he had no choice but to obey as he went leaving the ring area, walking up the ramp way on the stage as Elisabeth followed clutching Mary to her, as they knew they would have there day to fight, and as sad as it was, Today was not that day...

Layout made by Blood Passion, at Blood Passion Designs... You like it? You want it? Then Request it!

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