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Title: I got your nail for the coffin hanging, bitch! (Bloody Hell)
FWAR   Backstage Area
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(Date Posted:01/31/2016 7:56 AM)
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So Balthazar wants to go to social media and whine about the little man getting under his skin rather than go to the ring and do something about it!?! While Cliff O Clink has no social skills to broadcast media style, so he is gonna lay down a few words for Balthazar right now backstage and if the big clown wants to crawl out of the dark to do something about it, the CoC ain't hard to find for being a little man.

"Lorenzo. I read your bleet, or twat, or whatever its called on social media that ya posted and I find it funny you have to preach some little message, but whatever works for you dark dwelling bastards. As for being my final nail in the coffin or whatever it is ya said about that...kid, I'm still standing and as long as I am standing on my own two feet, ain't nobody going to drop me of the face of this earth. After Bloody Hell, I will be back in the ring for more action. You will not get rid of me that easily. I mean hell, its funny ain't it, how you can write me off in this match as some little man, how Ryan Burgess can treat me like some poser copying another wrestler, yet its not going to work for you. Ask Ryan Burgess how easy this little man goes down in a fight!! You are barking at the wrong hombre here, Lorenzo, shit, is that even your name dude. Or is it Lorc...fuck, I forgot. I know its Balthazar though, that much I remember, but honestly, you don't give me a reason to remember. Maybe I should go sign up for that social talk myself and see what the wave is all about?"

Cliff walking away from the scene he caused to scratch his face in wonder of what to do next since his opponents are clamming up again as we go to commercial break.



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