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Title: Taking it to the ring to show the CoC is no hero, just a wrestler. (Bloody Hell)
FWAR   The Ring
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(Date Posted:01/30/2016 3:39 PM)
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So it seems while Cliff hung out backstage a couple of his opponents for Bloody Hell were in the ring giving some long, drawn out soul stealing speeches about how they are the kings of FWAR and Cliff is just the new guy who is going to get what he bargained for, a fight.

Since when did Cliff ever say he loved to fight?

Lounge Act by Nirvana plays over the pa bringing out the CoC who has discarded the leather jacket he wore backstage and has nothing covering his upper body. Just blue jeans and sneakers as Cliff swaggers to the ring where he rolls in and calls for a microphone, then stands center stage to say.

"I had this idea for a split second that I should tell you all how I am going to give my opponents more of a fight than they wanted and that I will steal their soul taking it straight to hell, but then I realized, why bother!?! My opponents who have made their presence known thus far have done a good enough job of doing just that, so that is their shtick and they can keep it. I didn't come here for anyone's soul and I don't care if I end up in hell with blood running cold down my body. I sure as hell ain't coming out declaring my love for fighting, I just don't know anything else. I don't fight because I like to fight like some stereotypical Irishman. I fight because I have been fighting my whole life for a place in this business of professional wrestling we are involved in. I fight because I never had a chance to be a wrestler, let along anything else. Wrestling is where I wanted to be, so I took a job as a cameraman in a wrestling company to get my foot in the door. I did what I had to do be around the sport I love and from there I fought my way into this ring where I created my own opportunity to compete. I been fighting ever since then because I ain't the best, but I am still learning to be better and five men, all so far seem to be bigger men than myself, but not too big to send plummeting to the floor. Ya know, the bigger they are the harder they fall when they knocked the fuck down!!"

Cliff snarling at that one with a look of eagerness to get this battle started, but shows he can still talk the talk with anyone stepping to his plate.

"Ryan Burgess and his little Demon, whatever the hell his name is, can write me off all they want and Baltahazar can prance around thinking he is some untouchable beast, but I will be in this ring with them and more fighting with every ounce they bring. I been knocked down in this ring, out of this ring, over the ropes, and all over the place more times than I stood tall, so getting beat again, losing another match again, no problem dude."

Cliff just looks a bit blank as he stares to the back with a smug look showing no care for what anyone thinks of him.

"This is all I have, this ring, these people even, and I don't even have them. They just show up and watch us kick the shit out of each other and probably love seeing me get my ass whipped cause win or lose I go down swinging. I will touch each and every person I can get a hold of in this match, this battle royal for the US Title contendership. No one is safe from the CoC cause nothing is stopping me from going after Ryan Burgess, or that Demon, or Baltahazar. Lorenzo? Was that your first name? I forget and its not real important because I have seen you finally, I have seen Ryan and the Demon and I want more. So bring it out here, bring all you got to Bloody Hell cause no soulless beast, or whatever it is you call yourself, is going to make me quit. Like I say, I may get knocked down, but I'll be back up on my feet ready for the next match. NO ONE can stop the CoC from fighting his way to the top of this professional wrestling business. Don't matter if it takes days, months, years, I'm here and not going away because some "big, bad beast" says he is gonna claim my soul and show me a real fight. Bring it on beasty boy, and I mean it when I say boy, boys!!"

Cliff grinning a bit cocky at that sarcastic line and drops the mic to stretch his arms and crack his knuckles getting ready for some action while FWAR goes to commercial break promoting the Bloody Hell pay per view.



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