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Title: Bloody Hell Promo
FWAR   Backstage Area
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From: USA
Registered: 10/21/2008
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(Date Posted:01/30/2016 10:42 AM)
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So The Sweet sisters got another pay per view lined up and this time its called Bloody Hell with the same time and the same damn place...FWAR.

Cliff O Clink gets to step back in the ring with his last pay per view opponent, Frost, but this time they both got four other men to contend with and contend they will do as this six man over the top rope battle royal will see the winner become a contender to the United States Championship.

Big match for Cliff O Clink who is still the new guy in FWAR, but maybe they needed filler for the match and figured the CoC would actually show up to give a half ass challenge!?! Then again, maybe just maybe they thought the guy earned a shot like this which really isn't much of a chance with five other men involved and elimination by simply tossing guys over the top rope. Although its easier said than done when it comes to a battle royal for anyone who has been in one can tell you it always comes down to how bad the rest of the challengers want to win it.

Cliff O Clink just hangs out backstage as always looking for a fight, but it has been quiet around here, a little too quiet for the CoC, so maybe he should have showed up sooner!?! No care off his slumped shoulders as Cliff stands there looking around for someone, anyone, but just stands there and kicks at a metal box sending it a few feet down the hall. Cliff steps over to sit on the edge of the box almost leaning on it as he crosses his arms loosely over his chest which is covered by a leather jacket. As always he sports his blue jeans and a pair of old sneakers and as a snarl across his face like he is a bit disgusted, in himself, in everyone.

"Bloody Hell, not a soul to be found. Not even Frost decided to tape a promo a week ahead a time only to air it three days before the big pay per view this time!! Can't give the guy too much heat since he did win our last round cause no matter how you do it, doing it is what counts. I was just hoping to get something more going with a guy who I thought was returning to be something bigger, but I guess in his own mind he is big enough!?! Bloody Hell is a new night and a new goal, hell, Frost and I may not even get hands on each other with four other men involved!?!"

Cliff shrugs like he could care less anyways and still appears a bit disgusted by the whole scene.

"I have heard of one man and that is Ryan Burgess, although just the name as I know nothing of the actual man. I know he's a larger man and supposed to be a well known name around here, but I don't really know FWAR that well, so this will be another learning experience for sure. Since the CoC arrived in FWAR I have taken everything I could to learn about this place and must have impressed someone enough to include me in a contenders match for the US Title. That's a bold move letting a wild card like myself in the mix for gold, even if it is a match that sees each man involved with like fifteen percent chance of winning. But its a match right up my damn alley cause its six men trying to throw each other over the top rope. We don't stop until one man remains in the ring and I'd love to say it will be me. I got all the confidence in the world that I can beat any of these five men on any given night, but I know things don't always work the way you want them to, least they haven't for me. I know that plans change cause when you have five other men with the same goal, to win that contendership for the US Title, well, five of us are going home to the drawing board and come up with a new plan. I may not have aimed my sights on championship gold when I came to FWAR, but I will not let this opportunity slip through my fingers. Win or lose I will chalk up another chapter for the CoC in FWAR because I ain't gonna be done, not by a longshot boys!!"

Cliff just looks around a bit impatient that he can't get no action yet, but seems a little less disgusted and sitting taller after brushing off his shoulders.

"Now the three other men in this match, Trevor Marshall, Demon Ryan, and Lorcan Balthazar. I don't know nothing aside from your names which I learned when the Bloody Hell show was booked. I know its not going to be easy beating people I don't know, but I didn't become a professional wrestler because I wanted to take the easy road. All five of you in this match I really don't know that well. Sure, Frost and I had one match and I know him a little bit better because of it. I know he likes to sit and wait and spring surprises on his opponents at the last minute, so I will be waiting as well, right here, ready for a fight. I know Ryan Burgess' name which speaks for the guy cause he must have some fame which makes him a stand out guy and someone to watch out for, so I will be watching, right here, ready for a fight. And to the other three, I am watching and waiting on both of you to make your mark for Bloody Hell, and I am ready to fight you, all five of these fuckers. US Title contendership or not, I am always in it to win it, I just don't care if I lose any match cause I know the CoC will always be right back up in the mix to fight the next guy and the next AND THE NEXT."

Cliff stands now to swat the view around in a circle sending FWAR spinning into a commercial for Bloody Hell.


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