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It is Official! FWAR is Open! Destiny has started the Mayhem! Talents such as Kevin Khaos, Shawn Blade, Diamond Jackson, are all set to show off, as new comers Lester Shaw, Foxy Roxy, and Simon Nash look to impress...Will the Sheild be able to make an impact like they are use too? Will Chris Orton be able to rise in the main event? So much packed into one show!
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Title: The CoC can be a Team player.
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From: USA
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(Date Posted:01/19/2016 2:01 PM)
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So after officially beating Jacob Knight in their match on Mayhem we get to see the big man and Cliff O Clink tag each other in a match against the team of Shawn Blade and Jimmy Tyler. Should be interesting to see them work together, but from the sound of it we may see a solid team emerge from Terror!?!

Cliff is hanging out backstage just waiting for some action as usual in jeans and a t-shirt with his hands taped up. He punches his palms, cracks his neck, and bounces up and down a little to keep warmed up. Madeline Blade walks up to him keeping away from his shadow punches to try and get a interview.

"Cliff O Clink, excuse me, but on Terror you have a tag team match and will team with a man you faced twice in the ring and beat. What are your thoughts heading into this match?"

Cliff just smiles at Madeline and looks happy to have a match.

"Jacob and I are getting to know each other quite well and we both know that when ANYONE stands across the ring from either one of us, they are in for a fight of their lives. So when you put us on the same team, our challengers may not stand a chance, then again, I don't even know the guys we are facing. Shane Blade and Jimmy Tyler, just names in my eyes, but two names I have to deal with. Just not alone and well Jacob and I like to fight each other, I heard he is going to be a team player, so why not make this a solid tag team that just may bring back some awesome tag team wrestling like this business as a whole ain't seen in years!?!"

Madeline nodding ok and says.

"Yes, Jacob did say he was willing to team with you as you two have established chemistry since you showed up late last year. You seem fired up to be here as you have been since arriving, but its Shawn Blade, not Shane."

Cliff nodding yea and throws an arm around Madeline's shoulders to lean in and say.

"Oh yea baby, this FWAR, and I got a little excited as this is my debut on Terror, so we gotta make it big, we gotta make it clear cut and decisive when Jacob and I stand tall at the end of our match. Now, he may stand a little taller than I, but make no mistake, I will make up for it by being just a little edgier, a little more psychotic if you want to call me that cause I been called a lot crazier than that!?!"

Madeline laughing a little at the ever crazy cool character that is Cliff O Clink and seems in good spirits like the CoC always is.

"So Madeline, go find Shawn and Jimmy and ask them what their thoughts are on having to face two men who aren't afraid to stand side by side, tag each other in and out of the match, and share a victory on Terror!! And hey, next event we're at we may be right back to fighting each other, but no doubt about it, we'll do it without thinking about it cause we are here, plain and simple. We show up to fight, whether its against each other, side by side like tonight, or whether we are in our own matches on our own from one another. We are two guys who are depended on to get their job done in that ring, win or lose. I keep coming back like a bad penny cause I don't care who tries to keep me down, no one will ever hold back the CoC."

Cliff removes his arm from Madeline's shoulders to step away indicating he is done talking, so the interviewer says.

"Well, you all heard it here from Cliff O Clink himself, the guy is ready for a fight as always, he is fired up to take on anyone, so we shall see what happens on Terror when he and Jacob Knight take on Shawn Blade and Jimmy Tyler in tag team action."

And now FWAR goes to a commercial break hyping up Terror.


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