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Welcome to Front Porch Rockers
  • DoBeCalm DoBeCal
  • Re:  Hey Sunandfish‼️ 12/06/2017 21:39 PM

    What is with photobucket!!  They want an arm and a leg to use your tags?!🤬 what the heck!!  I’m getting too old to figure out new ways!  How are people posting their tags?  
  • DoBeCalm DoBeCal
  • Re:  Hey Sunandfish‼️ 12/06/2017 21:14 PM

     Hey, you know I found a psp group still active called Tea Tree Tags some members we already know.  It may be easier to join up with them then start one up ourselves.  Either way I’ll support you.

  • DoBeCalm DoBeCal
  • Topic Hey Sunandfish‼️ 12/06/2017 20:32 PM

    Welcome to aimoo.  Check it out if you haven’t used Aimoo.  Maybe you know your way around already or we will just stumble around together.  See if you like it. Seems like everyone had trouble with tapatalk🤪    I’ll check back later or you can text me.  I think I use my yahoo email addy or iPhone number.  Let me know if you need either one.  If we get this one going I’ll help as much as possible.  They want a lot to go ad free but as soon as I get some money in pay pal I can kick in.  We are ad free until the 16th.  That should give us enough time to see if we like this forum. 

    Ha ha... the images are not very good but we can post photobucket images
    I have not quite figured the process out🤔
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