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Title: CBD side Effects
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(Date Posted:06/10/2018 18:54 PM)
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CBD Side Effects Revealed [Understand all About Cannabidiol]

Exploring the advantages and disadvantages

The Potential Side Effects of CBD

Cannabidiol seems to be a mystery substance to many, even if they have heard the term used plenty of times before. But in recent years this component has hit the market full-force, offering an alternative solution for many patients of a variety of medical conditions, with day to day difficulties and ailments.

In this article, we are not going to go over the benefits of using CBD as they are endless, but dive into its potential side effects. If you are thinking of using CBD in the form of an oil then keep on reading to discover the real truth about Cannabidiol.

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CBD Common Misconceptions:

Many misconceptions exist throughout the world, involving CBD and its common association with cannabis – the kind that makes you high and produces psychoactive effects. It is important to note that purely Cannabidiol (CBD) based products will NOT produce psychoactive effects, so long as the product is certified non-psychoactive.

Yes, CBD products are derived from cannabis, but due to today’s marketing efforts and recent legal changes that allow companies to ship CBD extracts to the whole of the U.S.,  you’ll most of the the time encounter CBD hemp rather than CBD from the cannabis plant.

Unlike Cannabis based CBD, Hemp, contains traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the element of the marijuana plant which does cause psychoactivity, typically in the form of a change in sensory awareness, perception, behavior, reaction time and more. In most cases, these CBD products shouldn’t cause a high and if you are purchasing a 100% CBD product, you should not experience any of these effects, making them safe for day to day consumption.

Just to take a look at some numbers so that the numerical extent of the trace amounts of THC present is fully understood, Cannabidiol products derived from hemp typically only contain up to 0.3 percent THC, which is 33 times less than the average marijuana strain. This amount is the highest it can legally be with hemp derived CBD, and that percentage can drop even lower with some companies whose Cannabidiol products are extracted through a slightly different process.

To even further solidify the confirmation that pure hemp derived CBD oil will not produce psychoactive effects, Cannabidiol actually includes components which can counteract the psychoactive effects received by the body from another element, known as THC. Within the brain, THC binds to the cannabinoid 1 receptor (CB1) in the endocannabinoid system- meanwhile, CBD prevents this by blocking these receptors so that the THC cannot actually reach the endocannabinoid system, lessening or even completely diminishing the brain and body’s intake of THC, which minimizes the high typically expressed in the body.

How Does CBD Affect the Body:


Cannabidiol, or CBD has an actual physical effect on the body. After one consumes this naturally occurring component, there is a process that takes place in the body, more specifically within the brain inside of the endocannabinoid system. The Cannabidiol connects with the CB2 receptors within this system, interacting with the nervous system and brain, without creating any psychoactive effects.

The endocannabinoid system is vital to the body, for it helps to regulate hemostasis and keep the balance going, managing numerous body systems, including appetite, sleep, mood, immune response and pain, just to name a few.

The world outside of us is constantly acting as a trigger for or against these systems, challenging its ability to maintain that balance and hemostasis, so when Cannabidiol connects with the CB2 receptors, it is assists with this regulation. Other cannabinoids also support this balance, but CBD is one of the primary ones.

For these reasons, CBD has the potential to assist those who are struggling to balance some of the body responses that the endocannabinoid system regulates. Individuals suffering from insomnia, irregular sleep cycles, difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite, nausea, anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, migraines and other similarly related conditions, can utilize Cannabidiol as an aid to assist with these difficulties.

On even more serious levels, there has also been evidence of CBD assisting with epilepsy and seizures, Parkinson’s disease, bipolar, MS and ALS, in addition to some other medical conditions, so it is a well-rounded and useful component naturally occurring within the cannabis plant, both the hemp kind and marijuana kind.

The Potential Side Effects of CBD:

The potential side effects of CBD are few and far between, and multiple studies have shown that CBD is much safer than THC, when weighing the side effects against the benefits of each component. Nevertheless, there are a few reported negative side effects of CBD, but those who become affected by them are not many in number.

  1. Dry Mouth: Dry mouth is sometimes present due to the endocannabinoid system’s inhibition of salivary secretion, which could be as a result of CBD getting involved in the system’s processes. Luckily, it is easily manageable by consuming plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after your CBD consumption, which can also help to prevent dehydration. In general, it is important to remember to drink enough water daily, so staying hydrated carries a clear advantage for a variety of reasons.
  2. A Small Drop in Blood Pressure: Some studies have shown that higher doses of CBD have caused a small drop in blood pressure, so for those who are taking medication for low blood pressure, or who have been diagnosed with low blood pressure, it is vital and necessary for them to consult with their doctor before consuming CBD or CBD based products. Low blood pressure is often tied with a feeling of lightheadedness, which can be uncomfortable for many.
  3. Drowsiness: CBD effects everyone a bit differently. For some, CBD is wake inducing, generating extra useable energy and a generally uplifted demeanor, but for others it can produce the opposite. In very high doses, some people have reported feeling drowsy after taking CBD. If this is how it affects you, it is important not to operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle while in this state, for the safety of you and all those around you.
  4. Lightheadedness: One of CBD’s more temporary possible side effects, lightheadedness, which is linked with a drop in blood pressure, can be easily managed by consuming some sort of caffeinated beverage, which will help to regulate your body back to normal, (a cup of tea or coffee works wonders, paired up with some H2O to stay hydrated, since caffeine is dehydrating).

A few other possible side effects do, of course, exist, but they are related to specific medical conditions, for example: a possible increase in tremors amongst Parkinson’s patients. With that all said, further research needs to be conducted, as some research also suggests that Parkinson’s disease patients could actually benefit from the regular or occasional consumption of CBD.

It is still all quite confusing!

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Why Choose CBD Instead of THC?:

In particular, Cannabidiol can assist with similar medical conditions as THC, but while these two cannabinoids do produce overlapping effects, (THC impacts the CB1 receptor, while CBD impacts the CB2 receptor), they do each offer their own support and effectiveness. CBD, however, seems to generate much fewer adverse effects than THC can.

For this reason, CBD is a suitable alternative to many conventional treatment methods, in assisting with the decreasing of certain medical conditions and ailments, as well as general discomforts, all while creating mostly pleasant results.

As mentioned earlier, it is scientifically and research proven that CBD is linked to fewer adverse effects than THC. Particularly if you do not enjoy or do not need the psychoactive effects connected to THC intake, CBD is an exceptional alternative, which is why you might decide to choose this cannabinoid over others.

Final Thoughts About CBD:

Although CBD might not be right for everyone, if you happen to deal with one of the medical conditions or ailments mentioned above, then you may be able to discover alternative relief with the help of pure cannabidiol. Nevertheless, it is each individual’s responsibility to decide what is right for them and suitable for their personal needs and wellness. We hope you found this article to not only be entertaining, but also educational and informative.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis, as well as CBD, is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken. None of the information above has been reviewed by a doctor or medical professional, and therefore it should not be interpreted as medical advice.



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