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Title: Aimoo Rules
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(Date Posted:06/12/2018 16:38 PM)
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Aimoo Rules of Conduct

Aimoo may revise these Rules of Conduct without notice by making changes to this page at any time. You should check this thread from time to time to make note of any amendments.

Aimoo Terms of Service

The Aimoo Terms of Service governs all use of the Aimoo Services, including Aimoo.com and the Aimoo Community Forums. Violation of the Terms of Service can result in suspension or banning of your forum account and other Aimoo services.

General Rules

 1. NO Versus/Conflict Threads.

 2. NO Duplicate Threads.

 3. NO Copying Posts and creating a new thread with the copied message.

 4. Guests may post in certain Categories of the Help Forum in order to seek help if for some
     reason they cannot register or sign in.

 5. Anyone can view the Welcome Message and Rule.

 6. Membership is required in order to view and post in some other Categories and
     Sub-Categories on the Aimoo Help Forum.

 7. When seeking help, please include the information as outlined in the Issue Report here.
     Reports without the required information may not be processed.

 8. Read before asking. There are many Tutorials for Owners/Super Admins here and for Members here 
     to assist you as well as a FAQ Board.  View the Today Page and/or use the search function
     before posting. Chances are your question has already been answered.

 9. Respect the netiquette. Look around and become familiar with the Forum before you post.

10. Keep the focus. Questions outside the scope of the Aimoo Help Forum will be moved,
     locked or simply deleted without explanation.

11. We cannot and will not get involved in personal disputes. Please keep them off the Boards and between yourselves.

12. If you have a problem of a different nature with regards to another member, please contact one of the Aimoo Help
     Forum Team listed 
here. If they are unable to assist, they will refer you to the Help Forum Owner/Aimoo Administrator. 

13. No uploads or signature tags. Only images and screenshots relevant and specific to the issue being reported is allowed.
     Keep the size of all images down to a small size.

14. No cross posting. Post your message once, in the appropriate category and nowhere else.
     Duplicated posts will be deleted without warning or explanation.

15. Use a title/subject which describes the content of your post. Do not start typing your message in the Topic Title
     and type the rest in the message area. You need to add a Topic Title which relates to your issue. Do not use all
     capital letters (CAPS), special characters or images/smilies in the subject line to draw attention.

16. General requests for help should be posted on the appropriate Board and not sent via PM to any of the Aimoo Help Forum
     Team. Because they are in different time Zones, you are likely to get a quicker response when you post on the Help Forum.
     Apart from that, one Team Member may not have an immediate answer, whereas another one might. The Help Team are
     busy enough without being obliged to respond to PMs as well. Unless your message contains personal or private information
     or something that should not be posted in public, please post your message for help on the Aimoo Help Forum.

17. Do not post problems or questions in Aimoo Facebook unless the Help Forum is inaccessible and/or Aimoo is completely
     down/offline. The Help Team have been urged not to reply to messages which should have been posted in the Help Forum.
     It is not fair to expect them to monitor another site when the Help Forum is up and running.

18. Do not post just to increase your number of posts. If you have nothing to say, do not post. The number of posts on
      this board has no direct relationship to the experience of a member.

19. The official language is English.

20. As this is a Public Forum, please refrain from posting any personal details such as email addresses, telephone numbers,
     full names, addresses or passwords. If you need to post private information, send a PM addressed to administrator.

21. Members are not permitted to copy posts from the Help Forum and paste or post them in other forums. If there is something
     you wish other members to see, you must give them the link to the thread and if they have any questions, they can 
     ask here in the Help Forum, rather than being discussed elsewhere and perhaps being giving the wrong information.

Courtesy and Respect

22. Be nice to each other and also respect the Help Team. They are here to help you, not to become your enemy. Profanity,
     bashing and insults will not be tolerated and will result in your being banned. The length of the ban will be determined at
     the time.

23. The Help Team might visit a forum when a member has posted a related message on the Help Forum. They may also visit
     to check if the link in Show Off Your Forum is still valid and that the forum still exists. If not, the entry will be deleted.
     If you notice any of the Help Team in "Who's On", it is not necessary to send them a PM asking what they are doing. 

24. Posting with the intention of making fun of, or putting down any fellow Aimoo Member or Staff will not be tolerated. We
     want Aimoo to be a place of friendship and enjoyment. Depending on how serious your offence is, you may be banned 

25. Forum content must be civil and it should be courteous. The Aimoo Forums are a place for positive and constructive
     interactions between people who have an interest in Aimoo. Forum activity such as bumping, petitioning, lobbying, cross
     posting, threatening to quit, etc. is not constructive and not permitted. Aimoo has a zero tolerance policy for content
     that violates the rules in this section.

Forum Content must not:

26. Be abusive, disrespectful, harassing or hostile and must not attack others.

27. Discuss politics or religion as they do not relate to the Aimoo Help Forum and have a tendency to provoke disagreements.

28. Discuss or debate the Moderation of the Forums or the Rules of Conduct.

29. Incite, promote or endorse legal actions or boycotts against Aimoo or any other entity.

30. Contain personally identifiable information.

31. Forum Members and their Forum content must not impersonate or attempt to impersonate Aimoo employees,
     Aimoo Help Forum Management or Aimoo members.

Viruses, Cheats, Exploits and Hacks

Forum Content must not:

32. Contain viruses, adware, spyware, worms or any other malicious code.

33. Promote or describe methods for circumventing or manipulating these Rules of Conduct, the Aimoo Terms of Service,
      Forum Rules or the mechanics of any aspect of the Aimoo Service.

Illegal Content and Copyright

34. Forum Content (including Aimoo Members’ Avatars etc.) must not:

     Contain (i) pornography; (ii) obscene or sexually explicit remarks or images; (iii) threatening or defamatory remarks
     or images; (iv) hateful, racially or ethnically offensive remarks or images; (v) descriptions or promotions of illegal activity;
     or (vi) provide links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned content. Violate any applicable laws, contractual
     restrictions or any other third party.

Commercial Activity: Spam, Selling and Scams

Forum Content must not:

35. Spam other Members or the Aimoo community.

36. Contain content, links or advertisements for non-Aimoo products or services, including content describing or promoting
     the unauthorised sale or transfer of Aimoo virtual goods.

37. Contain content that encourages other Forum Members to participate in commercial activity or scams which violate
     Aimoo Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct.

38. We have zero tolerance for spam. Spammers will be immediately banned for however long the Administrators choose,
     which for new ID's is permanent.

39. Advertising of any competing sites is NOT allowed on the Aimoo Help Forum. Your account will be banned depending on
     how serious the offence is. Regardless, advertising in anyway will result in a minimum ban of one (1) month.

40. This also means that you cannot advertise your own Aimoo Forum in the Help Forum. However, you may promote your
     Aimoo forum in the official "Aimoo Show Off Your Forum" here. Please read and sign the Rules there before posting there.

Singular Identity

41. Multiple registrations on the Help Forum is strongly discouraged.


42. Forum Content placed in public channels must not include copies of private communications, including emails, private
     messages and chat logs.

43. Privacy is to be respected. Giving out someone's personal information will ultimately result in a ban of your account.
     This includes email addresses, passwords, IP addresses, etc.

Violations of these Rules of Conduct

44. There will be no discussion about the Rules of Conduct or their interpretation.

45. Forum Content and activity must not violate the letter or spirit of these Rules of Conduct. Forum Administrators and
     Moderators or Aimoo Staff, in their sole discretion, will determine whether Forum Content or activity is in violation.

46. Failure to strictly enforce any aspect of these Rules of Conduct does not prevent Forum Administrators and Moderators
      or Aimoo staff from doing so in the future.

47. The interpretation of these rules is solely up to the discretion of the Owner of this forum and can change at any time
      without prior notice. If you are unsure about what constitutes a breach of a rule, ask a member of the Management Team
      (Administrators/Moderators) or refer to the most recent precedent in the forum.

48. If you do not comply with these Rules, you will face a set of sanctions. Responses to violations may include, but not
      be limited to:

     a) Issuing a warning
     b) R
emoving Member's account
 Removing Forum content
Banning Members, either temporarily or permanently
     e) S
uspending or terminating use of the Forums or other aspects of the Aimoo Service.
Aimoo reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary with respect to your
         Aimoo Forum or Aimoo User Account.
     g) Penalties shall be at the sole discretion of the Owner of the Aimoo Help Forum. 

Aimoo Administrator
Owner of Aimoo Help Forum



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