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Title: Roleplaying Guidelines
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(Date Posted:07/19/2017 4:59 PM)
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Winning- In order to win a match we look at how active you are that week HOWEVER your win will come from your match rps. Keep in mind smack talk only will not guarantee you a win. We like to see depth and stroylines in all of your rps so we get a better understanding of the character.

Inner Thoughts- Unless your character is a mind reader we can not hear each others thoughts. With that being said if there is internal dialogue it shouldn't be taken as something everyone knows. This can hurt your chances of winning a match if you try to go against someones internal dialogue.

Deadlines- Here we have a 24 hour deadline and the main deadline. If you do not post before the 24 hour deadline you will not win your match and will not be able to post for the remaining 24 hours.

Quality over Quantity- We want good reads not something that is boring and full of useless filler. What do we consider useless filler? Things that do not help develop your character, stroylines, or the match.

Keep OOC out of IC- Personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with anyone in the federation you can take it up with them in messages or you can ignore each other.

Grammar- Grammar, punctuation, and even spelling can cost you a match if it comes down to the wire. Make sure you proof read rps before posting them to make sure everything in them is understandable.

Banners and Layouts- Banners and layouts are not necessary. Just make sure you are labeling your threads so we know who is who and if its for a match or NC.

***Keep in mind these Guidelines can change in the future***

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