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Title: Finalzing the contract *Meghan James R/R*
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(Date Posted:02/22/2018 14:57 PM)


Finalizing the contract


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Meghan James

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Nelson Thomas and Andrew Force knocked on Meghan James office door as they walk in as they go in sit down on the chairs in front of Meghan's desk as she was wearing a low cut dress as Andrew was impressed with the way she looked but he knew that she was dating someone but he wouldn't mind finding someone that looked like that to be around him.

Nelson looks at Meghan as he starts to speak.

||Nelson Thomas|| We are here to finalize the contract for my client.

][Meghan James][ You also need to fill out your managerial paper work as well.

||Nelson Thomas|| I will fill that out while he is finalize

Meghan looks at Andrew as she starts to speak.

Disclaimer: This layout was made by Second City Designs for the use of Matt as Andrew Force




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RE:Finalzing the contract *Meghan James R/R*
(Date Posted:03/09/2018 14:45 PM)


Warning: This roleplay may contain things not suitable for everyone. There may be someviolence, there may be some foul language, hell there may even be some sexual content. So all you single-minded people out there...TURN BACK NOW!!! You've been warned...

Meghan noticed him staring at her and she is not impressed at all as she speaks again

Meghan James: Okay here is that managerial Contract fo you to fill out Nelson

She shakes her head and does more paperwork

DisclaimerThis layout is made by Second City Designs for the use of Meghan as Piper Lopez. If you are caught claiming this as your own, will be hunted down faster then a pack of meat at a grocery store on fourth of July.
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All I am saying is I said I would help you with the fed but sicne you want to run it yourself your on your own with the results unless you want my help it is your choice cuz I really don't mind helping you

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