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Title: Yes, I can't make a banner. Girly, I need one from ya! :D
BloodPassionDesigns   Bloody Passion
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Status: Always Will Be An Ortonite. :D
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From: USA
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(Date Posted:07/09/2015 10:49 AM)
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1: Your Name: Mary Elizabeth aka Liz
2: What are you wanting: Banner
3: Poser: Stephanie McMahon (99-present)
4: Where is it going to be used:
5: Color: Red, Teal and Purple
6: Name/Slogan: Elizabeth Marret-Mack

7: If needed may I get my own pics: Yes
8: Pics:

9: Extra: Make it sexy, dominant, and confident with a twist of motherhood and beloved boss thrown in. LOL Could you make the "Elizabeth" part of the name look like autograph. These two have to be on there some how, please?!3064&authkey=!APohxqutPx0dfRc&ithint=file%2cpsd!3063&authkey=!AExwbO4BA6n7o9Q&ithint=file%2cpsd

 I think you know what to do. Thanks girly! You're a gem! 

10: Read the Rules: Queen of the Damned


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From: USA

RE:Yes, I can't make a banner. Girly, I need one from ya! :D
(Date Posted:07/09/2015 2:55 PM)

Okay, so this was really hard for me actually, I'm not use to working with pictures that aren't of good quality, and aren't in a set usually, but I tried my best, and the 3 colors you wanted I tried to blend together well, I did two banners with different font , not sure which is best, lol really need to hit dafont and get some new ones been almost a year, but this is what I could do, may try to do another later on with the other pictures to see what I get, sorry about them not being so good, still trying to get the rust off...


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I Am The Baddest Bitch There Is!
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