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Title: Blood Passion Version 18-Josh Groban
BloodPassionDesigns   Bloody Passion
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(Date Posted:01/21/2013 7:47 PM)
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Version: Josh Groban
Why: His Birthday is coming up in FEB.. His New Album gets released on FEB 5th so why not

Last Version: Big Bang Theory
Next Version: I dunno, i may never take this one down:P

About Blood Passion:
My name is Christina.. Better known as Crystal... I have a seven year old daughter, and her name is Emily. I have been designing for a little while now.. and don't think that I'm too bad. I own and run Blood Passion Designs and FWAR... Both have been running for awhile now.



People: Amanda, Christina(yes i have a friend with the same name as me), Ruth, Kristi, Ryan, Lexi, Matt, Andrew, Jon, and a lot of other people, I love everyone!
Shows and Movies: Blazzing Saddles, Robinghood Men in Tights, Pirannah, Hallowen, Friday the 13th Nightmare on Elm Street, Anything really gory and scary... Also like some disney movies... Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Dexter,WWE Fan, Haven, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Storage Wars, Law and Order, NCIS, Big Bang Theory.

What I do not like are people who are mean and cruel to each other... Bullies.. and anyone who thinks they are better than anyone else.


The Rules:

1.Please respect me and then I"ll repect you.

2: No more than 3 requests on my board at one time

3. Make sure to give me HQ pictures.. The worse the pictures the worse your banner will look. I dont' mind links to pictures but if try not go give me a link to a 100 pics and not like what I choose if you don't tell me. Links tend to work better for better quality, but I won't make you just do links.

4: I make banners

5. I do not make tag banners, Stable banner, Fed banners, or anything that... So don't request them from me... I do make male banners and blends but they do not always come out the greatest... I also have the right to deny any request that I choose.

6. Make sure to say thank you... If I'm taking the time to do this... At least take a minute to tell me if you like it and to say thank you. Failure to do so will result in me now filling any future requests!

7. Where is says Read the Rules: Name any josh groban song and the date of your request...

8. Please be considerate when requesting and don't go over board meaning if you just got your request done don't go requesting another and another, try to pace them out a bit... If you become to much of a problem I'll deny your request first time it'll be a week, after that you will not be allowed to request from me at all.

9. Give me the details... Tell me what you want.. Becuase if you don't i'm not adding it on after...

10. Save your stuff.. I will only hold onto your banners for 2 days! After that it will be deleted..

11. Banner may take me a few days.. I have a wonky laptop that shuts off and I have a personal life with a child and a parent to care for pluse I do feds so things wont' always be done as fast as you want



1: Your Name: Pretty easy
2:What do you want: banners only for right now, sorry
3:Where is it going to be used: Must have link
4: Face Used: Who are you using
5:Chracter Name: Whats the name
6:Slogan/Words: What other words would you like here
7:Colors: Can i choose my own?
8:Font: from
9:Size: Average size is 600 x 450 you want it bigger or smaller than that?
10: Syle: Sexy, Slutty, Goth...: Tell me what the feeling is you want
11:Read the Rules: Well did you?

For Freebies

1: Your Name
2: Link to where it's being used: Must have link.
3: Name: What name do you want on it
4: Slogan: Don't make it a novel...
5: Font: Go to
6: Read the Rules : Well did you?

The Places:
FWAR: Fusian Wrestling Alliance Reborn
Wrestling/Reality Site


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I Am The Baddest Bitch There Is!
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