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Title: *** Guidelines ***
Angelic Doll Designs   Guidelines
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(Date Posted:01/28/2014 18:45 PM)


Using my Freebies are not a crime. I don't mind if you add your own banners that someone made for you. Some people seem to whine over the stupidest things. Besides, they are not stolen freebies and if the designer name is on it, the designers shouldn't be little kids about it.

Do Not Remove my Tag off the banners.

If my Designer name is not on it, let me know because if you want your character's name added, I will automatically add my designer name on it.

Anyone can donate or Design here.

I will only have one board for requests and one for pick ups because having too many boards can be a pain in the butt. The Request board is also used for Freebie Changes.

I will take up to 4 requests a week.


My Rule is that when I upload a banner in another group is that I give them "Consideration" of telling them that aimoo doesn't always support the images uploaded. Don't remove those messages. It's unconsiderate.

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