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(Date Posted:03/14/2017 21:42 PM)
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1   when   join   do  stats   where  they  belong   and  all


2-  if   people      have    kids  with  each other  with   couple  or e x  relation  shisp   kid   stuf  is
 between  the   parents  of     the   kids



3-no    high  power    frineds      crap    all  the  time  or   if   court    over  stuff  not  one  sided  in  it



4-drugsm and stuff  like  that is   allowed



5-no  bashing   of   way    people      rp  some  people    do  have a  hard   time   with   spelling   or  
  wording   thangs


6-20 pic  of  each person

7-sex  is   allowed     even  if it s with   more  then   one  person


8-   dont  ignore     thang    a s  other  story   lines   or    other  people   for  one  person

9-have     fun 

10;dont   have  to  be  with    just  one  persons  characters

11_ Incest is allowed but kep it at a miniam

12_none odf this o  i  contorl  some oen  so they have tobe  with me 

13_no cause   some oen lose  there  virginity  to them  they have tobe  the only  one  they can sleep  with

14_  none  of this bring othe rpeoels  in and then forcing them on one person    even if the  ex  tot hat person    is 
tryignt o tlak to  them or  if  somethign  happens with  the  exs  to  forces   soemoen  eels
 on them to stop it  form happeing  between the  exes

 15-even  if  partenrs and all dot emna  to  try and come between relation shps  to be  with   to end a realtion  ship  and alltob  with one  persona  characters

 16_  this      o  cruhon justoen person tog e t laid allt he  time s tops ro the o but I know them  longer and this shit and all s tops   too

17_  forcing  oes ow  charcters on others to breakup relation ships c ause of  knwong ech other lon o  sothignstops t o for just one  f dam persoan peoples  tis geitg fuckign old

18=-secx     can happen ebtwene    more then  just  one person  peoepls  so   even  they are  doing the  hybraed  thang theycna amte  with     others to nto justoen eprsons    people and I am agreeing with this but only female wolves can mate with more then one person cuz when a werewolf mates with more then one person it is an automatic pregnancy and males can not get pregnant it is physically impossible 


you mess with me this viper will strike

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